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Crazy Chocolate

Hey, just another guy who likes reading interesting fics and whatnot. And in case my profile name did not make it clear, I like chocolate. Will be updating my stories soon.


Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are inspired to become salesponies after reading one of Rarity's Entrepreneurship Digest magazines. They agree to sell chocolate bars, and have very little luck getting anypony to buy one. Inspired by the SpongeBob episode "Chocolate With Nuts," which is why it is listed as "crossover." This is my first fic, and I thought it would be a good idea to make my first post a reference to the SpongeBob episode which inspired my username and avatar. Hope you enjoy!

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What else can you say but, CHOCOLATE!!

Can't say anything else but

HAHAHA!! Awsome fic! Continue! One of the best cmc fics I've read!


With or without nuts?

Make the running CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!! gag on every chapter!!!

Bet ya 90,000 bits Scootaloo said that to Rumble.

Probably one of my favorite episodes of Spingebob. Good work so far!

Holy moley. You sir, are a GENIUS! :pinkiehappy::twilightblush::raritywink:

Holy smoke. This kept true to the original episode AND kept the crusaders in character. Amazing!:pinkiehappy:

Now, most people would give some mustaches or hearts. I give you BOTH!


For a second there i thought you cut it out and then i kept reading and you disnt.

:pinkiegasp: Ooh! Conclusion! Have to read!

...First part was obvious :ajbemused:...
Of course they bought a bunch of candy :trixieshiftright:...
Good point Applejack :twilightoops:...
"Oh come on" indeed! :rainbowlaugh:

Good work, good sir. This is truly a great parody! :pinkiehappy:

Did you just say, chocolate?!

:rainbowlaugh: A very entertaining parody of one of my favourite SpongeBob episodes! Poor Sweetie...

I think you used a question mark in this chapter when you were supposed to use a full stop, or an exclamation mark. You might wanna recheck.

"I got it! You know how the salesponies who gave us the bags made us feel special? Maybe the key isn't being nice, maybe we have to make the customers feel really awesome!"
It worked for call of duty

No, I just 'stretched the truth,' remember? We talked about this!"
It worked for call of duty

Now I know why honest people can't be salespeople or politicians.

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