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Impossible Numbers

Beware the kick of a reflex morality; it’s a brainless twitch that can tempt a thoughtless mind to commit a heartless deed.


Poor Twilight Sparkle: pride and joy of the University of Eohippus, she is in charge of a team of the most brilliant unicorn minds (plus Fluttershy) of her generation. So it's a shame they're also at least six kinds of deranged and ten kinds of embarrassing.

There's Twinkleshine, whose girly-girl demeanour masks an ambitious monster. There's Moondancer, who's about as social as an oyster, and Lemon Hearts, who's about as charming too. There's Lyra Heartstrings, whose research barely qualifies as sense, never mind as science. And then there's Sweetie Belle, who should totally be in school but who'd much rather hone her skills as the world's worst personal assistant secretary fangirl... thingy.

However, this is merely the start of Twilight's problems. In the midst of mad science and a city overstocked with adventure, she'll confront MIA mages, enigmatic infernos, freaky furniture, political plots, hush-hush histories, and worst of all... the fact that she is destined to solve everything.

Oh, and Trixie's in there somewhere.

It's totally gonna go wrong.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 35 )

A very... odd start. We're diving right in and I've got on inkling of what's going on. A lot of Spike here despite a lack of character tag. Suppose we'll see where this is all going.

Hmm, not sure what to make of this Twilight. I think I get the gist of her; straight laced and wanting to project a sense of not being better than anypony else. A hard time relating to others, just like the show, but I suppose willing to try. I get the image in my head she's a machine just learning what's it's like to be alive.

Not sure if Trixie's comments and attitude are helping. Leaning towards sarcastic neutral.

Moving on!

Getting more of the picture, here. Kinda curious where this is heading.

Heh, I wonder if these Pacifiers got the name because they're dumb like babies.

Curious dynamic between Twilight and Trixie. It's like if Trixie took Spike's place but Trixie sure ain't no Spike. Too much personality to let any slights against her slide.

Will await more!

Another Shitty Racist Equestria. Normally I keep clear of such settings, but you do Quality Pone, so I shall forge onward to chapter 2.

What a strange and fascinating universe you've created. I look forward to seeing more of it, and any adjacent ones.

Twinkleshine and Minuette sure are a pair, aren't they? One wants to push boundaries while the other likes staying within those boundaries. But nothing can stop SCIENCE!

Moondancer is adorable. 'Nuff said.

Ah, so Garble (I'm assuming that's him) is part of the interdimentional travel it seems. Or at least skews it. More SCIENCE! needed.

I’m confused, but it’s like Austereoh, you got me hooked.

It doesn’t hurt that I’m running out of stories to read either.

Thank you all for the lovely comments! It's been a delight reading them. :scootangel:


I'm flattered, though slightly nervous. :twilightsmile::twilightoops: I do intend to tie the dragons and the other plot points together, so hopefully it'll at least be an interesting world-building note. Only time will tell.


Wow, really? I've seen lots of people say the opposite: too many stories, not enough time. In any case, I'm at least pleased you're enjoying this one! As for the confusion... I hope later chapters clarify things a little. I was going for a "pick things up as we go along" kind of tale.


I'm glad you're liking it so far. More on the way soon: I plan to get a good chunk of the story out before Christmas.


Haha, I love reading comments like these, especially the parts about Trixie. I hadn't consciously positioned her as this universe's Spike, but now you mention it, it's an intriguing idea I could adapt later into the plot. You mind if I steal it? :trixieshiftright: :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks again for the comments! In the meantime, here's the next two chapters a-coming up.

Yikes. And here I thought Trixie would be the one with a mouth. Lemon Hearts (the Queen of Bitter Hearts) eats Trixie's sarcasm for a snack before getting to the main course.

This chapter really put things into a bigger perspective. Fluttershy's interview helps flesh out more of this world and the motivations of the characters. Not sure what Sweetie Belle is doing there, but I suppose we'll find out.

Also, I liked how Fluttershy, for being so passive, can quickly flip and go on a (tepid) tirade when animal shenanigans are brought into question.

Now, if only she can survive a campus full of crazy unicorns...

Whoops! Somehow skipped this chapter and read the one after it first. That clears up why Sweetie Belle's there.

There's snarky Twilight! She's just too focused on being a good leader that she keeps it internal. Ah, and some insecurities too. Twilight's got quite the hooffull of characters to deal with.

Lemon Hearts was the culprit all along! What other secrets does she keep within her trash bag?

Good on Minuette and Twinkleshine for a success, even if they'll be picking flees out of their coats for a while. And I get the sense that Twinkleshine is one of those "bloodsuckers" Lemon Hearts' isn't fond of.

Does Trixie do actual work here or just use her room for practicing her shows? At least she's got the space for it.

Welcome to Hell, Fluttershy. The meals are free, the rent is cheep, the pay is good, and the occupants as crazy as all get out. You'll learn to love it!

Till next time!


Rather bad and sad situation Moondance is in. Bad due to being kidnapped and forced to build something against her will, and sad that she doesn't even think the ponies in her life will even notice.

So, it looks like there are multiple creatures that can use portals to cross worlds. Considering the tone of this chapter, that can't be good.

Looking forward to more!

