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A story of transequine conspiracy and horror.
Ten years ago, Equestria achieved a technological singularity. It did not survive the night. During an event now known as The Fall, the first Artificially Generated Alicorns unlocked the true power of Discord, and became the Nightmares, laying waste to Equestria before mysteriously vanishing.
The sun now lays still in the sky and transequines, the refugees of ponykind, try to find their place in the worlds and spaces left behind, where the body is transitory, where the mind can be fundamentally altered, where a beating heart and breathing lungs are luxuries that some cannot afford.
The Dreamcatcher network exists to prevent the extinction of ponykind, whether by the return of the inscrutable Nightmares, the insidious Discord Virus, or other threats that arise, through any means necessary.

Wonderful cover image commissioned by my good friend Banditfrosty!

Also, big thanks to Tactical!Rainboom, Shoggoth, and Demetrius! I would never have gotten here without you.

Chapters (5)
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:applejackunsure: This shows promise. I will keep it in read later and check for updates. So far seems one of the better technology crossovers I've read. I'm getting a Gundam Seed vibe from it....is that your inspiration?

I feel for Twilight as she clearly feels the burden from her part in Equestria's downfall (still not clear what that is). I'm struggling to understand the Alicorn War but makes a bit of sense when turning to the G.Seed universe.

Good read....waiting for MOAR!!


The inspiration is Eclipse Phase. It's a slightly obscure tabletop roleplaying game that came out a few years ago, and basically is the theme of Call of Cthulhu with Transhuman and singularity issues.

More is forthcoming, and soon.

Cautiously optimistic as fuck. I love Eclipse Phase, and I wonder where you'll take this.

Also, Flim and Flam that ARE NOT Extropians? Come on.

Eclipse Phase and ponies...very interseting


OH I see. Never got to play those (or many other table tops since my youthful days of playing AD&D and Battletech. At any rate Gundam Seed has a similarity in the plot but became more of a war between people natural to Earth and those that live on the moon and surrounding space colonies. Basically conflict arises from huge technological advances and human augmentation.

As I said though...I look forward to more of this. :pinkiehappy:


not as obscure as you might think. it's a wonderfuly dystopian scifi game. my gaming group plays it fairly regularly and we have YET to not have atleast one party wipe/resleeving. to see it crossed with ponies, is just awesome.

So. Does the fact that you've taken this live mean you've made some progress along that story arc?

I've kindof come to an understanding about how to do the tone of this thing, really. Most of what you pre-read is going to stand, but much more will be added and a lot of the details will change to make it better and more interesting. I think I've got a pretty solid grasp of the next ten chapters or so, and beyond that I'm still figuring some aspects out.

Yosh! I have been waiting for this to show up for ages Pyre, Nice to see you finally put it up.

I haven't even read it yet and I'm drooling. That's a good sign.

I really hope I haven't disappointed, then.

Great story so far, Love the characterization and how you've managed it so well with such a different setting. Looking forward to more.

This story hits all the notes I got from reading early stuff about Eclipse Phase. You've obviously very familiar with the setting. You're doing so well that I've been given the creeps a couple of times, so please keep going!

Good to hear. I put a lot of effort into it, and have a lot more coming. Just a heads up, next chapter will be dropping tomorrow morning. It features Rainbow Dash in the shuttle in the cover image. I hope you enjoy it.

And while I'm at it, I want to thank all the spacebattles bronies who've been dropping in for their support.

Rainbow as the pioneer test subject :rainbowdetermined2: for so much of the technology...wasn't expecting it but it works so well. :pinkiehappy:

Whoo, an update. This one doesn't seem too far different from the original either.

Gah! The experience of being a mind-in-a-box would be utter sensory deprivation without some outside inputs. Rainbow must have some significant psychological scars from that incident.

Everypony does. One of my goals is exploring how experiencing The Fall has changed each of the mane 6, but I admit it Dash got it pretty hard. If she's a little more clingy and sentimental than usual, that's probably why.

If so it seems interesting that she is willing to be alone in her ship then. Or is she really alone when others are in radio range? Hmmmm.

Why do you think Tank being there means so much to her? Also, that's what a muse is for.
It's also been like 40 years since that happened, at least.

Great Chapter, Nicely Done with Fluttershy :twilightsmile: If I could like this again, I would!

Jesus shitting christ why does my weak-ass bullshit that's less than a third of the length have anything similar to the same amount of views as this masterwork?

I am ashamed at this point to know that the author of this thing edited a shitty early version of my first serious attempt at fanficcing.

Because I'm telly, I rush things, I'm terrible at flow and transitions, I'm overly technical, and I'm only now figuring out decent dialogue.

And my own work wasn't much better when you first looked at it, and benefited dramatically from your own extensive advice. While I'm envious of the positive attention The Sixth Age is getting recently, it absolutely deserves it.

Still, your comment has given me a much needed ego boost, so thanks.

Glad to see this one up!

I haven't yet had the chance to ask you this(Unless I have before and am merely forgetting), but have you planned on including bits and pieces from season 3? After seeing Pinkie's episode, I thought about this story and realized there could be a older reason for Applejacks distrust of forks :P


You also do world-building with much deeper source material, to an obsessive level of detail, and create a setting made of space stations and robots, which is a lot more interesting than just virtual reality and robot limbs.

Anyway, cool that we're both up and working on our respective things.

I"m loving it! You are doing a great job of mixing the two universes so far!

The only thing missing is to put Angel in a reaper morph :pinkiehappy:

Just read it.

If nothing else I want to see what happened to Rarity. I'm thinking either Hyperelite, Extropian, or Titanian.

Fantastic story. Thank you.


You're welcome. I plan to rewrite this at some point and do a more proper job of the whole thing. Glad to see that it's still being read, though.


Awesome! I was hoping this was being continued. It's very well written. :yay:

Dreamcatcher is an outstanding meld of the two universes (and two intensely different genres).

Going to follow you for when "at some point," becomes "now."

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