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You ever had those days when you think the universe is out to get you? Well I'm one of those days right now and it seems that the universe decided to screw me over in a whole new way by sending me to a different world.
Oh but that's not the worst part. The worst part is that I was wearing a costume before I gotten whisked away and well...
Lets just say that it ain't a costume anymore.
Inspired by "Rise of Darth Vulcan" by RealityCheck, and credit goes to Uberdeathninja and his story "Malideus" for starting all this craziness.
Editor: NightmareKnight
Rated T for creative use of swears and gore.
On Hiatus due to horrible math grade and grounding. Expect update near the end of the month.

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I will read this later. You have me interested just by the bloodthirster in your story pic.

woo! thats one hell of a story so far i love it! keep up the good works!

A 40k nerd wearing power armor in equestria would be more destructive than an actual space marine.

Needs some proofing;
"Scared executioner of Khourne"

YESSSS! Show them the power of chaos!

As a Chaos player, I offer some plot advice:

Something you should have him say at one point:
"Our enemies hide in WOODEN BAWKSES, DA KOWARDZ! TEH FEWLZ!! We...*Asthma attack* We should take away their WOODEN BAWKSES!"

3886309 Not a Bloodthrister, Tis Skulltaker himself.

Is this Skulltaker from Warhammer or Warhammer 40K?
Not that it makes a real difference. Just curious.


Khorne him self!

I'm the worst chaos servant there is if I did not recognize the blood god.:fluttercry:

That was pretty good, I hope you continue this I love it

I love how this whole genre started because of me... and realitycheck, to a lesser extent.

Oh, but I'm off on a tangent. Keep up the good writing, my good man! Take my favorite!

*Snaps fingers* I knew I forgot to mention someone! I'll put in a shoutout for you next chapter for starting this whole genre.

Thank you, it's always nice to be appreciated.

Write on, fellow author!

There needs to be a group about stories like this
Edit: Well what do you know. There is

Human randomly ends up in Equestria... check...

Human is a brony and loser... check...

All that's missing now is the human immediately becoming evil and all-powerful and starts slaughtering ponies to create the Unholy Trinity of Awful HiE fics. :ajbemused:

I think I found another AWESOME story which has caught my attention...bravo, I shall watch this closely :pinkiehappy:
p.s: WARHAMMER ROCKS! (Nids all the way)

Okay, here is REALLY important question.

How did he just wave off the destruction of the TV? So all our guy needed was for Alex to start talking about how the amulet might be real... And then all of sudden he forgets that he still has a broken TV?

Other than that, pretty good, though I hope the quality will not only improve but there will be more interesting plot development.

That is what made me love Darth Vulcan, after all

This guy made me laugh in a non-jackass way.

3887935 You have no idea how many fics have started out exactly like this one. Why this one is garnering so much attention is beyond me.

It's part of the recent "Non-Brony in a costume is magically transported into equestria and becomes an evil overlord" trend.

3888392 It's basically the same as all the wish-fulfillment HiE dark fics (you know, where the humans are immune to magic, automatically super-strong, faster and stronger with better survival skills than a Navy SEAL, or just outright become gods and exterminate all da ponies). Just now the humans are wearing fanboi cosplay. :trollestia:

Well, Skulltaker, Herald of Khorne is the picture...

Guess I better read this, due to my recent conversion to the Blood God.

(Just started a CD army :P)

NICE cover art and nice start to the story:raritystarry:

still haven't been able to get through Malideus, have The Rise of Dark Vulcan and SO waiting to see where you take this:pinkiehappy:

"It's horrifying," Alex breathed out with a hand inches away from touch it, as if it would come to life and rip off his skull.

"It's amazing," I patted one of the legs with pride in my voice.

"It's," He looked at the clock and his brown eyes widen. "time for My Little Pony!" He ran out, missing my groan of annoyance.

and I promptly lost it:rainbowlaugh:

"Pose as menacing as I can for you." I finished, not one to turn down free food.

totally agree with him there:pinkiehappy:

20G for the winner of a costume contest? NICE!!!:pinkiehappy:

loved the descriptions of the power suit

and seriously, your life long buddy is being sucked into interdimentional rift and you let go when he tells you to?:rainbowhuh: some loyalty

Why do you not embrace the loving plague father nurgle?

Welp... It's been nice knowing you Equestria, yet our master calls. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!


Plaguebearers are my troops for my Two Bloodthirsters and 3 Daemon Princes of Khorne.

Because 3+ cover saves in trees and 2+ in Ruins is pretty swanky. (and, together, 2 squads of 10 is 180pts, and they make marines cry. I would know, my other army is the Ultramarines.)

