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"The road ahead is not easy, but neither is it impossible to travel. Run, Twilight Sparkle. Run."- Wolokai KuRR


The following is a continuation and sequel of Pinkamena: The Dark Descent

It's been a few days since Pinkie Pie, the Party Pony of Ponyville returned from being banished to the moon after killing Inspector Trottington. Upon a review of her own actions and mentality during her "baking", Pinkie Pie seeks the professional help of Luna and a close Therapist Pony friend of hers in hopes to find the answers as to why she was so comfortable and unbothered by what she did. What they discover...is unimaginable. A dark entity is living inside Pinkie Pie, and although it has never controlled her, it had influenced her dark actions after being awoken from the sorrowful emotions of the Pink Mare. When a spell to rid this entity misfires, the entity succeeds in escaping from its pink prison, and escapes from Canterlot, fleeing to Ponyville. It's reasoning and purpose unknown, it finds and corrupts the first pony it comes in contact with...Twilight Sparkle.

Returning to the scene is our friend Detective W. Quill, curious as to the origins of The Entity and what its intentions are. Along for the ride comes Scootaloo and Fluttershy, hoping to aid the detective in his case.

With Twilight "Ponynapped", Canterlot in a state of shadowy chaos, and The Entity threatening all of Equestria...

...one Pink Mare, armed with a lantern, matches, and her own sanity...must travel to a place of nightmares, and begin A Darker Descent.

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God Dammit why is it always Twilight And Scootaloo Who get Shat on in Fanfics?

Howdy all! Sorry for the late release of the fourth chapter, A LOT of content had to go into it for the story and I had to work today and work on college, you know how it is. Read on fellow fanfic writers! The Descent shall continue :twilightsmile:

Oh lovely... so we've now got "The Entity" having taken up residence inside Pinkie's mind... this is going to get ugly. :fluttershbad::fluttercry::pinkiecrazy::applecry::rainbowderp::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowhuh:then:pinkiegasp:then:pinkiecrazy:then:twilightblush:and then:rainbowkiss:

I loved Pinkamena, and I love this one too! :pinkiehappy:

Track'd :yay:

...Well that's... wow... I was skeptical about this story to begin with, and I even know the idea behind Amnesia isn't exactly sunshine and rainbows but I don't think I can keep reading something which just throws characters away like this :/ Sorry. Nothing against your writing though, it seems spot on. I just don't like the way you are taking this.

Dude... That was quite possibly one of the most brutal things I've read in a Fanfic.
Please, for the love of all the greatness of this story, post the next chapter.:rainbowderp:


That's alright, I know it kind of seems "Quick and the Dead" ish, but don't worry...well...actually. I can't say anything really about anything cause of spoilers. Stick around for a little, I'll message you when stuff happens. I do appreciate your comment as it DOES actually reflect on my writing from time to time. I want to write something my readers will enjoy and I've taken your comment into serious account. Though I can't really change the sequence events now in the story because we're so far along, BUT, we'll see what the readers think. Maybe we'll get a third out of the series here that's more to your liking. Message me what you think and again thank you so much for you comment!


Sorry if this chapter seemed a little rushed! I know it was WAY overdo, but I had work and ya know, Skyrim :derpytongue2:

The end is in sight!!! Stay tuned, I'm going to publish the last chapter hopefully sometime tommorow, and then an Author's Note chapter right after! We have some things to talk about.

Begin the ascent my readers! The light is in sight! :ajsmug:

Dude, Cupcakes doesn't have shit on this fic.:pinkiecrazy: That bit with RD and AJ was outright brutal, but touching, in a sick kind of way.:derpytongue2: You sir, are an amazing writer and should continue with your duties. :twilightsheepish:

Can't wait for Pinksomnia now! That was easily the best Fanfic I've read so far and I can't wait to finish the tale of Pinkie Pie the Party Pony of Ponyville. The Ballad must continue... :pinkiecrazy:

Fantastic! So there will be a sequel to this?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:


Indeed there will be! Stay tracked to this story and an another chapter will be added showing where to find Pinksomnia! :rainbowkiss:

:pinkiecrazy:Glorious fanfics are glorious please keep up the awesome work 4 I have like them both
Pinkamena: The Dark Descent
Pinknesia: The Darker Descent
Now time 2 read the next one :twilightsmile:

"I, White Quill of the Grand Archives, hereby proclaim emergency Equestrian law "Fallen Stars!", bring the wielders of the Elements of Harmony to the Mayor's office in Ponyville!!! AND BEGIN PREPARATIONS TO EVACUATE CANTERLOT!!! We are under attack!"

Shit got seriously real if Martial Law was declared in Equestria. :pinkiegasp:

I turned my head to Fluttershy. She was running right for us, the pouch in her hands

She was running right for us, the pouch in her hands

the pouch in her hands



Yeah sometimes I get pony and human anatomy mixed up sometimes...I don't know why :ajsleepy: lemmie go fix that...

Finished...and wow, what a ride. This was an awesome story. Heh, Rainbow Dash wants a pet XD *poke* *poke* *points to new episode* *laughs* (If you've seen it you'll get it :3) TANK!!!

I think the most moving parts were Rainbow Dash's and Apple Jacks' last moments and (yes o.O) when Pinkie sang to her knife in chapter 5.

