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You've heard the story before, right? The guy who wakes up as Twilight Sparkle one day in Ponyville and has to adapt. Well what about if his younger sister accompanied him as Spike, and he knows next-to-nothing about the show whilst she's a crazy fan?

All this, and they find themselves at the very START in S1 ep1, the very first scene. Sometimes knowing EXACTLY what's going to happen doesn't make things any easier... particularly when your entire reference for knowledge is a smart alec kid who you're not sure even wants to get home....

In other words... HELP!!

Featured from 3/9/23 to 6/9/23. Yup.

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description sounds interesting. let's see what happens.

No matter. This is it . Final Fantasy XVI, here I come. Or is it XVII? Who’s really counting, at this stage? And I can’t read Roman Numerals, anyway . My trembling hands slowly undid the cardboard fasteners of the package, fully prepared as I was to spend the day with just me, my trusty PS4 and hours and hours of top class RPG gaming.

It aint available for PS4, only for PS5. Sounds nitpicky i know, had to get it out

Yes, let's. :pinkiehappy:

This was intentional. According to Google you can get FF XIV and XV for the PS4, our main character probably just got confused. I mean, he has a lot going on in his life... cut him some slack. :twistnerd:

Are you ever going to post a new chapter for its always sunny in equestria

I haven't seen enough of the new series to really continue with it at the moment, and from what I hear it's not very good. But I'm not giving up on the story just yet, and as soon as the situation changes there I'll let you know. :coolphoto:

Interesting so far. Hope this goes the distance.

From what I heard it got better, not sure though, only way I can see it is by becoming a pirate.

I ain't gonna rush this one, that's for sure. Quality over quantity, always. :rainbowdetermined2:

Ooh arr me hearties. :duck:

I don't even know how to react to this. What I do know is that I can't wait for more.

I am eager to see what comes next.


Great to see the enthusiasm for this project already. The more positive reaction I get, the more I'll feel inspired to add more... :pinkiehappy: ...on top of my multiple other stories I need to update. :pinkiesad2:

Best get cracking, then. :ajsmug:

Where does he live that he's going away to college in the middle of October? I've never heard of anywhere the school year starts that time of year.

Pretty sure there are some that allow you to do it, at least in the UK. I didn't specify a date, I was thinking around September/October.

EDIT: I just checked and found a few. It ties in with other events too, as you'll find out later...

Urge to uppercut this prick increasing with every word out of his mouth..... As an older brother to 2 younger sisters, the way he's talking to her fills me with an indescribable amount of rage.

Again... this was intentional. Flawed protagonists are kind of my thing. Plus, plenty of room for development somewhere along the line. Maybe. :applejackunsure:

Well done for being a great brother, anyway. :rainbowkiss:

I definitely agree, I have several siblings of varying age differences, and of course we fought and argued growing up, but we never devolved into the pure vitriol spewing from the main character's mouth, I physically cringed reading that.

Yeah, I assumed it was a plot device to show character growth and development in the future, but still, sheesh, I can't wait for the friendship report on how to treat your siblings.

“Just what am I supposed to do with these?!…”

Demand to see life's manager! Make it rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons!

...or something like that at least. :trollestia:

Also as an older brother myself, I think he was completely justified from what I've read so far. His little sister seems to be a very loud attention-hog like most young children are, and it doesn't help that he had to be forced to spend time with her. Even his criticism of canon MLP is largely justified; it's just too bad he doesn't know how much better the fanfics are.

Honestly I feel sorry for your siblings if you truly believe he was justified in telling his little sister he doesn't love her.

I hope this story actually gets finished or at least gets past 20 chapters.

I hope this story actually gets finished or at least gets past 20 chapters.

Honestly, I've seen so many people attempt to actually do this kind of concept (like human gets turned into canon character at the start of the series or new character joins the Mane 6), and a lot of them got burned out and never touched their stories again. 9 seasons is a lot to digest, ngl.

But let's see how this one goes. It'll be successful, hopefully. :rainbowdetermined2:

If they keep up their feud in the future, it'll definitely raise a few eyebrows in such a friendly town like Ponyville. Plus, highly ironic that he is currently the unicorn who'll later become the Princess Of Friendship, when he himself appears to be the antithesis of friendship himself right now. Still he has apologised (somewhat) so let's see where we go from here...

