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Chris Redfield, Certified Badass Boulder Puncher Extraordinaire™, likes to believe that he's prepared for anything. But when he's sent to another world by uncertain means, the sight of a big grey monstrosity and a small alabaster unicorn brings up painfully repressed memories....

Not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest.

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Majin Syeekoh

All of my yes.

How could he punch that boulder? Yeah, he has muscle and all, but he isn't friggin Bodybuilder Arnold Schwartzennegar.

I would've been so pissed if you didn't include the video. Saved me time trying to find it. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, seriously, a good 200 words of this was just mentioning him. :derpytongue2:


I love anything that gives me an excuse to link a clip from a very good LP.

Only thing that clips missing is FOOTBALLLLL! :ajsleepy:

So, I'll throw it in for free! :pinkiehappy:

And an extra football!

The title alone wins you an upvote.


Chris Redfield is superhuman, bro. For reals. If you try to argue that he's not, let me inform you that, based on its size, the boulder probably masses 20-30 tonnes (depending on what kind of volcanic rock it is), and he technically punches, not pushes, it into rolling at the end.

Poor Chris is never gonna live that down is he?

10/10 would spend 7 minutes with this story again.
Sadly the last 7 minutes were all the time I had to play.

This is the greatest end to the greatest 24 hours of fanfiction I've ever read.

You should be proud.

This was… an advanced boulder.

i completely lost it at this one :rainbowlaugh:

That ending left me crying I was laughing so hard.:rainbowlaugh:


Next time on the adventures of Chris "Fuck Boulders" Red Field, he will have to fight his biggest threat, THE MOON!

Well this was worth a good laugh!

Also, shoutout to ProtonJon and Superjeenius

4898810 I can never take Chris seriously because of the greatest let's play ever (for me) the boulder punching seemed mundane in comparison.



Chris Redfield, Certified Badass Boulder Puncher Extraordinaire™, does not settle for anything less than at least ten mentions of Chris Redfield, Certified Badass Boulder Puncher Extraordinaire™, in a fic about Chris Redfield, Certified Badass Boulder Puncher Extraordinaire™.

:rainbowlaugh: Never heard of these guys before. Regretting missing the opportunity to make a reference now. :pinkiehappy:


The boulder punching will never end, Punisher.

Ohohohohohoho I see what you did there :yay:


Yo, legit, go grab a glass of water or something. 24 hours of fanfiction that's...that's hardcore.


As Luna tries repeatedly to gore him with her horn, :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks! :pinkiehappy:


Well then, here's something extra.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Chris Redfield, eating an egg.

Hey, someone else who referenced Football...

Well, only one response for that.


This is absolutely beautiful. Fallout: Equestria ain't SHIT compared to this! Infinty/10

This is just too funny for words.

Oh god... I just... brilliant, you are. I'm tempted to go and replay RE5 now; haven't played it in a year or so.

A part of me wants a second chapter with Maud and Boulder.

I'm not even going to bother reading this; I'm just going to upvote on principle alone, :coolphoto:

... I will actually read it though, :rainbowkiss:

You should not feel sorry at all. You should be proud! This was great :rainbowlaugh:

This kind of story makes me question humanity.

Chris Redfield, probably the only human alive who can fucking left hook a two to three ton boulder out of the way, haha.
Ooooh lordy... mmm...


*mashes X button*
*Mashes A button*
*Mashes X button*
*Pushes both A and B button*

So who does he try to get to fuck Claire in this universe?

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