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This story is a sequel to A Series of Great Ideas (Or Not)

Shining Armor is down on his luck. Princess Cadance hasn't contacted him in a week, and he's starting to question the state of their marriage. Hoping to cheer him up, his roommate, Flam, suggests they crash Lyra and Bon Bon's extravagant Canterlot wedding reception. The only problem? Princess Cadance is there, alongside several unexpected guests who have a bone to pick with something called "S.M.I.L.E." and its agents. One kidnapping later, and the stallions are on the run, fighting (and singing) for their lives.

It does not end well.

A romantic drama-comedy adventure sequel to "A Series of Great Ideas (Or Not)," about coincidences, consequences, craziness, and just how far one will go for love.

Rated T for sexual content and discussion of murder, kidnapping, infidelity, and alcoholism. Reading of the prequel is required if you want the story to make sense.

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Wait, why was nobody smiling at the wedding?

Through the power of typos. :facehoof:
Thank you for pointing that one out. It's been fixed. :pinkiehappy:

Next story’s starting out great.

Wait, we’re being kidnapped?!” Cheese gasped, tipping over so the bag fell off his head. “I thought we were headed to Lyra and Bon Bon’s after party
Shining shook his head. “You got tied up, and your first thought was I’m headed to a PARTY?

i really want to know about the parties he been to :rainbowlaugh:

I actually like pineapple on pizza.

Pineapple is only good when it's fresh. And it almost never is.

I feel like this town would have an interesting backstory.


...Stallionz V is a TERRIBLE name. I may never forgive Flam for turning them into a boy band.

personally i would have called them the clueless stooges, and i hope by the time this story ends there boy band super popular all over equestria

It’s likely a reference to the boy band Boyz II Men.

Personally, I though that introduction bit was absolutely hilarious.


Oh, it was hilarious. But boy bands? BOY BANDS?!

Eh, it just wasn't working the way I intended. Too soon after the previous one, I guess. I had an idea, but jumped in headfirst and couldn't really execute it as I had wanted.

well too bad this was discontinued, I thought it was interesting spin of a story with seeing all there characters somehow stuck with each other to work together.

Well, when you find yourself in this situation. It's best to go back re-read the first story and rework and put down some notes and work out a plan for the main story plot. Just rewrite the whole thing from square one. Its also never hurt to find yourself an editor to review what you done so far and gain feedback what needs improvement. That is what being an author is all about. Just don't give up.

With time, I realized that the biggest flaw with this story was that I wasn't passionate enough about it. I LOVED writing Great Ideas, and I wanted to capitalize off of that feeling, but I couldn't. I rushed in headfirst, and over time, realized that I could not tell this story. Not that I didn't WANT to -- I did -- but it wasn't a story that I could connect with, if that makes sense. That's why I put more work into other stories, like Rainbow Dash, Please Report... Those were stories I was genuinely excited to write about, and that overall excitement just made the whole writing process that much smoother.
I really enjoy my own take on Shining Armor and Flam, but for now, I think Great Ideas is the place it needs to live. That's where it's strongest, and that's where I personally connect with it the most and can tell the best story with them.

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