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Rainbow Dash has been sent to the principal's office, yet nobody knows why. As theories emerge and gossip spreads throughout the halls, the students of Canterlot High spiral into chaos as they work toward a common goal: finding the truth.

A story told through texts, emails, and other media.

Additional tags: Lyra, Bon Bon, Sandalwood, Micro Chips, Flash Sentry, Zephyr Breeze.

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The Dazzlings have nothing left. They're out of money, have no place to live, and are getting on each other's nerves. Desperate to get their lives back on track, they do something they never thought they'd do: re-enroll at Canterlot High School.

Reinvigorated with a desire to be adored by their peers, the Dazzlings make it their mission to become the best students at CHS! There's only one problem.


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This story is a sequel to A Series of Great Ideas (Or Not)

Shining Armor is down on his luck. Princess Cadance hasn't contacted him in a week, and he's starting to question the state of their marriage. Hoping to cheer him up, his roommate, Flam, suggests they crash Lyra and Bon Bon's extravagant Canterlot wedding reception. The only problem? Princess Cadance is there, alongside several unexpected guests who have a bone to pick with something called "S.M.I.L.E." and its agents. One kidnapping later, and the stallions are on the run, fighting (and singing) for their lives.

It does not end well.

A romantic drama-comedy adventure sequel to "A Series of Great Ideas (Or Not)," about coincidences, consequences, craziness, and just how far one will go for love.

Rated T for sexual content and discussion of murder, kidnapping, infidelity, and alcoholism. Reading of the prequel is required if you want the story to make sense.

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When Shining Armor woke up, he did not expect to find Flam sleeping next to him, crumpled up ransom notes on the ground, or Apple Bloom tied up in a closet. But that's exactly what he found, and now he has to work together with Flam to restore their memories, navigate through their lies and friendships, undo their mess, and most importantly, not get caught.

A random comedy / drama adventure about good intentions, bad execution, deception, friendship, romance(?), and straight up craziness.

Rated T for kidnapping, alcohol consumption, sexual innuendos, and discussion of murder and infidelity.

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Prom is just around the corner for Canterlot High School, but Sunset Shimmer just can't get excited for it. She doesn't know the reason why, but no matter what she does or who she talks to, she's just not feeling it. She wants to be excited, but she can't conjure up the feeling.

While her friends party and have the time of her life, she goes through the motions, struggling to find herself. But as the night progresses, she begins to discover what she really wants.

A story about anxiety and expectations. Partially inspired by true events. Written as part of a personal 24-hour writing challenge to get my creative juices flowing.

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Being a father can be difficult. It comes with a lot of responsibility, trial and error, and stress.

All of that gets doubled when your daughter is an alicorn.

Ever since Flurry Heart was born, Shining Armor has been going through a lot of stress trying to keep his daughter safe. Luckily, Princess Cadance has been by his side the entire time, keeping him sane and happy. However, when an important meeting takes Princess Cadance away from him, Shining Armor is left alone with Flurry Heart and all of the responsibility that comes with her.

It's not an easy job. Especially when Flurry Heart manages to sneak into the city without leaving a trace.

New chapters coming soon! Special thanks to Fruity Treeze for editing and helping me out!

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King Sombra has won. He's managed to take over Equestria, leaving it in ruins, and has enslaved hundreds of ponies along the way. Nopony knows how he returned, or why the princesses are standing by his side. Many have tried to stop him and take back Equestria, but every attempt has led to failure.

In a base under the remains of Sugarcube Corner, a resistance, lead by Spitfire, has formed. Nearly every day, they attempt to defeat Sombra and save whomever they can. However, life in the war is difficult. Death comes around every corner, sadness and guilt fill the air, and not everypony in the rebellion gets along.

With nowhere to go and few options left, the army must do everything it can to fight the war and survive the harsh life that it brings.

Takes places in an alternate universe following the events of Season Five of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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