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Not a serious writer, and occasionally I create or forget about loose ends entire. That being said, I never stop trying to improve.


So I was relaxing in my room, replaying my oldest, yet still loved trilogy adventure: Baldur's Gate.
I'd passed the first book and was working on the second, and had just changed my Thief main character into an Assassin and input all the changes on the character screen, when, well, it happened.
Nobody told me my laptop was an interdimensional portal, and I suspect that normally, it wasn't. I also suspect that normally, it would have no power to change me into my main character either.
Who I was before is unimportant now. Who I am now is Marketh Shadeblade.
And I will do what I have to in order to survive, or more importantly, carve out a little niche for myself here in pastel pony land.
There might be one or two small problems with that, but it's nothing I won't be able to handle. Right?

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Woop woop another one!

...and hell if it doesn't seem interesting. Some guy gets turned into a D&D character? Gotta see this.

I almost want to see him roll a die at some point during this now to do something he shouldn't. Bonus points or a nat 20 insane thing or a nat 1 that makes him do something insane. Either way, into the rabbit hole!

This can only end well. Great to see another story up Thad! I look forward to reading it. Have to ask since I didn't really figure it out while reading, but did Marketh humanoid [assuming he was to begin with] or no?

Yet another story with a familiar Idea. I believe this one may update on a regular basis.(most other BG crossovers don't)

Er, maybe we could see some of his earlier escapades, including when he first came to Equestria?

Really great seeing another story from you Thad, and a very interesting one at that.

Was hopeing for 'The Betrayed' to be continued but, this will do for now. :ajsleepy:

WOOHOO! Thadius' back in the game! :yay:

welcome back, and will read later.

Welcome back! I'm glad you're still writing.

Good story; can't wait for the next chapter.


I am new here, was wondering if you would check out my writing, 'n follow me? THE BOURNE IDENTAPONY...tell me what you think.


Oooh, another update! Yay~

Nice backstory.

Love the story, but I want to know if you're going to do crossovers in this story?

4567582 I am uncertain by this... I dont know if its cute or cuddle... OH MY STARS< ITS BOTH! *hugs* :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm.. Lets see where this takes us hm?

Maybe I should play through my enhanced edition of BG first though..

Baulder's Gate

Do you like Planetscape: Tournament?

interesting.....don't know much of the game your using as a base but your explanations so far are making that a non-issue :pinkiehappy:

you had my interest before, but now you have my undivided attention! :pinkiehappy:

:yay: UPDATE!!:pinkiehappy: Just tell Twilight you're there for knowledge but tia has made it hard in the past to learn. Granted she'll look into it but she'll help as much as she can.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

keeps getting better & better, atleast in my humble opinion. :twilightsmile:

and thus someone found a can opener for the can of whoopass he kept with him at all times:twilightsmile:

which Baulders gate? 1 or 2? cuz I don't remember a Thief in either.

4575763 wait, theres a THIRD!? *Screams in delight*

Mmmmm, This Update is yummy, I must have seconds...:moustache:

"A Bhaalspawn attempting to walk the path of the righteous. It would be easier for fire to not consume wood.

'Twould be rather funny if he were a Paladin, and not a Thief/Assassin.

and Equestria shall be brought to the edge of oblivion due to Shining and the sister's meddling:facehoof: figures

You probably could have linked an image of Molag Bal and we'd have never known the difference.

The Guard didn't coddle monsters. It dealt with them.

Ooh Shiny, you have no idea what you are dealing with.

And once again Shiny proves that the only reason that he got his position in the guards is
1) Twilight's brother

pure and simple, yes he can make a good magic shield but when confronting something even the sisters can't deal with outright the ONLY thing that the shield's going to do is make sure you see what's about to KILL you:facehoof: ESPECIALLY if it's also strong enoug to deal Pinkie's "other half"

Yay, Pinkie has been exorcised!!!!! May "Cupcakes" and "Smiles" never take place in this universe!!!!!!!!:twilightsmile:

I'm thinking of buying Baldur's gate 1 & 2 because the summer sales are on, and I'd like to ask: are they worth it?

I am REALLY looking forward to the "grandmaster" punting Shining Armor like a small kitten.

4589456 That mental image is priceless. Thank you for it.

4589948 4589456 Should be a puppy IMO:fluttershysad:... or a 'dog' shorter than 12"; Damn yappy ankle biters:twilightangry2:
"If I can punt it from my deck over my back fence, it's not a dog.":trollestia:

See if you can figure out the scene with mainly audio....
"Yir-rir-rir-rir-rir-rir-rir-!*Punt!*Yii~! *distant metallic Ping, thunk*Beep, beep, beep,mrrreeeeEEEEP! mrrreeeeEEEP!
*Throws hands up in a Score! sign* "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLL!":moustache:

The guard are looking for an individual attempting to be inconspicuous.
I think being the center of the mane six's attention will make him less of a suspect.

Shining you idiot!!!!!:ajbemused:
Prepared to get your ass handed to you!!!:pinkiecrazy:
Also add in a line where Marketh is about to call Twilight a hermaphodite!!!

Something bad is about to happen... And I have a feeling Pinkie's either going to try to stop it, or eat popcorn and watch everything go down.

Gods damnit, you keep dragging out! Shining Armor, punting, next chapter! >:(

ah, the age old "act like an idiot" technique :ajsleepy: tis an ancient and powerful ability:ajsleepy:

Is Shiny's ass about to be handed to him? YES! Yes it is and probably by Twily and then given over to our favorite Grandmaster to hold while she sends a letter off to tia about how she let her brother walk around half cocked with his head up his plot.:scootangel: IF he's lucky

4595157 Almost as ancient as the "Jumping to extreme conclusions" technique.

Upon seeing the creature Shining was struck so dumb it permanently reduced his intelligence and wisdom scores.

4596156 Agreed. The ass-handing must be covered by the junior member of the Sparkle household.

4596156 With Marketh squeezing Shining like a squeak toy, much squeezing! *Squeak! (Gasp) Squeak! (Gasp) Squeak-eak*
Marketh- This is surprisingly therapeutic!*Squeak*:yay::facehoof::moustache:

I say he is well off and I can't wait for more.
On a side note about the game... any notice how much harder the final battle is with a full group compaired to a single character? Oddly I was too wimpy with a full party to win (all good gear of course) but one wizard played solo from the beginning wooped the last battle really fast.

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