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I finally saved up the money. I finally had a costume I felt was sufficient. I finally got to go to Botcon. As Soundwave. I even practiced his special disturbing walk cycle for extra effect. Granted, I had to do it all with a missing Laserbeak, but hey, I could always roleplay that the little bugger was off on reconnaissance.

Then I saw a way to skip that little mistake altogether: A perfectly sized, articulated Laserbeak, with straps to hold it on properly. I didn't even think about it. I didn't think about why what appeared to be an entire prop shop was set up in the middle of a con. I didn't think about what the chances of this particular prop even existing were. I couldn't even be bothered to think about the creepy dude wearing a creepy hooded robe working the booth as he chuckled at my enthusiastic strapping on of my perfectly-sized addition.

Now I'm in the world of ponies, and have been turned into one of the most technologically-advanced villains of a completely different universe. Nothing to do now except make myself useful, I suppose.


And thus, I throw my hat into the ring with all the other LoHAV stories. I've been wanting to do this pretty much since the whole trend started, but couldn't figure out which character to use. Let's see how this goes, shall we?

Chapters (2)
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Awesome is a perfect word to describe this story


The beginning and ending of that comment made sense, but I lost track of who's doing what near the middle.

Also, I don't play Battlefield anymore. I only ever played Battlefield 3 for about three months after it came out, so I don't know what that's all about.

I'm getting kinda tired of the LoHAV stories, but you sir, have caught my interest with 2nd best Decepticon. And I'm not disappointed; you didn't follow the cliche *+1000 years in stone evil* and he seems to not be trying to be an idiot out for lulz or destruction. Also, the writing itself is great too; congrats, you won a fav and a rare thumb.

great story start. keep writing, because this might become one of very rare jewel's of villain fics in fimfiction. hope you update soon

At some point, I see this story holding at least 20% more wubs than others within this genre. :trixieshiftright:

I like the over all story but the middle seems weak like its scripted you had a great start and ending but all togeather it felt weak but ill keep an eye on this and see if you improve it

4314816 I agree I also want more of this who seconds thy motion

And now...

This novel-to-be is the 101th "going to read later" book I have on this site. An accomplishment that is without much more saying, for it means that you're either a very talented writer--or you're very lucky one.

I look forward to reading this entire work of yours.

Your little hook got me at the first sentence. Let's see you reel it in.

Interesting so far, I will hold my favorite til I see more.
For now thought you have my attention, we will see how things progress.

*slow clap* Congratulations. You have earned a favorite and upvote from me. You've also stoked my desire to get that Soundwave figure, so my wallet now has a bit of a grudge against you for now.


The toy is honestly one of my favorites from the Prime line. It's relatively simple, but the accuracy to the show model is significantly better because of it. Plus, Laserbeak actually detaches from his chest, which makes for great play value.

YES! I've always liked Soundwave and his silent and determined personality. My favorite scene of him is when he just spat in the Autobots' face by deleting all of his data and delivering that sentence.

You got me interested. Just dont go all crossover maniac/long wait time/totally stupid with no real sense. pleasee. and if you can make Starscream appear somewhere I will be really happy.

Interesting:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Is he human sized or full sized? Also he needs to meet Vinyl Scratch.

Intriguing. I'll definitely be following this one, even though I'm a rather out of the loop when it comes the current generation of Transformers. I really like this character & I hope he doesn't just start acting villainous for no reason, but will knowledge of Transformers Prime be required to enjoy this story?

I still don't know what that acronym is. "Lust Over Having A Villain?"

Other than that, welcome to Adventures - AU, where we see so many worlds, that we're a tredecuple-partisan bureaucracy!

I had an idea for this kind of thing, that I'd written up somewhere about a guy going to Equestria while wearing a mishmash of different costume pieces, and then getting curbstomped because Hasbro had decided that, for their sixth season, they were gonna have Celestia and Luna kidnapped, and then all the Element Bearers became Alicorns, thus making the entire show a boring Power Rangers for Girls type of thing.

Transformers crossover? Insta-fav!

Fascinating, though Soundwave when speaking to the Autobots says

"Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior."


"Autobots inferior, Soundwave superior."

Otherwise, fascinating

Just a thought, but would the creature Soundwave fought be a...


