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Prom is just around the corner for Canterlot High School, but Sunset Shimmer just can't get excited for it. She doesn't know the reason why, but no matter what she does or who she talks to, she's just not feeling it. She wants to be excited, but she can't conjure up the feeling.

While her friends party and have the time of her life, she goes through the motions, struggling to find herself. But as the night progresses, she begins to discover what she really wants.

A story about anxiety and expectations. Partially inspired by true events. Written as part of a personal 24-hour writing challenge to get my creative juices flowing.

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I don't get it. It Sunset still guilty from her years of rigging things in her favor? Does she feel miserable about being happy?

Often, we feel depression without a clear source. The reason why isn't what's important; it's the fact that, no matter the reason, she IS depressed, and she can't fight it. What caused it is purely up to the reader. :eeyup:


I can definitely sympathize with that.

It is just I imagined when talking about prom, Sunset might remember the horrible things she did during them.

And that is a totally legitimate interpretation of the text. :twilightsmile:

She never did get those shoes back. Not that she cared.

An all-too-accurate portrayal of how sourceless depression can dull even the brightest moments, and how unhelpful "Cheer up!" can be. Still, there are ways through, and people waiting on the other side. Nicely done all around.

Thank you so much! That means a lot.:heart:

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That was a great piece. Sad, but relatable.

I have a theory about why Sunset's depressed. Prom is for seniors, and is usually the last event before graduation. And after graduation, there's college. College may be a sore topic for Sunset, since this is when she has to make tge choice between tge human world and Equestria. Dunno, but that's my theory.

I found a few typos:

Flash Sentry was crowned prom king, just as Micro Chips had predicted, but in a surprise turn of events, Applejack won prom queen, despite not even knowing she was a candidate.

"...in a surprising turn of events..."

"Yup!" Sunset chirped with a grin. "Just treating treating myself to a new table set."

"Treating" has been repeated.

Thanks for pointing those out! Glad you liked the story! :twilightsmile:

I've always theorized that the future is a sensitive topic for Sunset. While the human world is her home, the franchise has given us moments where Sunset misses life in Equestria. So, when the time comes and all her friends have their career paths already planned out, Sunset doesn't, because she may not know where she's headed. Also, I highly doubt that working as a waitress in a mall sushi place is enough to afford college.

I really like that interpretation. I purposefully left the cause of Sunset's depression up to the reader, and what you're saying makes a lot of sense. The other six definitely have very clear paths and desires -- Sunset's the only one who doesn't have it "all figured out", as they say. She has loads of artsy hobbies, but a future career for her seems to be a mytery. And since prom is the beginning of the end, what's next for her? :unsuresweetie:

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