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Ranma Saotome ends up in Equestria. Will the harmony of Equestria tame him and have him singing songs with the ponies or will he turn Equestria into new grounds for his brand of chaos?

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Hmmm..Color me interested....

Fuck the hell yes

This is not bad, but I don't feel like this is Ranma... It reads more like Rainbow Dash in Ranma's body.

There is a lot of over exposition and info dumping as well, that can be forgiven given that this is an intro.
Overall, I'd rate this as a 2.5 out of 5. I will keep an eye on it to see how it turns out.

Thanks for the comment. I did reread through a few times and thought the amount of exposition was borderline.

I wrote chapter 1 on the basis of zero Ranma1/2 knowledge, so there was a certain amount of info dumping needed.

As far as reading like Rainbow Dash is concerned, both Ranma and Dash have pretty high levels of pride and ego about them. What sets them apart are their value systems. Hopefully I can bring that across later when Ranma starts getting into his usual shenanigans. Any suggestions would be appreciated - I'm trying my best to be true to manga Ranma, rather than using the cardboard fanon cutout.

My personal recommendation is to avoid infudumping at all costs. Probably half your readers will know the backstory, and for the rest, there is a certain joy in coming to learn about the characters over the course of a story. Most of that information can come out in small doses over time.

As for the Dash vs Saotome attitude, true they both have an ego to them, Dash is very arrogant and boastful, where Ranma is almost casual in his arrogance. An example would be that RD would pull off an impressive task in the flashiest way possible, then talk about it for hours, where Ranma would try to make it look effortless and not have to say a word. His whole attitude would say: "yea, I just did that. No big deal for me"

I understand your desire for setup, and now that that is passed, I hope to see some more Ranma-style craziness. Somehow, I have no doubt that at some point, Genma both forced Ranma to train for this exact situation, and engaged him to every available mare whose parents were willing to fork over a dowry. And both Princesses. And Cadance. Meanwhile, Akane is kidnapped.

Wow, color me impressed. This is already reading better than any of the Ranma fics that I was writing some years ago. :rainbowderp:

I can definitely see the similarities between Ranma and Rainbow Dash. Both are driven by their egos and have a secret fear of failure. Ranma also has a sense of loyalty otherwise he wouldn't get into half the trouble he does trying to rescue fiances or rivals. i don't know if that would make them best friends or bitter rivals, it would be interesting to see regardless.

I also like that this is a slightly older and wiser Ranma. He's still an egotistical jerk but has found the toggle switch for his runaway mouth. :derpytongue2:

Eagerly awaiting more! :pinkiehappy:

Wow! An old timer! This brings back memories to the days of FFML mailing list, and VHS fansubs.

I'm flattered with your compliments - I hope I will be able to meet expectations.

Okay, I gotta admit. I enjoyed this fic from beginning to end, but that line at the end really sold it for me. Have a fave and a like.


Heh, I guess I have been around a while. I keep telling myself that I'll go back and finish up some of my stories (I still get weekly requests to finish Dragon's Destiny even after about 6 years since I last updated) but I just can seem to find my Muse anymore. I've attempted to write one or two pony stories but haven't gotten far enough to even think about publishing here.

Maybe I should go re-read some of the old fanfics that got me started in the first place.

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter

"Wait a minute! What do you mean engaged?" :twilightoops:
"It was years ago, all he asked for was a bowl of rice." :trollestia:

Looks like he's in Appleoosa just as the episode is happening. Guess we know now when in the series this is happening.
I take it Luna's confusion is because she wasn't expecting to meet a mare, but a stallion?

He's definitely in Appleoosa. Timeline wise, find out next chapter for confirmation. Ranma's life of interesting times in Equestria is about to begin. :twilightsmile:
As for Luna, she tends to overreact.


I got the impression that Ranma changed during their meeting. If you read it closely it mentions that he feels that ripple or whatever that happens to change him.

I think that's now associated with dusk and dawn, right? Ranma is female at night and male during the day. Not bad.

I'm definitely liking this story.

This story is like peanut butter and chocolate, they just go great together.

Personally, I think it's more like, fish, rice, and two pickles. Mustn't forget the pickles. :pinkiehappy:

Got it in one there, but I'd be spoiling to say more.

Anything that has anything to do with Ranma is always 'interesting'. Let's just see how many mares he gets chasing after him here. :raritywink:

Well, Ranma would certainly have an issue with eternal night if he changes to a guy in the daytime.

