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Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

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Dude, wheres mah donkey

Imaj ekspeir'd ;-;

Well, this group is a shrektacular discovery.

Shrok Iss Loff Shrok Iss Liff

> Be 8
> Watching Shrek for the first time
> In love with his erotic movements and odors
> Wish Shrek was real with all my might
> Hear a loud crash in the garden
> It's Shrek, staring at the ground
> "Shrek! You're real! I knew you were real!"
> He doesn't look pleased at all.
> "Whot ees thees sheet lahdee?"
> He pulls out a bed of onions from the dirt
> Oh fuck
> I fall to my knees as Shrek pulls out his massive cock
> "Yee peelin dees layers, I'll peel your's."
> It seems like hours as I orally pleasure him, he then proceeds to put me on all fours.
> I start giving him a butt-job
> After another few hours, my dad comes home from work.
> "Oi, stay heer, Imma be roight back."
> I wait for a while, violated on the ground, but in so much pleasure.
> Shrek comes back, with my father's cock in his hand.
> He then proceeds to use it as a dildo on me.
> "Ye shulduf checked yeself beefore ye shreked yeself."
> Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

Hello people (or not people) of the internet! A couple of friends of mine and myself have put together a new brogre Youtube channel! It is called Swamp Stories where we read shrekchan posts. You can shrek it out here! Also, I have put together a script for one where I re-wrote a post and will be my first addition to the channel, if you would like to check it for errors and/or give me some feedback, send me your gmail and I will share it to you on google drive.


Here. Take these. :3

318697 I don't think I've ever seen a profile picture fit a comment so well.

What's our target for members? Are we aiming to surpass Bronies Stand United or something?

309537 Heh heh, members.

My memory alludes me, sir. Which one, my lord?

317109 The group that I discovered you in.

Which group, my lord?

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