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Halo:Resurrection - Me101Puck

The Hall of Heroes discovers Equestria

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Chapter 4

Dakre and Jackie went through the cabin of the downed pelican and searched for anything useful to make cover out of. After the blast that had downed the second pelican, the UNSC soldiers assumed that they were going to get hit on the ground as well. The ODSTs began breaking off parts of the armor plates on the interior of the aircraft, while the marines tore off the steel sides of the pelican. The steel sheets were shoved into the dirt, creating four foot tall barriers. As the soldiers finished making a defensive perimeter, they activated another distress beacon, since the radios were disabled in each crash.

Shining Armor was abruptly thrown off of the insane lieutenant by a blast of magic that hit him in the chest plate. He landed, and let out a pained grunt, and coughed a few times to expell the dust from his lungs.

The lieutenant hopped to his feet after blasting his captain with his magic, and looked arounded at the shocked expressions of his comrades. They all shared expressions of shock or anger. He dashed off into the trees in the direction of the object he destroyed with his magic. He was determined to prove that whatever that thing was, it was evil.

The marines were all watching and waiting for something to peek out of the trees. They were all ordered to command any contacts to stand down, and if they did not comply within ten seconds, disable them. The ODSTs were inside attempting to establish radio communication with the Hall, and Jackie was trying frantically to keep the first pelican pilot alive.

"Shit! We're running out of foam! I don't know if he'll last much longer!" Jackie yelled to the others in the cockpit.

"Don't we have bandages or something!?" Jan yelled back.

"Not that can help a wound this size!" she yelled. She sprayed the last of the bio foam into the pilot's wound. It had stopped bleeding, however, the foam would probably wear off in the next hour, which is about the amount of time it would take to ready up a new pelican.

In the cockpit, the pilot of the second pelican and Dakre were trying to repair a radio they could contact the Hall with. They were making progress, using pieces of the transmitter on Jan's helmet. After about five minutes, they got a faint signal, that got stronger until it got to a moderate power.

"This is Apollo one to UNSC Hall of Heroes do you copy?" Dakre said into the microphone.

"This is UNSC Hall of Heroes, go ahead Apollo." the captain said.

"We need immediate support on the surface. We lost a second pelican, and we have one critically wounded. We have no medical supplies, and suspected hostiles lurking in the woods of the surrounding area." Dakre said.

"There is a town about five klicks from our current position, so if they are hostile, we'll have an entire population on top of us within the hour." the pilot added.

"Confirm. there are sentient beings on the planet? Over." The captain asked.

"Yes, we suspect that sentient beings live here. They have weapons capable of destroying most UNSC equipment. Request support package Alpha Zulu Three." Dakre said.

"Confirmed support package Alpha Zulu Three. 138 is inbound." the captain said, then the transmission cut out.

"Alright, Christain is coming in. He will help us hold this position until help gets here." Dakre said.

"Do you think they will get first contact teams down here?" the pilot asked.

"If they do, and we get in a fight, they will have a shitload of work to do." he replied, chuckling. Then, a crash sounded outside, followed by a slow hiss. The ODST lieutenant stepped out of the pelican, and was met by the imposing stature of the SPARTAN III, clad in a full suit of EVA armor. He held up a medical kit to the ODST, who took it gratefully. He saluted the SPARTAN.

"Thank you sir. We needed that." he said. The soldier nodded and turned around to inspect the surrounding area. He had a MA7 and a DMR on his back, and a magnum on his outer left thigh. He walked around the barriers, occasionally hitting one deeper in the dirt to secure it.

"Jesus, I hope we can avoid using him. I'd feel bad for unleashing him on the poor bastards." Jan said.

"I agree. I hope we don't have to make anything harder on the diplomats." Dakre said, as he went in the pelican to give the medical supplies to Jackie.

Twilight woke slowly. She opened her eyes ever so slightly, just so she could see the light in the room. As she began to open her eyes wider, the light began to overwhelm her mind. Her head was immediately assaulted by an intense migraine that threatened to knock her out again. She whimpered as she curled up with her hooves cradling her head. The sudden movement caused an intense pain to radiate from multiple points in her midsection.

The doctors noticed her movement and distress and rushed to her bed. They began to cast painkilling spells, and moving her back on her back. She was numb after the spell process ended, and just looked blankly at the sterile white ceiling. She
began to drift off to sleep, but was distracted by the door opening. She saw the doctors walking in the room.

"Ugh... Where am I?" She asked.

"You are in the hospital wing of the royal palace." the head doctor told her. "You just got out of your first operation to remove shrapnel you received in an explosion of an unknown object."

"Oh." she said. Her brain was still groggy from the painkiller spell, so she couldn't think of any other questions to ask.

"We are preparing to start the second operation, so we will put you under momentarily, ok?" he asked. She nodded weakly in response. They replaced the mask on her face, and she passed out almost instantly.

The lieutenant kept running toward the crashed object, hoping to prove his point. He saw another object fall from the sky,,only this one was much smaller. He ran to a clearing in the trees, where he saw the object lying in the dirt. He picked up the pace into the clearing.

"STOP NOW!!!" a voice commanded from his left. He stopped in his tracks and looked to the source of the voice. It was a massive creature of white with gold stripes on the sides and around the wrists. It was on its two hind legs, and was pointing at it with an odd silver object.

The lieutenant acted immediately, charging up a beam spell to vaporize the figure.

"STOP NOW!!!" Christian yelled out to the running figure. It appeared to be an equine figure, clad in armor. It also had a horn on it's head.

"What in god's name is that?" a marine muttered.

The horn on the equine's head began to glow, and a large beam exploded from it, narrowly missing the SPARTAN, and
destroying a chunk of steel a marine was hiding behind.

Three shots were immediately fired, two to the chest of the being, and one to the head. The figure dropped dead immediately. Then, more of them appeared at the edge of the clearing. The marines and ponies looked at each other in disbelief. Each of them thinking the other was a myth, although in the case of the humans it was just unicorns and pegasi as myths, not earth ponies.

"DROP YOUR WEAPONS NOW!!!" Christian yelled out to the Royal guards, who were carrying spears. They dropped them, witnessing what happened to the lieutenant who opposed the massive SPARTAN.

"Mike, get out here." he said, his gun never leaving the ponies direction.

"Yeah?" Dakre asked. He looked at the ponies, and was slightly shocked. "What are those?"

"I don't know, but we need to figure out whether or not they are hostile. One fired on me and I killed it, the rest complied to my command and dropped their weapons." he said. "Should we talk to their leader?"

"Why are you asking me? You're in charge here." Dakre said.

Shining Armor stepped in front of the crowd of soldiers. He looked at the dead body of the lieutenant with regret. He then looked at the soldiers. They were all looking at them, pointing strange objects at them. Two of the humans walked forward toward the ponies. One of them was large, about the size of Celestia, minus her horn. The other was massive. He was at least two hooves (2 hooves=1 foot) taller than Celestia, and was extremely thick. They stopped about ten hooves from Shining Armor. Both had glass faces, and metal bodies, unlike the humans behind them.

"Do you understand me?" the smaller one asked.

"Yes, I do." Shining Armor replied

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