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This group is for the sharing of ideas and for development of the ideas. we also try and promote unknown writers and concepts for stories. you can also post your stories and meet other writers to share ideas, talk about writing techniques, or find partners who can help with someone's story.

(NOTE: in the forums you can post ANY writing/novel/story idea you have, you are not limited to my little pony, all i ask is that it is writing related.)

Note: (sorry for the lack of activity here, new with group stuff and all….)

You can submit ANY story to this group, just put the story in the folder you think best represent your fiction.

If you have an idea you want to share to see what people think of it, post it in the forums and use mine as an example- Idea #1

(Note: my first group so if you have any questions or ideas to make group better let me know)

more will be announced...

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I have some shipping fic ideas, like Rarity X Steven Magnet(rarinet), Terramar x Smolder(Smoldermar), Ocellus x Bramble(bramblecellus), Trouble Shoes x Gilda(gildashoes), rarithorn(Rarity X Blackthorn.

crossover ships Rafiki x Zecora

mlp g1 ship ideas Sting x Morning Glory, Teddy X Sweetheart(teddyheart), Catrina x Rep, Captain Crabnasty x Posey

Knock knock, anypony home? Just checking before I actually seek help for Original Character Development.

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How about a Zero no Tsukaima crossover where Louise on her first day of being at that magic school gets transported to Equestria, de-aged to that of a baby filly, ponified into a pegasus, and grows up in Cloudsdale with no hope of getting home. Anyone willing to take this idea and make it reality go right ahead.

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Thank you all new members!!!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Metal-Max1991 deleted May 27th, 2014

362452 oh ok sorry been a little hectic lately ill get on that.

Let the Train of Thought begin... :twilightsmile:

Also, maybe it´s an idea to get some files so we can post stories that have been thought up in here. :pinkiehappy:

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