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Bulk Biceps liked the time he spent with Fluttershy while qualifying for the Equestria Games. He liked it so much, he’s set his eyes on her.

First, he’s going to have to get past her friend. He’s a nice stallion, why wouldn’t she accept him? It isn’t like he’s just trying to bed Fluttershy, a mare who can’t say no. He isn’t just being friendly as a ruse, so he can add another notch to his bedpost, right? After all, a big, strong stallion like him must have to beat off the mares with a stick. He certainly doesn’t have an ulterior motive. He isn’t a violent, evil, red-eyed stallion with a lecherous heart.


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I know exactly what you did there. Anyway, great job and idea for this story. I can't wait for the next chapter. Please have it out quick.

:ajsmug: Ah Mac Flutter said she's interested :eeyup: ! :yay:!

:duck: Come Spikey :moustache: wut?

:twilightoops: A double date?

:twistnerd::pinkiehappy: A triple date ,A marsh mellow hot apple pie type of date !:facehoof:

:rainbowlaugh: Oh Skittles!

:raritydespair:: Albinos? How horrible!

:fluttershysad:: Rarity?

:raritystarry:: Yes, Darling?

:flutterrage:: reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/racist1.gif

Look forward to seeing where you go with this, Shah. Surprised it wasn't tagged Comedy, what with Rarity's reaction in this chapter.


I think I know, too. Throwing Vinyl in there was a nice touch. They're a little too affectionate, but it works to build up Bulk's awkwardness and Rarity's suspicions.

And Rarity's such a hypocrite here... :duck:


I'm on the fence with the comedy tag. You think I should add it? I was told not to add tags if they're not the main focus of the story, but a quick look at other stories shows that "rule" doesn't really get followed. Like, at all.

Well, if the story maintains this kind of tone, i.e. Rarity's overly ridiculous 'racism', then I'd say yeah, it could do with a comedy tag.

Hmmm... I don't get Vinyl's role.


Alright, I'll add the comedy tag then.

Rarity the cockblock. Let the games begin.

Oh, and Vinyl and Bulk are related somehow. I pretty much have romcoms down to an exact science.

The end of the chapter feels like the twist of the relationship between Vinyl and bulk are:

wow! he's a womanizer however, great story so far

This is good. Rarity was horrible, but I love how all her plans to ruin Bulk we messed up.


Rarity is a a horrible awful pony.

That was awesome. I loved the way flutershy pounced on him. Great job and thanks for a fun story.

Well done. . .
:moustache: Ah Rarity, What was that about anyway? And the Kissing stuff?
:raritydespair: Oh Spike I'm a awful mare !
:moustache: That's OK ,I guess , you need a hug?
:raritystarry: Kiss my Precious scales!
:fluttershbad: And you talk about genetics! :duck::moustache::twilightoops:

Yeah, I thought that's where this story was headed. :twilightsmile:

Ahhh, Rarity. Always the racist.

Stay classy.

And I love him. I love my brother.

Wow. Rarity was awful. Bulk and Fluttershy were cute.

It's always the shy and frisky ones.

I find the idea that any of the main six would have such a baseless prejudice after learning the lesson with Zecura a bit hard to swallow. That's really my only complaint, because everything else was quite good.

5899672 take it easy, mate. It's not her fault that in the last chapter, Vinyl looked like a 100% legit prostitute. Rarity was spying on him for Fluttershy's safety, after all. And, at the very end of chapter 1 you couldn't simply say "meh, i suspect Vinyl being Bulk's sister" since she clearly addressed him as 'beautiful'. what sister does that? incest? however, a week passed (in real life, not in story), chapter 2 came out, and now we know that Vinyl was indeed his sister and blah blah bla... it's just that you can't call her horrible as long as she was worried about Fluttershy (inb4 people will mention Rarity's racist cuz she was hatin' on albinos; i too am racist and don't give a...)


It isn't totally baseless, it's in the literature and social mores she's exposed to. There is, in real life, a prejudice against albinos (indeed, anyone who looks different). You can see this prejudice in literature such as the classic "The Invisible Man," and the more recent "The Davinci Code." Prejudice can be subtle. Rarity doesn't hate albinos, but that subtle social programming makes her see negative traits in them and ignore positive traits. That kind of subconscious bias is extremely difficult to overcome. If you were already suspicious, would you not draw the wrong conclusion as she did?

Is it right? Certainly not. But no one says any of the MLP characters are perfect. I think that's one of the reasons we like the show so much.

This was a very nice story and it's a very unused ship... Although personally I quite enjoy it. I do however want to let yo know that the term is not deejay. It's "D.J." Short for The title "Disc Jockey". I see it spelt wrong so much so it's not just you.

I just happened to click on this in my editing list and re-read it, and I caught something :pinkiegasp::

The reached her front door.

How the hell did I miss that? :facehoof: Must've been one of our late-night editing sessions...

I loved this story :heart:

this is also one of my many favorite ships. :yay:

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