I like the concept, and the execution isn't too hasty or rushed. Please do continue; especially when Soundwave meets a certain DJ. :pinkiehappy:

I am SO following this fic!!


I've been hit with inspiration the past few days, so wait times shouldn't be too long, at least for the moment. I'm probably going to go back to alternating which of my stories I update before too long, though, so once I've spewed out another few chapters for this, the wait times will increase, even if by just a little.


You don't have to have seen Transformers Prime for this, but you'll probably miss a few jokes without doing so. If you've got Netflix, I recommend watching it there, anyway. It's easily one of the best Transformers series there is. You might want to at least see the first few episodes, just to get an idea of how this Soundwave operates.


Human-sized. If he had been full-sized, jumping on the crocodile's back would have killed it.


I think it's referred to in the show as a cragadile.


Thank you. I've been wanting to do one of these for a while, but I couldn't decide on a character I felt would be sufficiently interesting for a full story.

you said it wrong

its Soundwave superior crocodilr inferior

DAMN I was planning on doing this. ah well ya beat me to it.

I take it like other TF crossovers he gonna find away to use gems as energon or something? or does he have a limitless power source?


I'll get to it. Some of it will have to do with gems, though.


2. will he be able to access his t-cog eventually?

3. I've only heard soundwave talk one during the series, is he going to talk a lot in this story?

4316216 Ah, thanks. Not that I've ever seen more than one in any certain Equestria, meaning I'm not sure how they'd be a "league."


1. That hits me right in the first story.

2. Yes.

3. Hell no. What kind of fool do you take me for?


Each of them has some sort of token or item, which they can copy and send out into the multiverse so other characters can summon them. The whole thing with that started when Jimmy the Grape decided to have Solaire hand out White Sign Soapstones.

Story Approver

Welp, at least you, unlike 99% of the idiots writing in the "League of Sad Authors Jumping on the Bandwagon for Poor Self-Inserts and Shittily Structured Piles of Grammar and Structure" manage to step above the rest with actually decent writing for once. I don't know much about Soundwave myself, although I do know some of the Transformers stuff from the movies and a bit from long, long ago when I watched some of the cartoons.

One thing I did note is that you have a VERY high usage of "I" in your story. It's hard to write a First-Person POV and not overuse it, I'd suggest trying to be a bit more creative in your structuring to try and remove some of those uses moving forward. I didn't see anything glaring beyond that, although I probably won't be around for future chapters to see how you handle larger amounts of dialogue and everything it brings with it, or interaction with multiple parties. Sorry, but even though this is written better than 99% of the rest, I have no interest in reading one of the bandwagon stories.

Good luck.

More a fan of the orignal series, but that might be because I can actually remember those being aired for the first time. (nostalgia`s sucks at time)
But you`ve peaked my interest, atleast you went with the smart Con instead of the more popular braindead Megatron-wannabe.

Now lets see if you can hold on to this lvl of quality eh?

4316336 Alright, that's kinda neat. So they're all Pawns, eh? What a Dogma, just thinking that someone else is Dragon you around.

Extinction has read many Transformers crossovers and says He Can't wait for more of this story.

4316328 1. I haven't read said story so who knows?

2. YAY

3. good. but will he be using his "catch phrase" a lot?

4316328 yeah, i'm not a fan of multiple people/ robots/ OC's in a story, so yeah

oh yeah, is this a story where OC tries to take over Equestria, has an upcoming grudge against princesses, tries to act good but seen as a villain because of villainous look, or "fuck you im gonna do whatever the fuck i want and there's nothing you can do about it" story?


You may be interested in either Transformers: DSET or Stolen Minds, then. DSET has some admittedly horrid writing at the beginning(which I'm planning on redoing, by the way), but both have a much larger cast of characters than this story will, so it may be worth your curiosity. Just a suggestion.


1. I suppose that's for you to find out.

2. You're welcome.

3. His catchphrase will be one of the few things he actually 'says'. Everything else will be recordings.


Now that, you're just going to have to discover for yourself.

Actually seems like a good idea, just needs a little more put in to every chapter, along with that you have earned a thumbs up, later you might get a favorite. Keep up the good work.

*cue major inception as i punch your face in the face, several times*

I went with 'Cragodile', because they were significantly bigger than actual crocodiles

Jesus christ how long till this stupid fad ends

What generation soundwave are we talking about?

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