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This story is a sequel to Learning to Love

Shortly after arriving home from an eventful trip to Canterlot, Rainbow Dash realizes that her feelings for Rarity are undeniable, and also that those feelings terrify her. With no idea what to do, she runs for help, and luckily Rarity is there to answer the call.

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Ummm, why is this so good? If you can keep writing this series until the end of time, that would be awesome. Great work!

^w^ thanks! I've been having a lotta fun writing these, so it's cool to see that people like em. (Although, the number of dislikes on this one has me anxious 😬 I genuinely don't know what's up with that.)

Yeah, that's surprising to me too. I guess we'll see if anyone has any criticism to share. Perhaps justified, perhaps not. Regardless if that happens, I still loved it!

How sweeeeeeeeet! :rainbowkiss: Now we need the Cutie Mark crusaders to find out and see scootaloo and sweetie belles reactions to this. A confused scootaloo trying to figure out why Rainbow Dash is going sappy. :rainbowlaugh:

That last paragraph completely melted my heart into a puddle.

Very nice. Love the odd details of Pinkie and Shy.

I profoundly like your dedicated abilities as the post you distributed has some incredible data which is very valuable for me.

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