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After finding out her fields have died and she has no more workers left, AppleJack decides to try to get moral support from her friends, only to find out they don't really care. This leads AppleJack into a severe case of depression, what will happen in the tedious adventures of suicidal AppleJack?

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Except Apple Jack, usually she would wake up and whip her slaves into picking her cotton fields, but this morning was different.

Just putting this in the comments so people know what kind of fic they're in for.

Apple Jack commits suicide

:twilightoops: Damn, man...

I... Love it... I think..?

5750940 thanks for the warning man. Since Applejack is what could be considered a "southerner," implying she keeps slaves could potentially really be offensive. I also noticed the ending reference to slave breeding; the most disgusting act of them all.

Yup, this is something I know will only raise a lot of ethical red flags. Count me out.

HAaaaa, yeah, this is a trollfic, a very very bad and unfunny trollfic.... but still

Give you 3.4 for having Discord and mentionning his name

Between that and this:

I've seen one episode so I think i'm fine.

I'm calling troll.

Wish i could downvote more than once

Nope..Not gonna visit this univsere..bye bye....

...usually she would whip her slaves into picking her cotton fields...

*walks away*

"...Someone wants to jump off the tower again!”
Luna gasped. “Finally! Tell her to wait, I’ll be right out.” Luna slammed the window shut disappearing into the castle. Applejack could vaguely hear somepony yell “Cadenza, get the camera!” from inside.


“Spiderman!? Now why in the world would ya do somethin’ as stupid as that!?” AppleJack said.
“It’s my job!” As soon as Spiderman was done saying that, he sprinted out into the street, trying to make a quick escape but only ended up getting hit by a truck.

*up-ends table*

“Your little sister died in a factory accident!”
“And your grandmother has died of a heart attack!”

*up-ends house*

That is when AppleJack lived out the rest of eternity giving birth to more workers for many generations upon generations of Flim Flam descendants. As much as she’s always wanted to die, she never will. The end!

Yes, International Insane Asylum? His username is Fiddlesworth, The Bear... Yes... Oh believe me, you'll definitely want to see this...

Uh......... No.... Just-just no

5753332 I have to agree.

5753442 1v1 me in the lobby, then we'll see who the real gamer is!

5753443 SETTLE IT IN SMASH, wait do you have the Wii U version or 3DS version, that way we can SETTLE IT IN SMASH online

…And blocked for being a horrible troll.

This fic sucks in an entertaining way.

>Implying he bothers talking to you outside of his profile

5753984 Just in case.

In case what?
He bases a trollfic off one of your stories?

5753508 the only game i own is bad rats.....that doesnt have multiplayer... RIP

5754031 *sarcasm* true gamer indeed *sarcasm*

5754026 I think we both know that, given the proper incentive, trolls can be pretty harmful.

5754068 you do realize that when I was writing this story lord erswhin wholewheat waws at my house, and we've done many compilation stories in the past right?

5754105 How was I supposed to be aware of that?

Don't believe him, he was at my house.

5754112 well you couldn't be aware of us being together of course but in some of my story descriptions and his we mention the fact that this is a compilation between me and him. etc.

Here's a question: Why do I care?

5754129 well i suppose you would've ignored our replies and wouldn't respond if you didn't really care. Whatever though it's not my problem.


…And blocked for being a horrible troll.

Here's a question: Why do I care?


No problem bra

pretty good

“granny became one of thos’ vegans...that diet where ya only eat meat.” Apple Jack said.

Vegetarians? What does that have to do with apples? Apples aren't meat. What the fk happened???

Here we go, bring in the Payday crew just as I start playing the game! -.-
Lack of crossover tag! Spooderman+Peydey=Nope.avi

5757976 it's not a crossover though...they're in the show...

5757976 i.imgur.com/TrN8vIo.jpg?1

Here's a screenshot of Spiderman from one of the episodes, duh!


After finding out her fields have died and she has no more workers left, AppleJack decides to try to get moral support from her friends


Her and her family were the only workers, gaah!!

That's..... Fucking..... Dead pool:facehoof:

You do realize that if an African American person read this then they're gonna be after your blood.


Nice stereotype there, everyone assumes slavery means africans, i mean there was also times when the egyptians had jews as slaves. There were even as much irish slaves as there were blacks at the time that the southern portion of America was focused on slavery, and besides, this is the pony universe. There's no Africans in the MLP universe so for all you know i can mean the zebras or something along those lines.


I've been reading DC Comics all my life, I know for a FACT that spiderman wears read!


I've been reading DC Comics all my life, I know for a FACT that spiderman wears read!

1. Spiderman is Marvel!!

2) Since red equals Spiderman that means (marvel characters here) Iron man, Red Hulk, Captain America, and Daredevil are all Spiderman ( marvel fans, correct me if I'm wrong).

3) Red not “read”

5761573 Oh shit he's racist, thanks for the heads up, just kidding, but seriously. (Yes I am African American)

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