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Halo:Resurrection - Me101Puck

The Hall of Heroes discovers Equestria

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Chapter 2

"That's one way to make an entrance." Jan said as he got out of the pelican wreck. The pilot groaned in agony as the tree under him dropped when Jan stepped on it, causing him to fall on his side. He coughed up a small amount of blood, which stained the small patches of grass a crimson color.

"Jan, search the wreck for the medical kit. This guy needs it bad." Dakre said as he sat the pilot up against the tree again. A pile of debris shook as Jackie crawled out from the pelican.

"Uh. I hate flying." Jackie said as she stood up to stretch her back out. Several cracks came from her back as she twisted left and right. "What happened to him?" Jackie asked. She crouched down down beside the pilot and began examining his injury.

"Ummm, well it's pretty much what it looks like. The pelican stopped when it hit a tree, and one of the branches hit him right in between the armor plates." Dakre explained.

"Well, he's in bad shape. It looks like he punctured his left lung, and he's bleeding badly from the fist sized hole in his chest."

"I can only imagine how much it will bleed when we have to take that branch out." Dakre said.

"Well, unless we can get him out of here pretty quickly, he'll be at risk of bleeding out. When we pull it out, we'll have to work fast." Jackie concluded. Jan was crawling out of the wreck behind them. He grunted as he tried to squeeze through the compressed frame of the crashed pelican.

"I've got the kit, but the emergency food is toast." Jan said as he came out of the wreck, a small white box in hand.

"Toss me the bio foam." Dakre said. Jan tossed him a bottle of the bio foam. It was about the size of a soda can. It was sufficient for the pilot's injury, but it would only be a single use. If the foam wore off before evacuation, the pilot would certainly die.

"Alright, this is going to hurt buddy, just bear with me." He said to the pilot, grasping the branch impaled in his shoulder firmly. He placed one hand lightly over the right sine of his chest, and gave the branch a firm yank. The branch came out with ease. As soon as the branch was removed from the pilot's chest, a bright red stream of blood spurted onto Dakre's armor and visor.

"AHHHHHH!!!" the pilot screamed out in pain.


"What was that?" Twilight asked as the group of three ponies stopped to listen to the scream that, although faint, was audible to all three. It echoed through the orchard for a couple of seconds, before fading into the night.

"Sounds like somepony's in a heap o' trouble!" Applejack said.

"Eeyup." Big Macintosh said, agreeing with his sister. The group began to run toward the source of the cry, hoping they wouldn't find anything too gruesome to handle.

Dakre wiped his visor, smearing the blood over his visor, obscuring his vision more than it was before. he opted to taking the helmet off and tossing it aside. He opened the can of foam and began applying it to the pilot's wound, while Jackie waited with bandages to wrap the wound. Jan was supporting the pilot's unconscious body, since the pilot had passed out from the intense pain of the sudden removal of the branch. They successfully stopped the bleeding, and wrapped the wound on the pilot's chest, but only after using most of the medical supplies available
"Lieutenant, if there are trees here, doesn't that mean this planet can support life?" Jackie asked as the officer hoisted the pilot onto his shoulders.

"Well, we're still alive aren't we?" the lieutenant asked sarcastically.

"Umm, yeah." she replied.

"Well, there's your answer." Dakre said.

"Then shouldn't we blow the pelican in case any intelligent life forms happen to come across it?" she asked.

"That would make sense. Go ahead and destroy the pelican. Then follow us to a suitable extraction point."

"Yes sir." she said, then she went back into the pelican. Dakre and Jan turned around and began to walk off into the trees.
About five minutes later, Jackie joined them as they walked westward.

"Sir, the charges have been set. Should I blow it now?" she asked.

"Wait about five more minutes, we want to be as far away as possible." Dakre said.
As they were walking, Jan noticed something out of the ordinary.

"Hey, do you guys see that the trees are in neat rows, like on a farm?" he asked.

"Now that you mention it, yeah I do see it." Jakie said. "You think it is a farm?" she asked.

"I'm sure we'll find out soon." he said.

Spike read over the note once, before dropping it and hurriedly looking for a quill and a piece of paper. He eventually found some and began writing a letter to princess Celestia. After writing it, he sent it in a cloud of green smoke.

The group of soldiers stopped after walking for ten minutes through the rows of trees, which by now were looking very similar to a farm. They stopped under a large tree to rest for a moment. Dakre set the pilot down against the tree trunk and then sat down himself. All of the ODSTs took their helmets off to cool off for a second since it was warm outside. Dakre took a moment to inspect the damage done to his helmet, which was far more extensive than the crack in the visor. There was a dent about the size of a golf ball in the back, and the visor was compressed about half an inch, which is what caused the cracking. After examining his helmet, he set it down next to him and leaned back against the tree.

"Sir, should we destroy the wreck now?" Jackie asked as she leaned back against the tree as well. Dakre nodded in response. Jackie took the detonator off of her belt and pressed the trigger.

The three ponies approached the outer edge of the crash site with caution, observing the broken branches on top of the trees. About fifty feet later, there was absolute carnage. There were trees that were split in half, some that were missing chunks of their trunks, and some that seemed to explode under the force of the crash.

This was simply amazing to them, but what they saw next really caught their attention. It was a large, green metal machine. It was unlike anything in Equestria. It was also missing part of its left side, or what Twilight thought was the left side.

They had about five seconds to absorb the sight before it was washed away in a large fireball that engulfed the trees around the machine. A deafening BOOM came As the fireball did, stunning the three ponies. All three were blown back by the force of the explosion, amongst flying bits of steel and wood. Big Macintosh was thrown violently against a tree, and was knocked out instantly. Applejack was trowel back between the trees, and came to a sliding stop about twenty feet from where she was previously standing. She had three pieces of wood imbedded in her right foreleg, which was exposed when she covered her eyes from the fireball. Twilight got it worst of all, though. She was thrown into a tree ten feet back, then her abdomen was pelted with five small bits of metal. All three were unconscious, and Twilight was bleeding badly.

Princess Celestia was roused from her sleep when a letter from Twilight was delivered in the early hours of the morning. She picked up the scroll in her magic and read it:

Dear Princess Celestia,
An object from space just crash landed in the trees at Sweet Apple Acres! Twilight went to go see if the Apples are okay, but she wants you to see the object that fell. Please come as soon as you have time.

The princess got out of bed and walked to the balcony outside her room. She looked in the direction of Ponyville, more in particular Sweet Apple Acres. The farm was faintly visible in the night. As she observed the farm, an orange light erupted from the back of the farm. A find boom was heard a few seconds later. Celestia's eyes widened in fear, thinking what could have happened to Twilight or any of the Apples if they were near it. She immediately teleported in a blinding flash of white light.

Jackie took her finger off of the trigger as soon as she heard the explosion go off. She clipped the detonator back onto her belt and stood back up.

"Alright, you guys ready to go? I'm ready to get out of here." she said as she placed her helmet back on her head.

"Yeah, let's go." Dakre said as he did the same. "Alright pal, let's go." he said as he picked the wounded pilot back up and placed him on his shoulders.

"Guys, this is definitely a farm. Look." Jan said as he pointe up into a tree. There was a shining red apple amongst its leaves. A glance at the other trees confirmed it, these were all apple trees, and they were on an apple farm.

"Well, this planet supports life, and there's already somebody living here." said as he stared in disbelief at the fruit in the tree.

"I just hope they're friendly" Jan added as he began walking. He had his rifle in his hands, ready for any surprises along the road.

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