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Fiddlesworth the bear

I'll be back....someday

long bio (for those who want to know more about me)

well first off I'd like to point out that I hate anime, it's vile and disgusting. I hate the fact that all these dumb fat nerds are watching these dumb cartoons made in China, the cartoons they call anime. I also hate manga, why would anyone wanna read those Korean comics anyway? It's all like one big disease. I also have autism, which makes me special and better than anyone without autism, because autism makes me strong. My favorite game is sonic the hedgehog, the one from 2006. My favorite DC comics hero is Spiderman! I also a severe gambling addiction, which why I spend all my time and money in online blackjack games. Also my previous names on this website we're Fiddlesworth the Bear and Spiderman the Hedgehog.

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2224300 thanks my man! you are way more intelligent then a lot of people i see on this site, and I appreciate that.

2081930 The bad part is (I don't believe in myself) :rainbowwild:

2081038 only 1 more week my man! you got this.

2080901 We are going to start this again? Well shit......

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