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When Shining Armor woke up, he did not expect to find Flam sleeping next to him, crumpled up ransom notes on the ground, or Apple Bloom tied up in a closet. But that's exactly what he found, and now he has to work together with Flam to restore their memories, navigate through their lies and friendships, undo their mess, and most importantly, not get caught.

A random comedy / drama adventure about good intentions, bad execution, deception, friendship, romance(?), and straight up craziness.

Rated T for kidnapping, alcohol consumption, sexual innuendos, and discussion of murder and infidelity.

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Just what the hay? Intrigued but will wait to read for now.

This is fun reading! I love it!

“Oh, well, that’s my latest product!” Flam improvised, giving Applejack a wink. “It’s, um, well, tools... for, uh… bird slaughter.”

Applejack froze. Her face was blank. “Bird… slaughter?” she repeated.

Oooh, this is gonna be good.

I will find you, Shining Armor, she thought, putting on her crown. You’ve got some explaining to do.


This is a story that exists.

This is a very funny story that exists.

I’m not sure is this is incredibly silly or a genius work of art.

I’m enjoying it, though.

If they keep digging themselves deeper, they’ll hit the center of the earth before too long.

It’s like 21st Century Breakdown’s Christian, Shining Armor and Flam are simultaneously the protagonists and antagonists, I love it.

Why not both? :raritywink:

Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

“You emphasized calm. Why did you emphasize calm? I’m ALWAYS calm, Stoplight!

Is that a Round Trip reference?

This is an amazing comedy of errors, and it feels right out of an 80s comedy movie. Eager for the next chapters to see what goes wrong next.

“Uh, yes!” Flam confirmed, smiling. “Birds are so pesky sometimes, you know, with their constant calling, and their gross worm eating, and their pecking… not to mention their droppings! Sometimes, you just get so fed up that you want to KILL ‘em, right?!”

Introducing the shotgun.

“Selling my latest product of course!” Flam said. “A wonderful set of tools, perfect for slaughtering your least favorite bird.”

I love this

*sees the title*

Alicorns. Very dangerous.

You go first.

my bet is things are going to seem to be getting better until starlight rescue attempt ruins everything maybe they get attempted princessipecide


Ah, so it's Blueblood's fault. That explains everything.

forcing Shining Armour go to prince bluebood birthday party no wonder he left her for flam :rainbowlaugh:


Flam's line about the closet might be the funniest in the whole story.

...And now I ship these two. Dammit.

“Except you did ,” Luna scoffed. Cadance was still crying. “I do not believe you are helping your case.”

It sounds to me like you’re the one who isn’t helping.

“I had a night like that once. Lots of good drinking, lots of bad decisions… Granted, nothing as bad as kidnapping a little filly, but, you know, to each their own. I did accidentally buy a planet, though.”

How do you buy a planet?

It's mainly a joke on the craziness Boomer got up to when he was drunk, but in real life, there are websites that let you buy land on planets somehow. I don't quite understand it.

Okay, this is just getting sad. Like, to the point where the comedy just falls flat for me now.

Aw, well. Guess I'll stick around to see if things get cleared up.

Don't worry, we're near the end of the story! The final three chapters are going to be filled with loads of zany stuff. This chapter was mostly a transition into the finale.

Plus, it is tagged drama, so things aren't always going to be working out for our heroes/villains/whatever-you-classify-them-as. But stick around; you might be surprised with what comes next. :raritywink:

And that’s when the zeppelin crashed through the wall.

what timing starlight has :rainbowlaugh: if she became a alicorn she be princess of making things worse

And that’s when the zeppelin crashed through the wall.


Starlight glared at him. " Gallus !"

He’s not wrong, Starlight.

This entire story is,”From Bad To Worse: An MLP Fanfiction”.

“Eh, we deal with a threat to Equestria, like, every twenty-six days. Nothing phases me anymore.”

Too true! :rainbowlaugh:

Shining Armor acting in character? In this story? What the—?

That ending was great, this was a funny story, and I’m super happy it exists.

I loved this. Excellent job. I really wanted to stop and wait to read it all after it was done, but I couldn’t put it down. Your solid release schedule was the next best thing.

A million and one "thank you"s! Glad I was able to provide some consistent literary entertainment! :raritystarry:

This whole thing was such a fun read from start to finish, and I kept waiting for every new chapter. Excellent work!

If you're interested in the next installment of this story, click here...

So we have time!” Shining Armor said, his eyes wider than usual. “All we have to do is to do is stop your sister!” He began chuckling to himself, without any signs of stopping.

“Uh, Shining Armor, are you okay?”

“Never better,” the prince laughed. “I know what to do.” He walked up to the door, then his back to it. “We’ve already kidnapped a filly. What’s a little breaking and entering?”

Oh my......guess temporary lost of insanity runs in the family it seems. :twilightoops:

For what? Having a rich wild birthday party? He wasn't the one who caused those two stallions drunk they were doing that fine by themselves.

One of the reasons to drink alcohol in moderation. Because nothing good ever comes from getting wasted. Its playing a game of chance with your life. You just don't know what will happened that one night, once you fully wake up the next day.

This story reminds me of my childhood.
I was an... interesting child.

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