Agreed. Hopefully, I can develop it a bit further than that. :trollestia:

In these kind of 'difficult' situations, I always find downplaying and subtlety my favourite narrative inventions. :trixieshiftleft:

I wanted to show both sides of the sibling rivalry, to not make the grudge totally one-sided. Having said that though, you do have to take her age into account... and some of things he said to her were... just not nice. :fluttershysad:

Again, you get it. Patience and tolerance are very underrated traits. :moustache:

If updates are slow, it's because I'm taking time and care to get things just right. I've been guilty of rushing stuff blithely in the past. I'll try not to do that again. Plus, I have other stories to work on too... well, one actually... which is kind of a passion project. :twilightsheepish:

hmmm, got me curious! let's see what will happen next now

...Now where have I heard that before? :twilightoops:

It's already 'successful', it the broadest term of the word. But can I keep it going? That's up to me, I guess. :rainbowderp:


So am I... and I'm the author! :applejackconfused:

Make magically combustible lemons!

Wow this is an extremely unique premise and I'm actually really excited, this reminds me of all the crazy HiE concepts I used to read

I really hope that this guy goes through some SERIOUS Forest Rain- Join The Herd type of reformation. He's just infuriating so far, lol.

Well, I don't love anyone either. There are some people I like and/or tolerate (ie, friends and family), but there's no one I really love in any way.


I wanted to show both sides of the sibling rivalry, to not make the grudge totally one-sided. Having said that though, you do have to take her age into account... and some of things he said to her were... just not nice.

Well, kids are annoying. I get where the guy's coming from. He's kinda like Squidward: he very obviously hates everything and everyone around him, but Spongebob (in this case his little sister) is completely oblivious and thinks they're friends.

Basically, his sister was too enthusiastic about everything (as most little kids are), which pushed him further and further until he snapped and said a lot of mean stuff. I agree he's in the wrong, but I maintain that he was justified.

“Will do. Thanks, Mum.” Finally. I got rid of her. Now to take the box out of the parcel, then the CD out of the box, then put the CD in my Sony-branded electronic system, and all will be right with the world.

That was very specific.

“ Aargh ! See, there you go again… telling me about stuff I don’t give a flip about!” I was practically raging at this point, and Daisy had now got off the couch, her eyes filled with tears as she approached the stairs. “I don’t want to know about magical ponies, dragons, elves, the Tooth Fairy or the social rejects who believe in that sh…izz, either! So, go away and play with your dollies or something, while I try to remove all traces of the last hour out of my head. Go on, get lost!”

And he played a rpg fantasy video game, like all social rejected nerd do.

Ignorance is strength, I guess.

Good comparison, and I'm kind of glad that I got the point across that these arguments aren't always a one-way-street. Still, your sympathies may lie with one character or another depending on the chapter... watch this space. :twistnerd:

The first part you referenced there was clearly a joke. As for the second... I happen to LOVE console RPGs. What is being implied here?! :flutterrage:

Actually the best concept HiE Fanfic I've seen this year


Thanks. I actually had this idea ruminating in my head for a while, and now the time feels right to put it to flight. Let's see where it leads us...

“...Hmm? Of course I am, Mum. Mrs Green-something is off work for eating too many limes, so you’re going to um, get her some lemons instead, or something.” No, that doesn’t sound right at all. Damn it. Here comes the lecture…

WHen life gives you lemons, speak to its manager

For the record, I loathe mac ‘n’ cheese with every fibre of my being. Guess which one won? Anything to keep the peace, though.

Hey Jarvis, Kill this guy (love the story but wanna beat the shit out of the protagonist in a funny way)

Don’t worry. Pretty sure he won’t be the same person after this ‘experience’. (Although, that probably applies to most individuals caught up in the oncoming madness). :trollestia:

I love the cover image. where'd you find it?

Ooooooh, the narration at the beginning of the 'episode' makes this wayyy more interesting than I was expecting

From the geniuses at Derpibooru. :derpytongue2:

Let's hope it stays that way. :eeyup:

Interesting concept. I can’t wait for Twilight (Darren) to experience all the more perilous events the Mane 6 go through. They had to try convincing a dragon to move in the first few episodes! Meanwhile, I can see Spike (Daisy) wanting to go on adventures too thus Darren has to watch her. When you consider he has to take on essentially a dark goddess to prevent the world from freezing over in eternal night… Daisy could become the Element of Magic if Darren absolutely refuses to accept the role himself.

Several questions need to be asked. What happens if he refuses to go through the show events? What’ll happen when Princess Celestia finds out about the two essentially possessing Twilight and Spike? How much difficulty will Darren have trying to use magic in a body made for it? Any Dragon troubles for Daisy? Not going to lie—I hope to see a barely functioning train wreck as they try to get to the main finale. Who knows if they have to stick around till the future?

(Aka Celestia-sized Twilight and adult Spike.)

Darren’s disdain for the show comes off pretty strong, but if he is always forced to do stuff then I’ll cut him some slack. Great story so far!

hey cool book
1 thing Darren should chill more

You just gotta keep the tricky balancing game going of having an annoying/unlikable narrator who gets better over time. It's a hard thing to do because it can be too easy to make them so bad that it turns people away.

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