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Crazy Chocolate

Hey, just another guy who likes reading interesting fics and whatnot. And in case my profile name did not make it clear, I like chocolate. Will be updating my stories soon.


Albert Arlington has suffered a lot recently. He had been sentenced to life in Alcatraz Prison, betrayed and murdered by his allies, and sent to Hell to relive the failure of his escape while simultaneously fighting off a zombie outbreak that just seemed to get stronger and stronger by the minute. He may have escaped the dreaded cycle of purgatory that he had gotten far too used to, and enacted revenge on the men who had put him there in the first place, but he is still forced to suffer. He wakes from his incarceration in the demonic Alcatraz in none other than Tartarus, guarded by none other than Cerberus himself. Al has developed a skill for coming up with ways to escape seemingly endless torment. The only question he asks this time is what will be waiting to torment him next. Because whenever Al thinks that he is out of the woods at last, there is always a thorn in his side.

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You certainly have my attention with this fic. Please, do continue.

Will his retriever come back and also will we see the other three

1. Eventually, yes.
2. maybe... :trixieshiftright:
(by the way, that is a literal maybe, not the "I will for certain, but don't want to outright say it" maybe)

What is this a crossover of?

The Black Ops II zombies map "Mob of the Dead." It's basically about mobsters that have to relive their Alcatraz escape attempt in purgatory.

4808207I'm sorry I can't stand CoD crossovers.

It's ok, I understand. The main problem with crossovers is that whoever reads them needs to like two usually opposite fandoms. I get that some people won't. It is to be expected. :rainbowwild::raritywink::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Oooooh shit. Mob of the fucking Dead. I played the hell out of this map back when my comp could still run blops2. Ooooh shit! *reads*

This was awsome:rainbowkiss: i- i want more GIVE ME MORE!!:flutterrage:

Oh, haha. I just started a zombies crossover fic about a month ago. It's good to see things like these pop up. The CoD Zombies fandom feels so underrated.

I can't really read it right now, but I'll definitely give it a thumbs up and make sure to read it later. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you, good sir. :ajsmug:
I honestly believe that CoD needs more love from this fandom! :twilightangry2: I mean, come on! Halo and Warhammer 40K get 10 times more, and CoD is like the most mainstream M rated game EVER! Plus, It's filled with countless characters perfect for crossovers, like Weasel and Richtofen.

The zombies storyline is basically begging for a fusion fic of Fallout Equestria proportions. I mean seriously, Richtofen used to have an assistant and be more like Twilight in personality before he went crazy and his mentor's relative was trapped on the moon! Also, the staffs in Origins and the Elements of Harmony are both called "the elements," said to be ancient technology used to defend the world from evil, and used by the main characters in the earliest point in their timeline to help someone who either used to or will be stuck in the moon. Someone write that fusion fic; I'll love you forever!

Glad to see people enjoy this story, there may be hope yet for this side of the fandom.

The only person ive seeb him kill was the prison guard in the intro but that's it or knocked him. Seeing him as a con man i theorize he really never killed anyone human maybe beat or robber but not murder. Con men are not like that.

weasel you are one hell of a mobster first your killed by your friends only to meet them again in the after life where you guys fight off the undead before you kill your own friend and now your in a land of equestria where your working for magical talking ponies who want you to kill demons for them.......i tip my hat to you my good sir:moustache:
i give this chapter a 9/10 keep up the good work Crazy

Comment posted by Rutter deleted Oct 11th, 2014

Oh my god. I can't read this anymore. The pacing is going at light-speed. Slow down, explain things, describe things, have lain-out dialogue not going straight to the point in two sentences... ug. Along with the main character going:

In Tartous?, OKAY! In a magical pony-land? OKAY! A Magical-Pony-Princess telling me what to do with my life, and explain everything with no stopping or moving whatsoever? THATS FINE!

Also, the talking seems like a machine saying something. "Artificial Emotions" feel too.

Oh, come one, he saw some pretty nasty stuff already for over an eternity. I think he can handle this place perfectly well.

4812219 I'm already working on that. It'll be up soon.

Activists for various freedoms were often seen as assholes and just about everyone was racist!" Keep in mind, Weasel died during the 30s.

Uh, you DO realize that somebody from the early 30's wouldn't have thought the things going on at the time were "racist", they were just products of the times. They weren't burning blacks on the cross guys. And they weren't seen as "assholes", by the public. More along the lines of misguided. Othr than that, good story.

Not particularly fond of the Ponies attitudes, but I'm still enjoying the story.

I'm really liking where this is going. I hope to see more chapters in the future.

Wooow fucking to long enough

This be an old but good short just needs more meat on its bones

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