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To say that Spitfire is obsessed with learning more about the world around her is an understatement. But her reluctance to interact with others and more doesn't help Spitfire, making friends and living with her cutie mark among her greatest difficulties. However, after an eventful experience at school, Spitfire's mother gives her some important advice and shows the filly something amazing.

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Comments ( 23 )

awww its a cute story

Thank you for the compliment and for checking out the story. I highly appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

Ah, this is so sweet. :yay:

7120049 Yeah, it was fun writing about these characters and how they interacted with each other. And thank you for checking out the story and for commenting. I appreciate it! :pinkiesmile:

Why the writters don't portray Spitfire like this?

7120457 To be honest, I wish I had the answer to that question. I just wanted to do something with Spitfire's mother, as she has a neat design and there are virtually no stories about her. Spitfire's character in this story, however, was written as a way to show that she was somewhat different as a filly, though some of her blunter attitude stayed with her as she became older.

Anyway, thanks for checking out the story and for commenting. I appreciate it. :pinkiesmile:

I really like your idea of filly Spitfire here!

7120559 Yeah, she was a fun character to work with, especially when it came to her interactions with others. And thank you for checking out the story and for the comment. It means a lot to me. :pinkiesmile:

D'awww... Love this!

7120565 Thank you for the nice compliment. I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

It's a cute story. I really liked the direction the story went and how you portrayed the characters. Also, there can never be enough Stormy Flare. You went into narrator-mode a bit too often for my taste, but overall, it's solid. :twilightsmile:

I just have a few nit-picks...

That terrible trio—Dumbbell, Hoops, and Score—left an impact on the minds of everypony enrolled in the school.

A bit too clichéd, but whatever... Wait, isn't Spitfire a couple years older than Rainbow Dash?

Misty trying to console her or promise her friendship and protection would've been too absurd and sappy for even the foals obsessed with drama classes.

You're a guy (I... highly presume? :rainbowhuh:) so let me tell you something. Little girls never dislike the thought of friendship. Every girl has their BFF with whom they talk about all their secrets and plan thinks like being super famous or raising their own stable, once they're grown-up. And friendship books are still as popular as they were in the 90s. :raritywink: I know, you wanted to make her more tomboyish (like Rainbow Dash, who rather cringes at everything that is too girly for her), but then she would've confronted the bullies more upfront.

All in all, keep up the good work.

7120578 I definitely see what you mean when it comes to these points, especially in regards to some of the more cliche aspects. Still, I'm glad you found some parts of it worthwhile and I'll try to make any future projects of mine much better. Thank you for the constructive criticism and for reading the story. I appreciate it! :pinkiesmile:

You're welcome. :yay:

Oh man,there really need to be more stories like this,Stormy really needs more love:heart: I would write a story about her,but not everyone has the talent of writing :twilightblush:


I LOVED the story,and I would like to see more stories like that from you:heart: (not that I don't love the stories you are currently working on:twilightsmile:)

7122107 Yeah, Stormy Flare could use more stories about her. And thank you for checking out the story. I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

This was such a sweet and endering story.:rainbowkiss: Well down.

7124428 I highly appreciate the compliment and thank you for looking at the story. :twilightsmile:

7124430 I am really glad I did.

Love it. Didn't get to read your other story sorry but this was awesome.

7125674 Glad to hear you enjoyed it. And thank you for checking out the story. :twilightsmile:

I like it! I'd definitely want to hear about that next day with Misty, if you ever get around to writing it, though I know this was meant to be a one-shot. Good job, though. :pinkiesmile:

7127011 Yeah, I may do something with that part in the future if something comes to mind, though it'd depend on whether I can think of a suitable idea. Still, it was fun working on this story and the different characters. Thank you for checking out the story and for the comment! I highly appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

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