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This story is a sequel to Golden Grace, Headless Headaches

Okay, SO, after stopping Omega and saving Equestria from whatever he had planned, along with Measured from certain death, I kinda, sorta, maybe used up a bit too much of my power.
There's no 'maybe' about it, you did.
And Measured, Twilight, and I are going to do some tests to see how bad it is.
Once you stop flinching at the very mention of Twilight's name.
First things first, though. Someone get me away from Cel, she's gone bananas!

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Comment posted by Death2205 deleted Apr 29th, 2014

Oh god. The crusaders.:twilightoops:

Then again, I think this story is much more open to side-chapters… THE WHEELS OF FANDOM ARE TURNING.:pinkiehappy:

Hey at least you still have all the fully functional equipment needed to be a stallion.

I'd wish him the best of luck except that his suffering amuses me.


And the Crusader tag is there for a reason.

One that will leave Auric a shambles of his former self.

..If Twilight doesn't turn him into a vegetable.

I never did finish that Fluffy chapter, got so many evil ideas last story but never found a good spot to put him in... And now I suddenly have a story with a Crusader tag. This can only end well... :pinkiecrazy:

4309883 I know this meme but not the words sry

4309889 :fluttercry:
It saddens me that you don't know the words

i hope he doesnt stay a pony for too long long enough to have some laughs at his expense but i like him more as a human

Good show! So, Auric is indeed going to get his powers back over time, that's good!

If I read right, Measured is going to obtain immortality through the powers of the golden sun, so he's stuck with her now. Hehe..

The golden sun shall rise again!

And the Crusader tag is there for a reason.
One that will leave Auric a shambles of his former self.

I almost feel bad about him...

first off, :yay:we now have MORE:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
now for the rest

4309478 not to mention the rest of us:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
4309714 poor Fluffy:twilightoops: CUTIE MARK MANTICOR STYLISTS YAY:pinkiesick:

I was almost afraid that we on THIS side of the 4th wall would have to worry about Pinkie and tia's little encounter:twilightoops: NEVER cross the Pinkie

Since you don't have any adventure in mind, you could just have various people from other worlds invading this one. Just a suggestion.:ajsmug:

Pinkie... already here... OH GOG! PINKIE PIE IS LORD ENGLISH!:pinkiegasp:

Only Lord of... I dunno... cartoons?:pinkiesmile:

Yup, I have no adventure in mind for this part.
Just general 'human getting used to his pony body for as long as he has it' fluff.

You would be surprised how well that can work especially with a comedy tag. I at least prefer slice-of-life and shenanigans over some grand adventure any time so this is just welcome news to me.

Plus the crusaders are going to make the shenanigans a bit better.:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

EDIT: Just read, and I am so glad you're continuing this. I expect he'll poof himself back into a human as soon as he can alchemy again.

Also, if he's lost all his tokens, does that mean that there's no chance of future crossovers with this story any more? And didn't Dullahan have copies of all the tokens, or did I imagine that?

As as I heard slice of life a sick, twisted smile made a way to my face. Simple shenanigans, no adventure stories, are usually hilarious...by the way where's the comedy tag...? Unless you've ditched comedy:pinkiegasp:.

That being said I can't wait find out what rile the crusaders will play..

May the cold chills of the BitFrost never find thee.."~Chilly Nights, Bringer of ta lulz.

Hehe I got that catchphrase inspired by all those weird farewells the league of villainous humans do... especially yours...how does that make you feel? :trollestia:


There was a time...I hear of it in rumours and legends ever since I "joined the herd".

Awesome sequel. BTW, will Measure use the anthro spell in the story?

Eh... you mentioned bananas.

It'll cut it for now.

Wow, um... the description was... wow. I know this is a sequel, but I got next to nothing about what this story is about whatsoever. Like, seriously, dude, if you want to draw in readers, at least explain what the story is about! Even if it's a sequel, explain what it's a sequel to and what the story is actually about! I don't know who the main character is, the only other characters I know of that are in this story are Twilight and Celestia... who has apparently gone bananas. A good reason for this in the description would be useful, don'tcha think?

Overall, the description was just so off-putting and I'm still so lost as to make sense of it, I won't read the story. If the description changes and makes an attempt at drawing new readers in, I'll give it a shot.

You are on fire. Three ost popular and featured in a row
You have the best story's :twilightblush:

You are on fire. Three ost popular and featured in a row
You have the best story's :twilightblush:

"I'll get you one day, just wait."


Someone get me away from Cel, she's gone bananas!

Oh molestia, you psychopath you! :trollestia:

I haven't slept since Sunday at 2 pm, and I don't care.
Oh, and you made my day!

4309620 Twilight will end up turning everyone into a vegetable.

4313212 Except for Maud and Luna.

Maud is turned into a rock.

Luna just hides in the Dreamrealm

I once slept through a damn hurricane. Twilight was nothing compared to that.

All of my giggles.

Also, holy shit it's late! I'm giggling!

Aw, and I thought today would be a biology lesson and sex education.

4313686 All of your giggles and my raucous laughter.

He touched Twilight with the power of knowledge.....I feel sorry for that house.

Oh dear lord, she's gonna tie him up in her basement and use him as her personal muse. :rainbowderp::twilightoops:

Anatomy class will have to wait, though I'm sure Twilight got more than enough data to make up a full course.

4313778 If he thought Celestia was bad with the silver linings joke....I pity the poor fool with a twilight sparkle looking for inspiration every chance she can get.

Twilight growled a bit at that. "Partially. But this is also revenge for constantly winding me up. And a down payment on everything you're going to do."

"Now what makes you think-"

"You're you. Case closed."

OUCH but very true:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I turned to face where the Lavender Terror had gone. "I believe I have made a grave, grave error."

ya THINK???!:facehoof:

loved the update:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh: waiting for more

He'll have to use all his tricks and friends to escape her

Immortal turned pony + Angry Twilight Sparkle = Havoc. Better hope you can find a nice secluded island to spend the rest of eternity on later, because you're kinda screwed otherwise- she'll find a way to get in there eventually.

You know the term, all good things must come to an end? I believe you crossed that line when you turned Dullahan to Auric to a pony.

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