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Not a serious writer, and occasionally I create or forget about loose ends entire. That being said, I never stop trying to improve.


Imitation can only go so far before you spot the outright theft. · 2:35am Sep 7th, 2018

So I was reading a story to kill time, just enjoying myself.

Then I notice that this author was writing about runes. Cool, I thought. Someone else likes the idea.

Then I noticed the words seemed mighty familiar about how he was explaining them.

The idea of aspects? Hmmm.

Oh wait, long lost family returning to canterlot to see the princesses. Hmmmm.

Oh wait, the same fucking lines used to introduce them to the characters and story as a whole?

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So I'm thinking of making a decision soon... · 3:23am May 11th, 2018

And it revolves around Foster Father.

I'm getting demotivated about writing it because I get nothing but negative comments about it. And I can understand that.

Aus wants to scrap the whole thing and rewrite it, and I really can't fault him for that either.

I'm going to give it two weeks to introduce the one character I really wanted to before I decide either way.

In the meantime, I'm spinning another story idea with him. One that I really think might take off.

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Happy birthday to me · 9:12pm Apr 19th, 2018

Woohoo, I suppose. The new story's a year old today. We still haven't finished writing it yet.

...It's a long project, okay? Plus there are times when we feel like writing other things.

As well, there are times I'm distracted, or Aus is working, or I'm writing with someone else.

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So I hear your complaints. · 4:57am Jan 24th, 2018

Aspect is too overpowered, you say.

Aspect is getting all the mares, you say.

Well. I built Aspect to be overpowered. Simply so that I could depower him in glorious fashion. Or perhaps create a rival or two for him to fight that are just as equally overpowered.

And as of this moment, Aus and I have only written up to the start of season three. And even then, we haven't decided who we're going to ship Twilight with.

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Happy birthday to me... · 6:40pm Apr 12th, 2017

Well, nearly anyway. And as a present to you all, I'ma give you a status update on my stories.

Angry Bird was meant to be a writing exercise to see if I could keep to one chapter a week. I failed at that. I might pick it up again if I become interested in that 'verse ever again. Maybe.

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Aus and I are working together. · 10:40pm Feb 11th, 2016

Have been for some time. We work well together, acting as each other's sounding board. I come up with a story idea and a character, and he helps with the world-building. Or I introduce a new twist for his story with all the caffeine coursing through my veins, to help his story keep turning interestingly.

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Considering a Patreon · 8:37pm Jan 8th, 2016

It was pointed out to me by someone that since Aus and I have spent so long writing this massive story, and others enjoy it, I should view it as a product and perhaps ask for monetary compensation for my time spent writing this.

It was not my first thought once the story was completed. But over a few weeks the idea has grown on me. So I ask you all.

Were I to set up a Patreon for this story and promise to split any and all proceeds with Aus, how many of you would donate?

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Happy new year~ · 5:03am Jan 1st, 2016

As I write this, it's still a few hours away from the new year for me, but eh, it's close enough.

So I figured I'd share the one resolution I made with you guys for the new year.

I'm going to try and finish all my stories during 2016.

I've already finished writing some of them, like Shifting Melodies. It's the releasing of the story that'll take time.

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Somebody take my muse, please. · 10:04pm Oct 27th, 2015

I can't be trusted with it. It keeps dropping ideas for stories into my dreams, and hitting me with a two-by-four to motivate me to write about these ideas.

I have four stories I'm currently updating. Though you could just count the Lost Stanzas as an offshoot of Shifting Melodies.

One of them I update twice a week, just because I like writing it.

And yet, I keep getting ideas for cool stories that I feel like I should be writing.

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Update on the status of the Thad · 4:05pm Sep 18th, 2015

Hey, it's been a while since I've done one of these things, hasn't it? Probably should make a better habit of it.

So, anywho...I'm doin' pretty well, all things considered. Replaced my lappy that had been through a lot of abuse with a desktop computer. Really, the only thing that matters to me is that it has a keyboard. My word-per-minute count is up again~

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