EDIT: I also didn't want to paint 3 Green Daemon Princes. :P

And Nurgle smells funny, though I suppose it wouldn't matter after I lose the sense of smell...


That's 'Our Spiritual Lieges' to the rest of you!

very good read, but I'll put my 2 cents in. You need an editor man. :pinkiegasp:

I like this, will follow.

Interesting.... I have been interested in these types of stories since I read RealityCheck's story, which is called The Rise of Darth Vulcan not 'Dark Vulcan', as you have it written in the story description. And definitely give a show out to Uberdeathninja's Malideus .... cause if it wasn't for this story, RealityCheck wouldn't have been inspired, thus you wouldn't have been inspired (and if we are being honest, I am being inspired by all three of you guys to write my own take on the 'human in badass costume terrorizes ponies' theme.... or even pull an M Night Shyamalan *aka, a TWEEST* and have multiple humans enter Equestria with some good, some bad, and some in the middle).

Anyways, keep up the great work!

I'm quietly interested: he gonna be Chaotic neutral guy or went into full berserk of Chaotic Evil.
Well, gonna see this.

Well I'm one of those days right now

I don't seize the day, I am the day. Wut.



This has great potential. It is well written and enjoyable though i would wish you had picked chosen or something like that as a Daemon maybe too OP for Equestria, especially a named bloodthirster.

Eagerly waiting for more.

WHAT?! A foul daemon NOT dedicated to the utter destruction of everything the God Emperor has built?! HERESY!

Good so far, but you could really use an editor.

I screa- er I mean yelled as I shook my now thumbing thumb.

Thumbs don't stop thumbing when you hit them, this sentence is incorrect and redundant. Try throbbing

Unholy runes was painted across it's length, meaning unknown to those who didn't know how this legendary creature was.

Were would work better here

The Scared Executioner of Khrone.

Sacred, maybe?

"It's," He looked at the clock and his brown eyes widen. "time for My Little Pony!"

Decapitate this. and capitalize this

and remembering how Alex gotten into this show.

Replace gotten with got, or put a "had" in there

"The TV! The four thousand TV that I lost the warranty on! Why!?"

What did he use to buy the TV, Internet dollars?

"By the way which do you think is better and less likely to leave evidence? A wrench or a screwdriver?"

Wrench, definitely wrench.

I saw we should go to the government and


"And I've been wondering, where's Fluttershy? Its isn't like her to miss one of our get together."

Together is not its own plural, you need an "s" on the end of it.

"She's busy taking care of a family of rabbits that gotten sick and went to Zecora to ask for some of her herbal medicine," Applejack answered her, taking a bite out of an apple. "Said we could just eat without her, but I'll stop by her house and drop some food."

Fifth correction from the top explains this, and there is a little green comma in Applejack's sentence, try to find where you didn't put it.

Twilight sighed, wishing that all of her friends could be here but she'll say hello to Fluttershy before she leaves.

Twilight sighed in the past tense, that means that the rest of the sentence needs to do the same.

It turns out that it was much harder than the books she read about the subject implied as one not only has to have a sharp mind but the foresight to make sure their words won't work against them in the long run.

My suggestions on how to make this work better are red.

You've ever watched that one episode of 'Avatar the Last Airbender' where Zuko and Aang was in the middle of the fire vortex from those two dragons?

Again, were would work better here.

Oddly enough throughout all this, I didn't feel a thing. What I did feel was my body heating up like I was in a sauna.

For continuity, I would change this to "any pain" as it makes no sense that he could feel like he was in a sauna, as well as nothing, at the same time.

My head turned toward the sky and found that even more colorful with it's clear skies.

Apostrophes are good, unneeded apostrophes are the epitome of evil.

I am honestly surprised that I was the first to do that, unless someone PM'd it to you. Anyway, this is remarkably similar to the idea that I had gotten from Reality Checks "The Rise of Darth Vulcan" except with less Warhammer and more Demon's Soul. Anywhozer I liked it, and if you don't continue it I will type mean words at you until you do.
Also, feel free to send me chapters for editing if you feel the urge.

3890831 I think it may be because you are the only one with an education who had the time to do this. I certainly don't have the time to be typing this message, and I should get back to work.

3889993 Or he could go like he still had a human mind, Lawful Chaotic Evil good neutrality xD
I've been thinking of how to describe humans, here's what I came up with: Pacifistic demons, chaos lords seeking world order, war-hating devils, corrupt angels.

I called it. This is becoming a genre.

Could have been worse.

He could have made a Keeper of Secrets costume instead.

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