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When Sunset saw Sonata Dusk return to CHS and experience a very familiar treatment, she encouraged her friends to reach out to the Dazzlings just as they'd done with her after the Fall Formal.

Several months later, Aria and Sonata have come to discover some joy in their new life-after-magic. Adagio, however, has continued to refuse the offer—out of bitterness, spite and an unwillingness to give those 'rainbooms' the satisfaction of seeing her break.

What she has yet to realize is that clinging to this resentment is hurting no one but herself.

Thanks to Csquared08 for main editing, proofreading and bouncing ideas.
Thanks to Jondor for pre-reading, grammar/editing and offering advice on technique.

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>capitalizing the 's' in my name
What a scrub :rainbowwild:

5275075 Dance of shame. Will fix it. ;)

Well, now. This is a good start. I look forward to future chapters.

5275220 Chapter 2 should be out tonight some time, and it ends the opening arc, which was initially the entire story. But while writing, some additional ideas have come to mind, so I'm planning to continue. Can't promise any sort of schedule though, between work and family and perfectionist tendencies delaying things.

Oh, and the vector art, which is still my first passion. ;)

Deep, steady Aira

This is my letter of resignation. I am off to commit ritual sudoku.


ritual sudoku

My mind is full of wut. =P

5275834 Heh, yeah. Caught the joke about it being 'not seppuku', but this is the first time I've heard it and had a good lol. ;)

In any event, this is my letter of resignation. I have brought eternal shame upon my family.

5275807 Aira is a genus of about 10 species of annual grasses, native to western and southern Europe, southwest Asia and Africa. The common name, shared with the similar related genera Deschampsia and Koeleria, is hair-grass, from the very slender leaves and stems. The species typically occur on dry, sandy sites, and grow to 20–40 cm tall. :derpytongue2:

On the story itself, anyway, I like it. Resonates well emotionally, clear plot, all in one tense. It feels a little fast-paced, I will say. Aria and Sonata just dump how they feel, and suddenly Adagio's all ready to make the jump to hyperspace happy-joy-redemption singing. The struggle to arrive at happy-joy-redemption singing doesn't feel long enough. (But then again, I can't pace in my own works, so with a grain of salt, I say.) But then again, that might not be your main conflict here, so I can't bring the hammer down on it quite yet. But something to think about.

The growth is very nice to see, and you've done it well. It just feels too fast.


Yeah, I shared a bit of the same concern about the jump-to-redemption being a bit fast, as it was the main conflict for this arc. My thought was to highlight the impact that their voices/song had on her to really seal the deal. Hoping to dig a bit deeper in the upcoming chapters, but we'll see how the inspiration plays out. ;)

An absolutely touching chapter. I think it's interesting that you're looking at Adagio's redemption with this story, given that I've seen so many that have had Sonata and/or Aria turn over a new leaf, and I'm glad that things seem so natural for her. Definitely looking forward to more.

“We never really seemed that close before anyway, the three of us, but after that night it just hurt so much. I didn’t know what else to do. I knew I couldn’t just hide in my room all day crying."

You forgot the quotation mark.

Other than that, this is a very emotional story so far. Adagio starting to feel remorseful and ready to move forward.

Well done! Looking forward to your next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Manly tears were shed by the end of this chapter. :) Good for Adagio!


Ah, that was quite intentional actually. ;) Since her dialog also begins the next paragraph, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be absent. Could be one of those styles that's considered optional these days though.

And glad you enjoyed it, thanks.

5275867 *grin* I didn't even notice the transposition of those letters until Meta's grass bit, but fixed now. Thanks again for the editing help.


It is, in fact, correct for that quotation mark to be absent. Whenever continuous dialogue (or any other text enclosed in quotation marks) spans a paragraph break, the ending quote is left off just before the break to signal that the quoted text is continuing.

5276363 Thanks again for the pre-reading and advice along the way as well. =)


No prob. You've got an interesting story going. I definitely want to see it flourish. :twilightsmile:

Sweet! I'm satisfied now.

Another serious post-fall sirens fic. I love it!

Siren redemption is best redemption!

Agreed, that I've seen the Sonata have the most attention in this regard. Glad to hear you liked it, thanks.

5276445 Glad to hear. Assuming this is the same avatar icon from dA?

I'm also hoping to explore a bit of Aria and Sonata's dynamic in a bit more depth in an upcoming chapter. I'm sure Adagio has plenty of questions still. ;)

Amazing. What an experience to read this! <3


Thanks; and glad to hear you enjoyed it. =)

5278324 Yep, it's me.
I would like to see some Aria and Sonata action though Adagio is my waify

When is chapter 3 going to be out, because i am loving this so far. :twilightsmile:

5282829 Shifting my focus back to vector art for just a bit here, as I want to get this piece done for Sonata. I have a number of ideas on paper already for the next chapter - just need to give a bit more thought then get to the actual writing. ;)

Yaaaaayyyyy! It came! Been looking forward to this ever since you posted that picture on DeviantArt.

And now i have read the first two chapters.

And it is GLORIOUS.

Hope you get around to writing more as soon as you are done with anything else you have planned.

Nice job, keep up the good work, best of luck, and take your time.

I just hope my email notification actually works when this thing updates. its been kinda wonky lately. XD

I would very much like to see where this goes in upcoming chapters. :raritywink:


Thanks. I'll start putting more focus on 3 once this art piece is done. But in general, I'm planning to take my time with these. Want to keep the output up to par with prior chapters as I get to writing them. =)

This story is very well done and I love how you wrote Aria and Adagio.

I really like how you wrote the three, It's so sad... :fluttercry:

Anyways, I'm really liking the concept of the story so far :rainbowkiss: Can't wait for the next chapter!~ Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

5297588 Thanks. And I think I noted somewhere else already that I just can't get enough of your art. So torn on whether I like the interaction cuteness more with Aria-Sonata or Aria-Adagio. =P Granted I know which you favor.

5295776 And thanks as well. Cheers.

I see that third piece. You can't hide it from me.

So far so good.

No, I meant sudoku.


I'm not quite sure how to react to that.


Internet gonna Internet.
I've learned to just roll with it. ;)

Am I detecting a hint of AriSona in this story? Maybe it's just me, but that's the vibe I seem to be getting, especially from Aria's attitude whenever she was talking about Sonata in there.

I like it. And this.

5315665 Hints yes, but likely nothing more. Unless I really feel like trolling C2. ;)

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