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The Dazzlings have nothing left. They're out of money, have no place to live, and are getting on each other's nerves. Desperate to get their lives back on track, they do something they never thought they'd do: re-enroll at Canterlot High School.

Reinvigorated with a desire to be adored by their peers, the Dazzlings make it their mission to become the best students at CHS! There's only one problem.


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But umm... trigonometry isn't the study of circles, but triangles. Last to my knowledge.

The Unit Circle helps with conversions between degrees and radians, which are used in Trig.

I'd consider dialing way back on the italics here. When so many words are emphasized, the grammar tends to pop out a lot more than it should, and not in a good way.

I would agree that triangles come up more often in trigonometry than circles, but the latter are far from unimportant. The unit circle can be used as a way to define many of the trigonometric functions--the sine function, for instance, which appears in this story, can be defined in terms of the y-coordinate of a point on the unit circle at the specified angle.

This is the most relatable story title I have seen in a long while. I'll add it to my list to check out.

Remember this... A²+B²=C²

At least she did better than I did in my English exam. :twilightoops:

As for Trig?

Its all exponentials.

Or is that Calculus?

My favourite bit is that the unit circle is 8 fold symetrical If you want the minimum combination of look up table and calculation for Sin and Cos? Or if you want to do an 8*8 DCT you only need square root of 2 and no complex exponentials or even trigs at all.

Im puzzled as to why I have trouble with similar triangles, when I can follow the MM experiment. :derpytongue2:

If Twilight likes to sleep in the library, where are the Dazzlings going to end up, Celestias chair and desk?

If it’s for trig, go ahead and memorize the whole thing. C2=A2+B2–2ab*cos(C)

The mathematic gods seem to be laughing at Adagio. I think I might join in!

Even Adagio can't answer that! I could!

Twenty-seven minutes later, Sonata tripped over a rock
“Ouch!” she squealed, falling face-first onto the hard cement sidewalk. After a couple of seconds, a bruise appeared on her shoulder. “Ugh! This place is the worst!”

“No, you’re the worst!” Aria replied, unable to keep herself from laughing at her sister’s misfortune.

Sonata pouted. “No, you are!”

“GIRLS!” Adagio shouted, shutting her sisters up before they got into yet another full-scale argument. She took in a deep breath, then exhaled, trying to calm herself down. “I think we can stop running now. We’re far enough from the fire.”

“Your last idea was putting a taco into a toaster, so you’re on very thin ice here, Sonata,” Adagio grumbled, her hands clenched into fists.

To Adagio and Aria's credit, they are at least devoted sisters. Anyone else would've kicked Sonata to the curb for her insanely stupid and destructive stunt.

Dis gun be gud.

Adagio blankly stared at the red “1”, which had sown its image into her brain just as permanent as the marker it was written with.

As a bookworm, I also find a solitary "1" to be more grating then even a zero.

Can't wait to see what Dagi does.

i say she deserved at least a few points for the laughs im sure the teacher got from those answers

There were several red “X” marks all over the paper. All the shapes had been circle. And at the top of the paper, there was a big, red “1” drawn in permanent marker.

“A one?” Adagio asked, looking at the sheet. “Because I’m number one?”

Cheerilee sighed. “No. One out of one hundred points. And that’s just because you wrote your name.”

Adagio blankly stared at the red “1”, which had sown its image into her brain just as permanent as the marker it was written with.

She had failed trigonometry.

No. No way. That couldn’t be. Absolutely not.

Trigonometry had failed her.

And she was not about to let that stand.

Me as an Engineering student: i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/027/763/07B89120-B48D-45FB-AF1D-49AF6CD16790.jpeg

Music is fun. You wouldnt believe what you get when you run Relativity through a piano.

The trick with maths though is being able to remmeber the shortcuts. Theres thousands of them. Its literally a whole new language.:twilightsheepish:

Adagio's mixture of exasperation and determination is so relatable and hilarious.

“Fantastic,” Adagio mumbled under her breath. “Everyone had a good day except me.”

Pretty much every siren-related story in a nutshell.

i should sue you i was laughing so hard i fell out of my chair and hurt my rump

“I will not, Ari. You make me so mad sometimes. You are the worst. Truth.” She paused. “A haiku.” Aria clenched her fists and geared up to strike, but decided against it at the last second.

Does Aria need to choke a Sonata?

In one swift motion, Adagio grabbed the first page and ripped it straight out the book, leaving a jagged trail of paper clinging onto its binding. She stared at the red triangle one last time, looking at his tender, warm smile and idyllic city life. He looked so happy to be a triangle. Like he didn't have a care in the world.

And thus, Adagio Dazzle put him straight into the paper shredder. In an instant, that triangle and his perfect world has been reduced to nothing but strands of rubbish.

One by one, she ripped out the other pages of the book and placed them straight into the metal box of death, watching their remains beautifully fall inside the machine, reborn as perfectly cut strips. Much to her delight, watch something she passionately despised be destroyed right before her very eyes was immensely satisfying. When it came down to the final page, she laughed. And, much to her surprise, it quickly evolved into a maniacal laugh, something she hadn’t done since the Battle of the Bands. It had come so naturally, despite being dormant within her for so long. It felt good.

Very good, indeed.

You know someone's off their rocker if destroying a cartoon triangle out of sadistic glee is perfectly in character.

Can't wait to see how Adagio gets out of the predicament brought about by her own raging megalomania.

Cuddling a pet suppose to decrease stress.

There's a beautiful irony in a siren never having seen a Greek letter before.

If Adagio thinks this is bad, just wait until Twilight finds out she shredded a beloved childhood book.

"Who or what is 'Midnight Sparkle'?"
"You're about to find out."
"Wait, you harnessed destructive magic and you got to keep it? How is that remotely— Hang on, I should probably be running for my life."

I hope Aria doesn't say to Adagio In a future episode:
"I'm going to kill her, then I'm going to give you a phoenix down, then imma kill you again, then I'm going summon the 7 dragon balls and wish you back and kill you thrice, then I'll cross the river styx to the afterlife, find your soul, kill it and then come back to dance on the ashes of your cremation... BY NUKE!!

Don't forget sine law!

A/sin(a = B/sin(b


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