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Fluttershy and Pinkie have been dating for a few months, but Fluttershy still hasn't met most of Pinkie's family. So, Pinkie decides that Marble's birthday party is the perfect opportunity to introduce them.

Secretly, though, Pinkie isn't exactly confident that things will go smoothly, especially with some of the rougher parts of her family.

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Comments ( 2 )

What about Fluttershy's family? Will you be making a story about Pinkie meeting them?

Hmmm, I dunno

Honestly, it's a little mean of me but I don't really find Fluttershy's family as compelling as the pies, so idk if there's a super high chance of an idea coming to me. Exploring the Fluttershy/Limestone dynamic was a big part of why I thought of this one.

All that said, it's not impossible, but I wouldn't really bet on it.

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