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This story is a sequel to Desperate Devotion

Married, happy and in love, Twilight and Chrysalis are in a good place in their lives. They're living in the Canterlot Castle, sitting where Celestia and Luna once sat. They have plenty of wonderful friends, and Equestria has been at peace for a long time. If things continue as they are, they could easily live simple, fulfilled lives until they grow old together.

Neither of them were ever very content with being content, though.

After a long time spent discussing it, they finally decide to have a child, and in typical over-the-top fashion decide to have Equestria's first ever half-pony, half-changeling child.

They have no idea what's coming.

While this is a sequel to Desperate Devotion, it's set many, many years in the future. Things have changed, some of which I've written the stories of, others which I haven't. You should be able to follow along no matter what you've read beforehand, (you don't even really need to read Desperate Devotion honestly) but the status quo won't be quite what you might expect.

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Comments ( 130 )

Immediate cut to two days later when both of them are wrung out from not getting any sleep and dealing with all the biohazard level substances that emerge from a standard newborn mixed with changeling goo.

omg they made a pony rom the vacuous spider

I want a picture! It sounds adorable!!! More chapters please. :yay:

I have no drawing skills whatsoever so sadly I can't so her justice but I did make up an older version of her in the pony town pony maker
It's not a perfect rendition, I don't love the mane style and the colors could probly be tweaked a bit more, but it's the general gist of how she looks.

So they need to hire Cranky, or possibly just somepony cranky, either should work.

well this is new for the better

“I feel like that should be impossible,” Rarity said, “but I’m not sure I care.”

Every fimfic writer when they think outside the box.


Hope she's not poisonous.



“She wasn’t,” Chrysalis said. “I think… I think it was because Rarity got angry.”

she feeds on negative emotions or is it just self defense.

All the excitement and, just as noticeable to her, all the frustration.

Uh oh... Foreshadowing.

Somewhere far away a lone pony enjoys the solitude and tranquility of a babbling brook. He then suffers a nervous breakdown when after an odd flash of light the entire surface of the water spontaneously ignites.

This gonna end bad


This was good. Btw FUCKING CALLED IT!

I get the feeling that's going to be some sort of endearing moment between the two of them. That just seems like the kind of moment that would help Flurry Heart understand Daybreak.

"Maybe she was just hungry.”

“Yeah, hungry for Apples.”

Me: :rainbowlaugh:
Her: :applecry:

“It’s gonna be a nightmare when you figure out how to open doors.”

Just like the velociraptors were. :P

You've solved my puzzle. She was never a pony or a changeling. She was a dinosaur the whole time.

WHAT?! Are you making a joke, or are you serious? I can't tell.

I am extremely joking :P

Ok, phew. Changeling/pony creature thing, got it.

Oh no nirik = anger and Daybreak is their

every time i see an update from your latest story it feeds my soul

also i can feel some delightful chaos coming up next chapter and i'm so ready for it

Daybreak is so CUTE! :raritystarry:

I hope she adapts to eat in increments quickly. She's too adorable to have a "run rampant" moment, at the rate she seems to be maturing it's possible that she could learn fast.

Are rarity and rainbow's kids in the next chapter

Hmm, interesting. I wonder how will she turn out.

A little short and confusing. Who are the two new kids? Are they the mane 6's kids? If so, which of the mane 6? I think Royal Gala is Applejack's daughter. Is Angel Fluttershy's kid?

“Yeah, I think I’ve got something,” Angel said. “You guys down for going into the Everfree?”

Did you mean up or is that a real expression?

Nah, she just thought there was a giant angry marshmallow.

"AGH, princess, the river is on FIRE!"

I haven't canonized this so it's subject to change but I don't think they have kids that are Daybreak's age. They'll probly adopt eventually but for now they're both too busy

This can only end well.

Royal Gala is AJ & Luna's daughter, Angel is Fluttershy & Pinkie's.

And yea, up and down are interchangeable there. It's weird.

Ahh ok sry for bugging you about it

It's all good! ^w^ I'm happy to field questions.

"I am Daybreak Nymph! I hunger!"

Thanks for explaining!

Huh, that is weird.

*cue Flight of the Bumblebee*

Fluttershy has become the ultimate lvl 5 goth!

The dinner is served!

Huh, now I wonder just how debilitating Chryssie's feeding would be if she didn't restrain herself heavily.

Don't worry, Twilight, plenty of freakouts before you.

You're playing with fire ~

Daybreak, your mother's are going to kill you.

Understatement of the millennium.

She stopped short when she reached Royal Gala and looked down into the water. There, sitting peacefully in the clear, shallow pool, was half of Twilight’s element.

And this is when she knew she screwed up

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