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Under the tawny sky. Within a funeral home.

AppleJack sits on a too big chair. Thinking too big thoughts.

She was supposed to be...Something. right?

Something had happened.

Sitting next to her was looming...a...Colt.

And the lingering suspicion that someone had just died.

Former title: Applejack Finds A Bright Peach.

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Comments ( 5 )

I’m so confused.

I didn’t understand much of what happened.

If...perchance the story is confusing.
Here is a explanation.
For all the allusions in the story.
Under the tawny sky...in funeral home
She (applejack) goes...
There is a death in the family.
Up above you will notice. The words maw and paw used.
This is baring other imagery used is the hint.
And when...this happens...its hitch...a breath...a...tragedy waiting...or already eating at her mind.
She just does not want to think about it.
The imagery of applejack gazing at a dress meant for death is a symbol.
The crowmare she spies when entering the parlor...
Is another image...and a little world building.

She is a moody, angery, hateful mare with a desire too escape.
So fleeting thoughts fly through her mind.
Such as...
The mare with the dresses is...rarity.
The aftermath of that sentence is her musing on the comfort of that thought...of her friend.
Later we see her calling...the colt...her brother...or alternating. This...
Is a mark of her trying to distance herself from her emotions and by proxy. The hate she feels towards her brother....who...
She feels...should have saved their parents. Cue the imagery and image of stength...of muscles...but...
For all those muscles...he didnt and couldnt save his parents...for what ever happened.
He couldnt. Simple as that.
You also notice a slight allusion to another mare with a bow.
This is not nothing.
This is in truth applebloom.
But like...applejack missing her grandmothers approach before she is boped across the head.
She is in grief...and is not thinking clearly.

I also wanted to connect subtly to the idea that in the show Applejack is at some...points a...pathological hard working....
To the point of exhaustion.
This...to is foreahadowing...that when applejack says she will...Work twice as hard and never stop.

A seed has been planted in her mind. Because...she didnt work hard enough her brother was hurt by her...
She hurt family...bad...on a day of such tragedy...
Scars are bound to form.
Finnally after all that I realize rather poorly that poor big mac.
Had not been vindicated. So if I had left the end as it was on my computer.
The ending would have felt hollow, empty and cruel.
But with the added context of her at...least attempting to...bridge the gap...they can begin to heal.

Now for a spot that still may be curious. The chair in this is a metaphor for applejack herself.
Hard at times...
But...with how big the chair is...she has such room to grow.
Final finally, when the chair feels smaller thats applejack...feeling small. Being small. By hating on her brother and blaming. Because...
No muscles in the world could bring their parents back.
So...I hope that was clear.

Wow, that’s a lot.

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