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Prepare for sucky stories... I actually dunno, but read at your own risk :P.


Sorry about the wait. · 5:25am Jun 20th, 2014

Like i said in the title, sorry about the wait, if any of you guys that are following me (or anyone else) was wondering why I'm not posting the next chapter of the story it's because I lost my muse for writing it for a bit, and now that I'm writing this I've gotten it back so expect the next one soon (and I stretch the meaning of it, I need to get back in the full mood for writing it), so for all those (few) people who have been waiting, sorry, but the next chapter is coming soon.

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Read about... Nothing.

Alright, yes, I've wrote one other story... And I don't think that qualifies me to write any here, but I don't care! I suck a writing so give me a chance... And please enjoy all the suck ness :P.

Also, ponies.

Newest stories (And yes, I do plan on making more :P)

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Three (very simple) reasons

First of all: one of your stories holds my interest (you already know what one)

Second: I couldn't keep track of anything if I didn't (I'm lazy)

Third: because I can... And because I wanted to show my support-ish.

Jesus, you're just all over my stuff, aren't you? Anyway, thank you very much for the follow!

Also, I'm sure I already know, but just for shits and giggles, may I ask why you followed me?


No problem, I love Godzilla, and MLP, and both of them together is just, too much awesome.

Many thanks for the favorite friend :twilightsmile:

Be sure to drop me a line if you get any questions or story ideas

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