“And you don’t have the traditional diamond-tipped tail. I don’t know what the technical term would be for the spikes on yours – possibly a primitive thagomizer – though of course I’m assuming Dracosaurus regalis isn’t polymorphic. It could be you’re a subspecies, or a close enough species within that genus to be ambiguous, but the… uh… the, uh…”

I love that the thagomizer is the actual scientific term for this... and it's from a Far Side cartoon.

On the topic of great comics, this entire chapter, all I could think was, "Scientific Progress Goes *Boink*"

What a wonderfully off-kilter world. The madness of academia is... really not as different from the real thing at that level as it should be, and the quirks of the various characters are just delightful.

Twilight might have a problem if the things providing the lasers ever come for her through the portals directly. I do feel like whatever is going on is 100% her fault though.

Loving this so far. Such a fun spin to the story.

That reveal for Lemon was perfect. And... yeah. They really do rule the world.

These unicorn nerds are going to collectively explode or maybe implode the planet if someone doesn't stop them, so this kidnapping by Garble may be for the overall best.

The monkey scene about killed me.

Weird and intriguing.

I'm making the guess that Twilight is following the Friend's Journey. Look's like she's in the "Refuse the Call" stage. Break through it, Twilight!

Also, Sweetie is adorable. If her enthusiasm could be curbed, I think Twilight might warm up to her being around.

Oooh, more big dragons. Looks like they are strategically positioning themselves. What for, I wonder...

Heh, silly ponies.

This puts Twinkletoes Twinkleshine higher on the list of ponies that seem to be more into the glory than the science. Rubbing withers with the higher class, eating expensive food, sticking your nose up in the air at those groveling at your hooves. Yeah, she's looking up and not looking back.

Wonder if this means we finally see Rarity. Suppose we'll find out!

Ha! Twilight's going to need to have a "conversation" with her parents later. That'll be an interesting visit.

Some nature VS nurture arguments here, some of which I don't follow. Meh, it lead to some nice interactions with Ember regardless.

Emotions by smell? Is Ember secretly a changeling?

Looks like Sweetie Belle will be sticking around for a while. Twilight's nerves will be bounced on with gleeful sincerity.

Till next time!

Well, this is about as far as I got. Now I'd like to thank everyone who commented, and I'm gratified to know people have enjoyed what I've written. It's not nothing, and I do appreciate it. Thank you so much. :twilightsmile:

These three are a riot. There's a lot of snipping back and forth but it's all good natured. They'll laugh about it tomorrow.

Or at least they would. Seems like Moondancer's kidnapping wasn't as snatch and grab as it first appeared. This will definitely get the campus fired up (no pun intended).

Huh, Lyra's reasons for quitting seem legit, but after seeing the fire, I'm thinking she's going to be putting in a lot of extra work. Her and everypony else.

If this is where it ends, that's a shame. I'm curious to see how the dragons, the mysterious figure, Twilight's collection of odd ponies, and everything else comes together.

I was going to make a guess as to who the mysterious voice is but every choice didn't make sense. I'm torn!

Poor Spike. He's in the role of G1 movie Spike, doing all of Tirek's dirty work.

Drunk Flutters is adorbs, but Fluttershy is adorbs no matter what she's doing.

Till next time!

I hope there will be more eventually and it looks like the abductions are about to be discovered.

Because this chapter can use more comments I will simply say that Sweetie Belle was adorable.


Well, never say never. It might take a while, it might not happen at all, but I would like to finish what I started. Not at the moment, though. I need a little while to get some affairs in order first.

Sweetie Belle is the best. Also, interesting family history for Twilight.

Dang, so much for the happy banter night out. I wonder if this fire was set to hide Moondancer's kidnapping or if it was just a wierd coincidence (seems unlikely, but worth speculation), and in the case of the former if the kidnappers did anything to deal with the fact that there won't be a burned corpse for the investigation to find.

Looking forward to more when you get around to it.

A universe where ponies hold dragons as slaves..... Prevent them from growing up and also seem to prevent new dragons from hatching, desiring to make the entire dragon race go extinct.
Very dark, something I did not expect from the description and the tags. And the description is a real mystery, same as this first chapter. But I already notice your distinct, refined style here, so I'm already liking what I read.
I wonder who our big dragon friend is, to what kind of establishment he sold himself to and why he wanted to get in there so much..... And also what role Twilight is going to play in all this. And then this crystal mare, a pony, yet she seems to be getting enslaved anyway.....
You built up a lot of mystery already, I can't wait to read further chapters to see how this goes on.

Aha, I'm finally caught up! ...and now I have to wait for a long time. Why do I do this to myself?

Now I've fallen for this story. I already liked it before, but now I'm in love with it. The Twilight of this universe is even more a workaholic than the Twilight we know. Or, maybe, the Twilight we know used to be like this, too? Indicators for that are there, but we haven't seen much of the time before Twilight moved to Ponyville. Either way, Twilight's in overdrive here and I love it! :scootangel: :heart:
And also the setting and how you changed everything up. An even more work-obsessed Twilight, who is close friends with Trixie instead of being in a rival relationship with her, and still struggling with friendship, in an environment where her fame isn't working in her favor for everypony, a fertile ground for intrigues against her. Then Trixie's personality, still boasting and full of herself, but just like Twilight, cranked up to eleven.
Everything so new, but still in-character. Everything so fresh and still somewhat familiar. And that is only the start of the story.
This story is a prime example for it how we can create countless of alternate universes and never run out of G4 pony stories that way. I can't wait to see where you'll lead to with this story!

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