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It's been 4 years since Neon took the first step towards a better life. Today, he looks back and shares his journey with others who find themselves in similar situations.

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Happy Four Years, Neon.

I loved this. One day, I will rant about how much I love it. Until then, just know... Trigger is the one taking all of your S.A.R. ;)

wow....... just wow....... amazing work Neon!

:D. Trigger is welcome to all of the S.A.R.!

Thanks Match!

Majin Syeekoh

The description immediately caught my eye.

This feels rather bloggy, but you have some serious cojones to share this as a fic where everyone might see it. But I suppose that's getting the message out, isn't it?


I did feel that way to me, but it's something I've kept bottled up inside for a while now. And I felt the need to at least write. And since I'm working on getting back in the groove with my writing, I decided to try and make a story out of it.

Majin Syeekoh

7349713 I mean, sure, I can relate to that. I certainly need to write more myself.

And they do say to write what you know. It certainly qualifies as a story worth reading.

Maybe it feels bloggy to me because I've been in that situation. I don't know.

Friendly word of advice, link to the previous story. ...This is a sequel, right?

This is not a sequel. Just a one shot recounting my struggle with alcohol. Otherwise, there would be a link to the previous story

That's awesome. *hugs whether you like it or not* I'm proud that you've done so well. Alcohol is a hard thing to escape.


I appreciate it! It's been a struggle but it's been getting better.

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