• Published 23rd Nov 2021
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The Conversion Bureau: Rip and Tear - aegishailstorm

Against all the magic that Equestria can conjure... All the wickedness that mankind can produce...We will send unto them... only you...Rip and Tear...until it is done.

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PER Quebec

The Doomslayer emerged on the other side of the portal, this time, he found himself in an enormous dirt lot, surrounded by the ruins of what had once been the city of Quebec, Canada. Vega spoke up.

"The PER originally had their main headquarters located in Saskatchewan, but were forced to move on account of increased resistance from the HLF. The Slayer nodded, and began his making his way into the city at a "Light jog" if 20 miles per hour could be considered "light" He rounded the corner, and in the distance, he spotted a massive, open facility, and an assortment of residential and and industrial buildings, all located beyond a massive concrete wall. Surrounded by guard towers.

"I believe that, is what you are looking for." He charged down the road, drawing his rocket launcher and taking aim at the tower closest to him. Firing off a single rocket, the guards didn't even have time to react, the high explosive round hit the first tower, sending it toppling to the ground and killing the 3 ponies within it, he took aim at the wall, and fired a second shot, blowing though it. Swapping over to heavy cannon, he charged inside, where he was met with with the remainder of the PER ground forces, who barely had time time to turn their weapons to face the Slayer before he was already upon them, he opened fire as soon as they were in sight. They returned fire with a combination of small arms fire, and ponification darts. All of which bounced off the Slayers armor, he jumped into their lines, drawing his wrist blade, he grabbed the first pony, crushing its skull, and impaling he others with his blade, he dropped them, switching over to his super shotgun, he turned the corner, blasting another one straight in the face with 2 barrels of argent buckshot as he did, splattering, he then came across the human elements of the PER, one of them fired a shotgun straight at the Slayer's exposed arm, but to his unfortunate surprise, the slug bounced right of the skin, leaving a small bruise in its place, the slayer approached him, slamming a pair of fresh shells into his super shotgun, the PER agent dropped his weapon and fled in terror. He didn't get far, as a bolt from the Slayers plasma rifle melted him like an ice cream sundae. He tore into the first building, and what he found inside angered him even more, an assortment of humans, held in prison cells, waiting to be ponified. He tore off the cell doors, one by one, and pointed at the hole which he had made in the side of the building. Most of them went without question, eager to escape, however, some stayed where they were, those who genuinely though that they could make a better life for themselves in Equestria, or simply where to scared to leave, fearing that that the enormous being which now stood in front of them would kill them if they tried to leave, the Slayer simply turned around, and left them, he wasn't going to force them after all, one of them stopped, and looked up at him.

"Thank you sir, you have no idea how much I appreciate this, the Slayer was already running away, hunting for more PER agents to kill.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, the head leadership of the PER was on site that day for a meeting, and they now watched the security cameras in horror as the Doomslayer unraveled all they had work so hard to achieve.

"W-What do we do!?" Asked one of them.

"That... thing, is destroying everything! Nothing's stopping it! Not bullets, not magic, not Poinification serum, nothing!"

"Calm down, we may yet find his weakness."

"Don't you see? HE doesn't have one, didn't you see the hypernet broadcast last night!? You can't run from him, you can't hide from him, nothing! The only thing that we can do is get on our hooves and beg for him to not tear them off and feed them to us!"

"We could go to Equestria, nothing human made can enter it, right?" Asked another one, nervously sweating.

"Did you see that way he fights!? I'm pretty sure he isn't even human!"

"Well alright." All the while, the Slayer continued annihilating the PER forces, he kicked though the reinforced doors of facility at the center of the complex, where Vega had informed him the leaders or the PER resided. And ran down the corridors blowing away what ponies and humans still attempted to put up something resembling a fight. He eventually came to the core of the facility, he smashed though the doors. And found himself in what appeared to be a large open stadium, reminding him of his time on Sentinel prime. Where he had been forced to fight for survival against other competitors, and later, against a terrifying monster known as the Gladiator. from the other side emerged 4 ponies, 2 pegasi, and 2 unicorns. All of them unarmed. The Slayer watched calmly as they approached him. To his confusion, they sat down in front of him, silently.

"They appear to be surrendering." Said Dr. Hayden.

"Do not trust them, the PER are well known for using tricks." Vega spoke aloud.

"Tell me, what is it that you want?" The AI asked the 4 ponies.

"Why, only to be allowed to leave this place peacefully and unharmed. " One of the pegasi said to him, trying to keep his fear under control. The Doomslayer noticed that one of the unicorns, the only equestrian native of the group, was charging his horn. And lunged forward at him, as did the others. The Slayer grabbed the unicorn by the horn, staring him in the eye.
Right before crushing his horn. and dropping him on the ground, the other 3 came rushing to meet their friend, still in shock. They watched as the Slayer absorbed the magical energy through his armor. His fist began to glow bright red. The Slayer let out a blood punch, sending a wave of pure argent energy across the 4 unfortunate ponies. He turned away. A blue portal appeared, and without a second thought, he stepped through the portal. Leaving the ruins of the PER headquarters in his wake.