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The Dreamscape. A realm of pure, untainted magic, where your limitations are only bound by your own imagination. Luna guards this realm with her life, but when even her magic isn't enough to stop a malevolent force from infecting it and entering into the mind of a friend, she turns to Twilight for help.

They must enter Fluttershy's broken and tainted mind to stop the corruption before they lose her forever.

Editing done by Doccular42

Takes place between season 3 and season 4.

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I write stories about the Dreamscape too!



Sweet! It's fun to write about :twilightsmile:

released a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding



A decent first chapter, with some very nice description of the dreamscape's unique topography.



I...honestly don't see what's wrong with that sentence, sorry. >_>

but thanks!

8046815 It's a cliche, is all. A usually physically impossible cliche at that.



Oh. I wasn't even aware of that, perhaps I'll edit it out when I update the story.

8047173 It's nothing, really. More of a personal pet peeve than anything the average reader is going to complain about.

the guest on the other side pushed the door open themselves.

Random extra space between open and themselves.

she spoke with the royal canterlot voice.

Royal Canterlot Voice.



Thanks! will fix asap

Man, thems' here demons I tell ya hwat.

_____I was going to say I found an error, but then I forgot about where it was, but then I remembered what it was and I found it again. In chapter two.
_____“Perfect! Row 2 alphabetized A-Z!” Spike hurriedly checked off the long list in his claws as twilight happily bounced in place. “Only twenty more rows to go!”
_____You're a smart enough man to know what I'm talking about, my boy.

Getting shades of Dead Space with these critters in here.

Interesting that Luna hinted at a gradual infection, with some parts of her mind still clean.


the faceless pones are meant to reflect the natural fear fluttershy has of ponies she doesn't know. Which is why color and shape is there but no face, no personality. Social anxiety is a hell of a thing, yo.

Demon just takes that and amplifies it to the extreme, 'they will all hurt you'.

Found a typo in chapter 3, once I get to my computer and it has reliable interweb I’ll let you know.

_____Finally. Internet has returned.

_____As Twilight’s library came into view, her pace only quickened.She didn’t bother to stop, instead she pushed the door open with her head and slid to a stop inside. “Ah’m sorry, I came as quick as I could!” Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, Rarity, and Spike all turned their heads as she entered. Fluttershy laid motionless on the floor in the center of the room.
_____Applejack gasped and rushed up to her friends. “What’s goin’ on? The only word I have to go on is what Pinkie told me, which was “Fluttershy, danger, Twilight’s now!”” Applejack repeated in a poor imitation of Pinkie’s voice.
_____“Heh, about that..” Spike replied. “I told Pinkie that Fluttershy was in danger, and to get everypony to meet up back in Twilight’s library.”

_____I bolded them for you.

I shall give this a read.

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