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I'm here to read great stories. If you're reading this, you must have made a wrong turn.


Rarity and Twilight have been dating happily for a few months. At every given opportunity, Rarity takes the chance to tell their love story. It doesn't matter if anypony actually wants to listen or how many times they may have heard it already, she's going to tell them anyway. She cannot be stopped, such is the power of love.

My contribution for the Raritwi bomb hosted by Monochromatic.

And check out the story posted before this, HERE

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Comments ( 13 )

Fantastic! I love the changes you made since I last read this.

Rarity is Rarity and I love it.

You've done a wonderful job channelling her voice, and woven a beautiful story out of it. I was enraptured all the way through.

Thank you very much. You made alot of good points and it really improved the story.

...but I can't make it through another nine seasons...

Let me guess. Twilight's been dead for years, but her children give Rarity permission to date Rainbow.

Before I read this, I must know: Why would Rarity want everyone to know about her relationship with Twilight?

Because she's happy and excited and wants to show off her relationship and her nerdy marefriend and is just so giddy that she can't contain herself.


Ok, that was a good little twist at the end there.

Okay, that was a good giggle. Well done!

That was just so Rarity! You really wrote her so very well and this was a delightful story, especially the ending!

I love that she was willing to just wait through all that.

This is both funny and adorable but I have one question.

I look around at the space we were in and then down at myself. Well, up at myself, since I am currently hanging rather haphazardly from one of the rafters, suspended upside down by a crudely tied length of rope.

If she's been hanging upside down through the entire story, how has the blood not rushed to her head?:rainbowhuh:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Buuut it was mentioned and hinted at a few times that she's hanging upside down and the blood is rushing.

Speaking of sneaking, I've got an itch creeping up my neck. Dearest, could you please..
Ahhh, that's the spot. Thank you very much, dear.

Goodness, just the thought of that evening has my head all warm and fluffy. Or that might be the blood rushing to it.
I should probably wrap this up before I pass out.

Riiiiight, must have missed that. Oops. :twilightblush:

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