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Magic has faded and the surface has been lost, but the war rages on. Twenty years after the catastrophic start of the battle, what's left of Equestria hides in the skies, fighting for survival with machines powered by diesel.

Most don't think twice about Captain Rainbow Dash, still piloting out in the field after decades, too stubborn for a promotion to stick but too skilled to be forced into retirement. All they see is an old burned out warpony waiting to die on the battlefield. Nopony knows what Rainbow Dash is fighting for anymore. Maybe not even Rainbow Dash.

Editing by Formerly Committed and JetstreamGW.

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So why isn't everything powered by magnets or transistors?

Jake R #2 · 1 week ago · · 9 ·


What have you done.

All will succumb, eventually.

Back! Back demon!

The power of rice compels you!

Yay Bats is back.
And still one hell of an Author.

I really enjoyed this setting you've constructed. The romance was also excellent and naturally pulls off an otherwise rather strange pairing.

Most likely because the author wanted to write a dieselpunk

Tells a complete and compelling story, while building an interesting world, and leaving me wanting more of this setting. Into the favorites it goes!

My feels. The "what we're supposed to do" bit got to me.

the most holy Inquisition of the Imperium of man approves of this story and has add it it to the Inquisitoral archive

Not bad. Some sky captain, some rocketeer. Everything with sweetie and dash was sharp and clear, the rest of it wasn't as. I'm hoping there's more, though to see where this goes.

Mane Six/Crusader shipping is tricky business, but you definitely made it work. And that's saying nothing of painting a grim but fascinating image of this timeline. Brilliant work in every detail. Dash is ponykind in microcosm, beaten, battered, and seemingly moving only on momentum, but still with a spark of hope deep inside waiting to blow Tirek's smug grin off his face.

Fantastic stuff. Thank you for it.

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