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Sunburst visits Stellar Flare on Mother's Day. There sure are a lot of mares out and about and making eyes at Sunburst, but that's probably just a coincidence... right?

A quick one-shot for Mother's Day.

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This was a good read Syntax. always love awkward SunBurst clopping.


something tells me that Steller flare is the "i'm sorry, but not sorry enough." type of parent

Inside, Sunburst marveled at the literal rows upon rows of books, many of which he'd never seen before. He breathed deeply and relished the musty, dry air. It sent a tingle up his spine, and he trotted forward, looking around. "Wow! There's so much more than I remember. New encyclopedias, updated filing system, and I don't even know what a 'shipping' section is, but it sure looks deep! Did you have anything to do with this, Mom?"

You have no idea how deep Sunburst

OMG, yes. I can totally see this happening in the show. Well, minus all the sex jokes, obviously.

Stellar Flare watched silently from the shadows of the romance section.

That was pretty much the moment I knew I was going to upvote this. :rainbowlaugh:

Obviously this is way, waaay over the top. Sunburst's mom goes well past the point of being uncomfortable, and into the realm of promoting some Very Bad Things (TM). But there's also a madcap comic sensibility that remains funny throughout, and the ending moment where Sunburst talks about how unconfident he feels in his own skin is poignant.

The only remaining question is: what did she offer, tell, or promise everyone to make literally an entire town try to bed Sunburst all at the same time? :derpytongue2:

Good thing Spike never had to deal with this.

This fic is like a reversed Pepé Le Pew cartoon, and I love it!

Thanks, folks! I'm so happy you enjoyed it.:heart:


what did she offer, tell, or promise everyone to makeliterallyan entire town try to bed Sunburstall at the same time?

"Hello, my son is Sunburst." :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for giving it a look!

"Need some relief from the heat?" #phrasing :pinkiehappy:

Everystalion is gay for Braeburn.

This was a wonderfully whimsical story that pretty much just made my day. Quick, snappy and hilarious with your usual witt and a mix of hemp seed. ^^

Who was it that was swearing at the end of the chapter?

It's a power he tries to use responsibly. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you enjoyed it! Enjoy your free hemp seed. ^^

That was Fashion Plate. I'll try to make it clearer next time. :scootangel:

This was HILARIOUS :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Good job xd

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :heart:

for a story set in sires hollow a shame we never saw any of the ponies FROM sires hollow. i expected steller flares first attempt to ship sunburst would be with ever essence (don't know if thats her name or just a fan conceived one) the essence selling pony

"It's wonderful of you to visit today, son. I wasn't expecting you back so soon!" Stellar Flare sipped her carrot and apple smoothie (with added hemp seed!) and smiled at Sunburst.

Okay I lost it within the first paragraph. Well played good sir. :rainbowlaugh:

Annnnnd as I keep reading... seriously!? How many hemp jokes are in this thing!? I'm dying. Especially after having met Ian... this is... this is... amazing. Too many voices from either meeting the VA's or your acting or your stories and I just... bravo good sir. You legit got my laughing. Well done!

Btw... the 'shipping section'? Because [our] ship is the Best. Ship. Ever! right? Clearly no other ship is any better. :rainbowlaugh: Best. Script. Ever.

Heh heh. I'm glad you liked it. And you're totally right about how it changes things after meeting Ian. I was picturing him reading this, and then I thought to myself "Oh god, there are so many sex jokes. What if he did?" The most terrifying thing was seeing that he liked one of my tweets promoting the story. I almost died from panic. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm glad it gave you a chuckle, and thanks for letting me know! #BestShip

"The bookstore has new antiques?" He beamed and trotted in place. "That's so exciting! It's even better that getting pedantic about what an oxymoron that is!"

This is already fantastic.

Hilariously terrible, much like Stellar herself. And any story that remembers Fashion Plate exists gets points in my book. Thank you for a hilarious read. (And dear Lord, imagining a world where ponies are aware of our fan art... We're lucky they haven't invaded and demanded revenge.)

Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. And you're right - their faces would be a mix of tragic and priceless. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, A+ for the Fashion Plate callout. :raritywink:

Sunburst raised an eyebrow as he walked inside. "Did it just get colder all of a sudden?"

Nah. It's just the DOOM they got in sale.

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I started to hum YMCA at the bar part before I understood it was a gay bar also that would be the fitting song for that part :rainbowlaugh:

Ha! Glad you got in the zone. XD

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