Ranma Saotome ends up in Equestria.

You had me at the first sentence.:raritystarry:

Thanks for the interest in my story. I've been enjoying your Feline story (which is funny because I'm actually violently allergic to cats).

im confuzzled.... :applecry: does he now just change randomly? or is it still water based? :rainbowhuh:

You have my interest, now to see if you can keep Ranma in character and without breaking his string of extremely bad luck.

Pay attention to when changes occur, you'll figure it out. :twilightsmile:

Ranma is fun to write. The ponies will be the tricky part for me - they are all too easy to reduce into cut outs.

Derpy was in Appleloosa?

Grey mare, golden crossed eyes, crashed into somepony, and dropped a bell on said pony. If I wasn't clear enough, I'm going to have to go back and edit it - perhaps mention the cutie mark somewhere.

In any case, it was Derpy doing a dawn delivery of a bell. Go figure why - Ranma luck at work I think.

Edit: missed an edit there. Going to go back and clarify it.

3222983 i got that it was derpy but i was confused about the place i thought that ranma was gonna dump the baby in ponyville

Comment posted by Qussar deleted Sep 18th, 2013

Nope. Appleoosa is the only town Ranma has visited at this point. Return foal to sender, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Putting Derpy in Appleoosa was making use of fanon - saying Derpy is a mailmare making a delivery. I could have just used any old bg pony instead - it's my hat tip to fanon, and not integral to the plot.

So, Celestia summoned Ranma to be her consort? Or does the pendant mean he's supposed to be consort to both Tia and Luna? Is Luna going to be disappointed that her consort is female at night? How's Ranma going to handle being roped into yet another engagement?

Well, I'll gladly say that this was very well written, like fantastically so. :pinkiehappy:
Now I can just hope that it continues. :fluttershysad:

All in good time. You're welcome to speculate - I've left enough clues that the story setup and payload should be apparent by now. :pinkiehappy:

Glad to have your interest! I hope you stay on board!

Like father like son... and perhaps a bit more like Happosai than he'd like to admit. It's always been a bit of head cannon for me that Happosai is Genma and Soun's great grandfather. Which of course would make the Saotome's and Tendo's cousins but they could still be like 3rd or 4th cousins. Of course, I also see Shampoo as one of Happy's descendants as well. Huh, my memory is fuzzy but I can't help but think that I read something along those lines... I'll have to dig through my FFML archive and see... :derpytongue2:

So, will we see the rest of the Nerima Wrecking Crew arrive to rescue/punish Ranma at some point in the future? Also, Twilight's reaction to Ranma as a consort must be epic - Lesson Zero- EPIC! :twilightoops:

I view Ranma as a product of his upbringing. He makes attempts to be better than his father, but ultimately fails due to his excessive pride - he will quite conveniently cheat when it suits his purposes.

I'm not planning on bringing other Ranma characters into the story at this point - I'm trying to keep the story tight - much of the NWC can be pony subbed easily.

Of course, if there's a good plot bunny for Akane to get kidnapped, I'll use it. :derpytongue2:

GODAMNIT GENMA how did you get ranma in this situation in the first place.

In fairness to Akane, she is probable stronger than 90% of the people on Earth. It's just that Ranma is in the top tier of that other ten percent; and so are most of his enemies/allies.

That is a fair comment. Most of the comedy involving Akane is due to her relative incompetence compared to her rivals. Except for cooking, that one is just tragic. But I would still argue that her skill level as a martial artist is subpar for what the old men agreed to.

Ranma makes as much trouble for himself as Genma, and also has the habit of making things worse.

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: what now ranma! Whqt you going 4o do steal another baby or scare her off?

decent story mate I will check back up on it:scootangel:

well...Ranma does have the best child bearing hips in Japan:rainbowlaugh:

A very proper end to chapter 1.

Ranma Saotome ends up in Equestria. Will the harmony of Equestria tame him and have him singing songs with the ponies

or will he turn Equestria into new grounds for his brand of chaos?

Since Equestria tends to attract trouble in the first place... i'm callin' it now.



wow...didnt expect that

i wonder how will ranma get out of this

Knew the accusations of being a Changling would happen.:facehoof:

3241233 awesome chapter my friend I'll be waiting for the story uploads keep me posted on the story

He's like a changeling crossed with discord I'm actual threat level though

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