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Halo:Resurrection - Me101Puck

The Hall of Heroes discovers Equestria

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Chapter 8

"I thought you said that your people would wait in your ship until we reached an agreement." Shining Armor said. "If they're coming now, that's a violation of our agreement."

"I never said anything of the sort." Christian responded, looking for the ship in the early morning sky.

"How do I know this isn't an invasion?!" Shining Armor yelled at the human.

"It's not." Christian said flatly as he scanned the sky. He never found any trace of the Hall of Heroes.

"What, and your word is supposed to be enough for me to believe you?!" Shining Armor yelled at Christian. A number of marines were gathered around the escalating situation.

"It should be if you know what's good for you." Christian said to the unicorn.

"That's it. I have to arrest you until we know what's going on." Shining Armor said calmly.

"Are you being for real right now?" Christian asked, a smirk hidden behind his visor.

"This is how real I'm being right now." Shining Armor said. He then pulled out his sword and stretched to put it up to Christian's neck.

"That's all I needed to know." Christian said. He then grabbed the sword with his left hand, and twisted the thin steel blade until it broke. With his right hand, he grabbed his sidearm and aimed it at the unicorn's head.

"No!" Christian's hand was pushed from it's aimed position just before he pulled the trigger, causing him to miss Shining Armor's head by mere inches. Christian turned to look at the person who had interrupted him. It was Dakre, who was wearing a panicked expression on his face, which was currently exposed. Christian immediately bashed him on the bridge of his nose with the handgun, knocking him over and breaking his nose.

"Watch your step, lieutenant." Christian said before pointing the gun back at Shining Armor. Before he could pull the trigger, the unicorn blasted the handgun out of the spartan's grip. Christian shook his hand a little, then looked at the pony before him. He was in a defensive stance, horn glowing. Christian lunged forward, reaching his left arm toward the unicorn's neck. Shining Armor launched a beam of magic at the human, who dipped his right shoulder, narrowly dodging the beam. He gripped the pony around the neck, lifted him up, then grasped his horn with his other hand. Christian held him up for a few moments, before throwing him over the marines and in front of his men. He was cut up and bleeding from a gash on his forehead where he hit the ground.

"How did that feel!?" Christian shouted at the captain, who lay on the grass, panting and bleeding heavily. He lay just ahead of the royal guards, who had woken from their slumber when they heard the altercation. Some of them had weapons, but most were standing without weapon or armor. A few made advances toward their leader, being cautious not to startle the marines.
"Back off!" Christian yelled the guards, noticing the minute advances they were making.

"Protect the captain!" One of them yelled. He and a few fellow guards ran out and surrounded Shining Armor. They all formed a circle with spears, and the few in front with their armor on.

"I warned you!" Christian yelled at them. "Blast em'." He said to the marines, who were ready to defend themselves at a moments notice.

"No. Don't shoot!" Dakre yelled frantically. He walked up to christian, blood trickling from his broken nose.
"Look here spartan, we don't need to start a war with these people. We need to make peace so we might have somewhere to live."

"Look, lieutenant. They started the battle. If we have to fight to gain the land, we will. I'm not going to make peace with a nation whose military leader is a fool." Christian said. "Fire!" he yelled at the marines. One looked to another, shrugged, and started shooting. he was soon joined by his comrades. They swiftly cut down the ponies in the front of the group, as the rest dove for cover.

"Stop! What are you doing?!" Dakre yelled over the gunfire.

"My job." Christian replied. The royal guards were beginning to regroup, and a few had gotten their hooves on the weapons. They were handing them out to the others, while the rest tried frantically to get their armor strapped on.

A few guards wielding spears had made their way to within throwing distance of the marines, but were taking cover behind a rock while bullets chipped away at their sturdy cover. One of them crawled to the left side of the rock, and sprung up and launched his spear at the humans. He was almost immediately hit in the shoulder with a bullet from one of the marine's rifles. He immediately dropped to the ground, clutching his shoulder with his good hoof. The spear, however, continued to sail through the air. It traveled toward the marine lines, and struck one of them in the neck, causing a jet of blood to spray from his severed jugular. His body lay draped across the cover he was behind, coating it in a layer of blood.

A few marines had fallen back, due to lack of ammunition. The humans were fighting valiantly, all except Dakre, who refused to enter the engagement. The marines and ODSTs were only equipped with enough ammo to last in a quick firefight, not a battle against a foe with superior numbers.

The Humans were slowly being beaten back by the ponies, although several of the royal guards had been badly wounded by the human's gunfire. The remaining humans were pushed up against the pelican wreck, fighting for their lives against the greater numbers of royal guards. The battle had been raging for about thirty minutes, and the humans were almost out of ammunition. Just as the last of the last of the bullets were fired, many of the humans surrendered to the ponies. Only a few chose to continue fighting, those few being Jan, Jackie and Christian. They were all fighting with their knives, and they were being overrun quickly.

Just as it seemed that the three were finished, a growling sound came from within the rows of trees surrounding the battleground. A few moments later, the battlefield was coated in a bright whit light, and a large black object burst through the treeline and screeched to a stop in the middle of the clearing, leaving a long dirt trail behind it.

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