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Wha. . . why are you reading this you creep?


This story is a sequel to The Voices Inside My Head

Nightmare Moon has. . . adjusted, to her "roommates". But that doesn't mean they're still aren't as annoying as ever.

But that's a matter for a different time.

Right now, she had a country to run. Too bad she can't run it alone, if the voices inside her head has anything to say about it.

Featured 4/15/22

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more more more more MORE MORE MORE............




"What didst I bid thee!? What didst I bid thee!? Now thee hast fucked up! Now thee hast fucked up! Now thee! Has't! Fucked it up!" Luna mused.

Listen to the mare, Nightmare! Calm down, just calm down. Calm down, just calm down!

Seriously, can't wait for more of this.

OK, this is hilarious and I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

Ahahahhaa que hilarante, me dan ganas de tener más

Sube más capítulos por favor

im guessing celestia is gonna join luna and anon one day

Moon merch is simply too good for Canterlot ponies.

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yerypidid f;dsvk ;dsklv;sdjkl;vjklajs'jsdkakl

Ooo, wasn't expecting a prologue chapter. So far, short but sweet.

Moonie might need to hurry up with getting bodies for Anon and Luna before she goes insane... or maybe whatever scheme Twilight comes up with will result in them getting bodies. Of course, that would happen after Nony and Lulu have annoyed Nightmare some more.

this story is funny as hell

Took the words right out of my mouth

"And that's wherefore I despise spiders with a fiery passion" Luna said happily.

"A hamster fucking a giant spider. . . huh?"


I laughed way harder than I should have

Aww, you're gonna make me blush!

wait, what happen to the mane 6? Did they just poof away or something?

So ponies never spoke in Old Equish, that’s just how Luna rolls.
But why?
Fuckth thee, that’s why!

Every guard, maid, and servant was checked for four legs. A poor amputee was locked in the dungeon under suspicious circumstances.

I don’t want to laugh because that’s horrible, but I’m laughing anyway! :rainbowlaugh:

"A hamster fucking a giant spider. . . huh?"

I am fucking dying! I can’t breath! :rainbowlaugh:

I absolutely love Luna here
I feel like this will be great
If it continues, I noticed the last chapter was in April, and I know this seems like a joke story, so I have no idea if that long is a hiatus or a discontinuation. Or just taking that long to write!
I've not a clue, but I'm hopeful.

This story
Is actual comedy.

Man, I just got a bunch of monkeys in the back slamming down on typewriters. But the monkeys are without the bananas right now, and I'm trying to get them under control.

But thank you, for finding some joy in little ol' me. I have a chapter close to ready, but I'm at a camp at the moment and the service is horrendous.

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