I thought it was very touching how Apple comforted her friend until the end. Rainbow was so scared and despite the situation Apple talked to her friend till the end. I nearly cried when Apple asked Rainbow what else she wanted to do and when she kissed her. T_T

It may seem weird to be moved with Pinkie singing to her knife (o.O) but, I did so. It kinda disturbed me when she said it was the same knife that she used when killing the 40 ponies as well as Trottington, but when she started singing...I don't know how to describe it or if it is what you intended, but it made me feel for Pinkie in a way.

Pinkie's wondering through the castle was creepy, though I kinda laughed when "Fluttershy" was looking for her XD "COME OUT!" "YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME!" aww memories. Too add to the atmosphere it would have been creepy for her to run into her other "friends" or maybe just Scootaloo since she was just as close, if not closer, to Pinkie as Fluttershy was. Pinkie stabbing herself was a hard read. I felt so sad when reading that part =(.

The things that bugged me was how fast you had the characters "killed off" (I know they come back). How it happened wasn't what bugged me (>o< sounds so bad), they just happened real close to each other, chapter wise. There wasn't much that happened between their deaths, but then again this is a real short story. It was BAM your dead BAM now your dead BAM dead =/.
Also how The Entity was defeated. Something that killed the gods was taken out by a knife to the back? face? (Wasn't stated where it hit the thing) The events leading up the it's defeat were epic though :3.

Can't wait to catch up! On the the next one...well tomorrow cause I'm tired atm :3. Tomorrow then!

Have a good one.

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*the plot thickens*:rainbowderp:

where the fuck did she get a knife? or did she go alex mercer and make wone with her bloody hand!?

My one objection, if I have any (awesome story, by the way. I'm hooked.) is that going on a murderous rampage gets you a year's banishment. :rainbowhuh: Seems a tad light to me...

For one thing, I absolutely love stories involving the descent into insanity. Probably has to do with my interest in psychology. Now, I am noticing some errors in structure, mostly just where you put new paragraphs. It makes the dialogue a bit confusing as to who's speaking. But apart from that, I'm liking. Bring on the horror.

Whoa. Celestia's power level went well over 9000. And I must admit, that last scene was the absolute last thing I expected. This just went from moderately creepy to grimdark in...well, the space of a chapter. I'm impressed. If I do have an issue, it's that there's a bit too much character death here. That kind of thing advances the plot a huge amount, and multiple character deaths can make it seem a bit rushed. However, it's still good. And did I mention that Pinkie singing to the knife earlier was creepy as hell?

And of course I was listening to the orchestral version of the Nyan Cat song when sh*t got real. Not the most appropriate choice, if you ask me.

All right. Critique time! While the plot is excellent, you make a hell of a lot of errors in structure and form that really take away from it. One of the most prevalent of these is that issue with paragraphs, which I believe I mentioned before. That and knowing that everyone who died will come back really takes all the suspense out of it. Then there's the OOC ness of most of the characters...

Overall, it's not the best I've read, but it ranks up there. Not too shabby.

44537 I agree (with both awesome fiction)that is somewhat light did they make it less because she helped the poor or because she's a element of harmony or is it that the moon punishment is the punishment in equestria or something about being happy she reveled herself after everything (if none of these please comment answer :pinkiehappy: and I see this:pinkiecrazy: half and:pinkiehappy: half with pinkie being crazy being a blackish grey while her other side is pink and norm

:ajsmug: why do I love this story I don't know while I read in my dark attic but this story I love AND I DONT KNOW why I am you pulled me in is I'll I will s and shall ever know I'll maybe look back I'm older call myself crazy or maybe understand why I like it (this is my mind right this nyan cats head:derpyderp2:or maybe this on:derpytongue2: nyan cats head

00ps (numbers let me go around spell check :ajsmug:)

Short chapter cute thoughts deadly thoughts and smiles everywhere ( I wish):twilightsheepish:

Short chapter cute thoughts deadly thoughts and smiles everywhere ( I wish):twilightsheepish:

Ouilt said You've my day much easier (pointing it out)

You spelled quill wrong twice if I remember right and thank you for making the dark desent series as I calls im

My head exploded I woke up yelled at myself for falling asleep while reading went to school where I told my friend this story and told him to rear this fiction and now me and him think were going insane but now I'm not going insane it's just a smith ( I wrote etiny instead of entity and gave me smith( I phone)):derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2:

Bic macintosh I bid you fairwell :fluttercry: please may this end happy I'n bitter sweet fashion like I like
(wrote bic macintosh instead of big Macintosh )

I'll need magic but I can't since I'm a unicorn(did I read that right)

Ok.... Its awesome but why the hay is Scootaloo her daughter?!


Wow this is one of the best FF I ever read.I got goose bumps when Celestia blew up.

Listen to "Sic" by Slipknot while reading this. S*it just got real.

reading this at 3am in the morning with a dark hallway outside my bedroom was a bad idea. I loved the story though.

The sun is the most annoying alarm. And bottle of what looks like blood, its Aglopitus (however its spelled) and minor enjury my ASS.

Cue the the damns from Stick Figures on Crack "Damn" Damn Damn damn. Holy shit. Love this story it is really picking up.

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