• Published 16th Oct 2019
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Rainbow Dash, Please Report to the Principal's Office - TheGuineaPig45

Rainbow Dash has been sent to the principal's office, yet nobody knows why. As theories emerge and gossip spreads through the halls, the CHS student body spirals into chaos searching for one thing: the truth.

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3: Experimentation

To: Aria Blaze
From: Micro Chips

Greetings, Ms. Aria Blaze! I don't know if you remember me, but my name is Micro Chips. We went to school together for about a week before you ran off into the uncertain oblivion. Strange how life has brought us together again, huh?

Listen, I need your help doing something rather unorthodox. There's this whole conspiracy at CHS about why Rainbow Dash is spending so much time with Principal Celestia, and, well, I won't go into specifics, but I need someone to help me install a spy camera in her office. I remember you as sort of a bad chick with a cool vibe, so I think you'd be the perfect candidate to help me out. Let me know what works! I'm free at any time, but this would make more sense to do at night, cause, well, stealth.

Ciao! Looking forward to our new partnership!

To: Trixie Lulamoon
From: Sunset Shimmer

Of course I forgive you, Trixie. I know you. You want the approval of our classmates, which is fine, but know there are safer ways to get it that don't hurt anyone. Great example: baking cookies! Pinkie and I have perfected the art of the snickerdoodle. Believe it or not, the key is not sugar or cinnamon. Remind me to give you the recipe sometime!

I just don't want you doing something that will get you in trouble, alright? This whole Rainbow Dash situation is already a mess. Try not to stir the pot too much, okay?

To: Silver Spoon
From: Diamond Tiara

Did you hear what Trixie just did?!

I think she felt bad about spreading that awful rumor yesterday, so she literally sacrificed herself to get the truth for us! When Mr. Doodle's back was turned in class today, she threw a smoke bomb, placed a tack on his chair, and disrupted the whole class! Obviously, he sent her to the principal's office, which means, now, she can spy on Rainbow Dash and report back to us! Isn't that incredible? She purposefully got in trouble to support the cause! Sorry, Wallflower Blush! Trixie is my hero now!

By the way, why aren't you replying to my texts? We need to plan for my party! Message me!!!

To: Fluttershy
From: Rarity

Darling, don't you think this is getting a tad out of hand? Trixie just risked suspension to find out what Rainbow Dash is doing in the principal's office! If the truth isn't revealed, before we know it, they'll be a whole video series online about the conspiracy! And I can't film interviews, not in this heat! My hair just won't cooperate!

We have to get to the bottom of this. We're her best friends! If we ask politely, then she'll have to tell us, right? Or maybe if we let her in on the urgency of the situation? After all, with all her time cooped up in that room, I doubt she even knows the whole school is looking for answers! Think about it, Fluttershy. You and I could stop this petty drama once and for all and move on with our lives! Wouldn't that just be dazzling?

We must meet up with her for a little chit-chat. Let's say, ten minutes after the bell, school parking lot? I promise, we shall get the answers we need!

To: Flash Sentry
From: Sandalwood

Bro, people are saying that they didn't even see Rainbow Dash today! Like, she went straight to the principal's office when she walked in, no announcement or anything! How crazy is that? Seriously, I'm addicted to this now. Knowing the truth is like a drug!

Micro Chips has been taking too long to accumulate data, so I took matters into my own hands. I went on the internet, found Rainbow Dash's dad, and wrote him an email. Could you maybe look it over, see if there's anything I should change? It needs to be perfect.

Dear Mr. Hothoof,

Hey, man, my name is Sandalwood. I'm Rainbow Dash's friend from Canterlot High. Well, kinda. We don't really ever talk, and I don't know if she knows my name. But anyway, she's been going to the principal's office a lot lately, so much so that she hasn't even gone to class! It's become a real big thing at school, bro. I was just wondering if you knew anything about that, cause I have to know the answers! My teenage life depends on it!

So, write me back ASAP, and have a chill day.


P.S. I love your surname! Sounds like you're a horse! A hot horse!

Now, tell me, how good is that?

To: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Diamond Tiara, +63 others
From: Trixie Lulamoon

I'm sure you're all wondering what happened during my time in the principal's office. First off, I got afterschool detention for disrupting the class, which isn't surprising. But who cares about that?! The Great and Powerful Trixie has information on Rainbow Dash's disappearance, which she shall relay to you in a dramatic fashion!

I was inside Principal Celestia's office, ready to face the consequences for my brave and selfless sacrifice. However, my eyes darted around the room, searching for a glimmer, a glance, a gleam of a rainbow-haired friend. But at first glance, nothing. That is, until I looked down at our fair principal's desk. There, several pieces of paper with Rainbow's name on it. Papers of... homework? Yes, homework! In her time in Principal Celestia's office, Rainbow Dash has been doing her... homework? But if she's doing her homework, why isn't she going to class?

And that's when I saw her. Or rather, one single strand of her luscious hair, streaming out from behind a locked door. She was hiding from me! But why? Unfortunately, I was forced to leave at that moment, but believe me, I had seen enough. There was nothing about a sports scholarship, no punishments, not a sign of a relationship. No, Rainbow Dash seems to simply be skipping class and doing her missed work elsewhere. And Celestia seems to be... letting her?

That's all I've got. Thank you, one and all, for listening to the Great and Powerful Trixie! What a dazzling audience! I'll be here all night, so message me with any further questions. Bravo! What a show!

To: Applejack
From: Rarity

Unsurprisingly, talking to Rainbow Dash after school was a miserable failure. She didn't even look at Fluttershy and I! It's almost as if we didn't exist to her! She hardly even acknowledged us speaking! What is going on with her?

I'm worried about her, and I'm worried about our friendship. Did we do something wrong? Is she ignoring us on purpose? And what does this have to do with Celestia? I know us Rainbooms are collectively against the school being so interested in Rainbow Dash's personal life, but you must understand, darling, it's getting harder to trust that this is something we don't have to worry about! I wish it didn't come to this, but I have to know. Whatever it takes.

To: Micro Chips
From: Aria Blaze