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This story is a sequel to Seeking Love in Laughter

On their first date, Pinkie Pie convinced Fluttershy to let loose to overcome her hangups about dating. Now it's the day after, and the two ponies realize that making one date work doesn't set the foundation for an entire relationship. Especially since Fluttershy isn't sure she can maintain the sarcasm and teasing that let her relax so well the night before.

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Comments ( 8 )

Those two are such qt's. Hope they eat spaghetti on Friday night

They really are adorable, huh? I was honestly never one for shipping before but a couple weeks ago I started thinking about how this dynamic might work and I've just been obsessed with it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story! ^w^

Nice. Though I think itโ€™s something of a modern day survival mechanism to be afraid of anyone with access to heavy artillery.

Yknow what, fair point. Fluttershy's thinking ahead though, she knows that if she gets that power on her side nobody will be able to mess with her.

Glad you liked the stories. :3 There's more to come! I'm nowhere near done with these two.

Which episode is the picture from?

Buckball Season, S6E18

The only player in this story is Andrea Libman.

Mooooooorrrrrrre, encore, encore! :yay:

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