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Im a B O X

(Probably) the only BOX you'll ever find.

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Got some things planned for these lot ;)

This is a good start! (some of my better stuff)

Just a Welcoming BOX

Hello and welcome!

I am a BOX! And I do things in my little corner of the site!

I still don't have a schedule and I wing most things. I create stories and read, just like other people, and... yeah.

Here, have a cake. Enjoy!


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  • 43 weeks
    Aight, it's December, got a little something for you toppers

    I'll be dropping a story, a really short one, either tomorrow or the day after.
    I had it for some time now but never got around to publishing it. Got no idea about the specifics, but I think it's one of those "I did it for the heck of it" stories, hope it does decently well for a short story.

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