• Published 23rd Nov 2021
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The Conversion Bureau: Rip and Tear - aegishailstorm

Against all the magic that Equestria can conjure... All the wickedness that mankind can produce...We will send unto them... only you...Rip and Tear...until it is done.

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A different kind of hell on earth

The Doomslayer emerged on the other side of the portal shotgun raised, immediately he smelled the faint sent of something he had not in millennia... grape. He looked around, see that he was in an alleyway of sorts overlooking the shoreline. He could hear the distant sound of screaming and gunfire. He sprinted out of the alleyway, and turned the corner and ran down he street, he found himself overlooking a large open pavilion leading up to a large building.

"That's the Headquarters of the World government." Said Vega over the Slayers comm's. Of course the emergence of someone as blatantly obvious and heavily armed as the slayer did not go unnoticed, he was spotted by security cameras as soon as he exited the other side of his portal. He looked down into the open pavilion, on the far side he could see a massive approaching cloud of purple gas. On the other were a panicked group of civilian humans running the oppose direction, covering their retreat was a handful of soldier clad in all black armor. The appeared to be firing into the cloud.

"Those, are what are known as the Blackmesh. So called for their distinct black nanosuit armor, they're the World government's primary form of law enforcement, they also make up the majority of the world's military forces." The slayer watched as the cloud made contact with a few of the retreating humans, upon being swallowed by it they appeared to fall to the ground unconscious, the Slayer watched as they slowly began to change into multi colored ponies.

"That, is ponification gas, weaponized ponification serum used by the PER to devastating effect."Dr. Hayden said to him. He continued watching as vials of the serum flew out of the cloud, and hit more humans, causing them to change as well. Figures began to emerge from the cloud, more of those same so called "Ponies" They were shouting for the remaining humans to give up.

Enraged, the slayer ran into the pavilion as fast as he could. He charged into the the cloud of ponification gas, and looked for the first pony he could find. A red unicorn, ponification serum filled saddlebags at his side. Taking aim with his combat shotgun, he opened fire, the round was so powerful, it blew the unfortunate PER stallion in half before he could even turn to face the Slayer. He charged the remaining PER operatives. What followed next could only be described as a massacre.
He grabbed the next pony, smashing his head into the ground, he swung his shotgun over his shoulder, and fired a sticky grenade into a group of earth ponies. He dropped the dead pony, and rushed the others, direct impacting multiple of them with rounds from his combat shotgun, he looked up into the sky to see a group of pegasi flying over head. He switched over his heavy cannon, took aim at the pegsai, and blew them out of the sky. This all happened in the span of about 9 seconds. He looked back at the retreating crowd, now mostly gone, or converted, and sprinted back towards them. As he reached the edge of the crowd he noticed that he was taking fire from the Blackmesh, rounds were glancing off his armor. He ignored it and continued his approach. He came to a group of unconscious ponies lying on the group, one of them, a Pegasus mare. Raised her heads off the ground and looked around.

"W-What happened?" When she spotted the Doomslayer, she froze. The 2 of them locked gazes, and she dropped to the ground in fright. the Slayer momentarily stopped, and approached her. He leveled his Shotgun at her head, but stopped. He studied her carefully. This wasn't one of those PER operatives which was hell bent on destroying humanity, this was merely a poor bystander which had gotten caught in the crossfire. He could see the innocence in her eyes. He turned away without a single glance more and continued his approach towards the crowd. He left the cloud of purple fog, and looked around him. Most of the civilians had long since ran off. He was now surrounded by a group of Blackmesh soldiers.

"You, stay where you are!" They approached him, weapons drawn.

"I believe they intend to subdue you." Said Vega. The Slayer remained still. The group halted in a semicircle about 15 feet away from the Doomslayer. One of them stepped forward.

"Sir, my name is Lt. Mongomery of the Blackmesh, as much as we appreciate the help, we had it it under control, please come with us quietly and peacefully." The Doomslayer could see him reaching down into his belt, he drew what appeared to be a set of handcuffs. The others moved in on him. The Slayer turned and walked away. One of the soldiers made the mistake of grabbling him by the right arm. He turned around and looked at the blank expression of the Blackmesh's visor, who began to tremble in fear. Which was strange, because the Blackmesh were trained to not show fear. He felt one of the others attempt to grab his other arm, he swung his left arm around and peeled the Blackmesh's hand off him, raising him up into the air, he threw him across the pavilion, right into a stature, causing his suit to harden and his body to go limp, the others grabbed onto him. He in turn, grabbed them, and tossed them aside like ragdolls. The Blackmesh were used to going up against lightly armed resistance and militia groups, usually armed with antique weapons', their nanosuit armor was usually more than enough to absorb this. Rarely did they ever come across a threat which could match them in speed and endurance. It's not like knowledge of the Doomslayer and his capabilities would have helped them anyway. The Slayer threw them aside, and didn't even give them a second thought, he looked up at the massive government building before him. He turned back to see the assortment of soldiers, stumbling back to their feet. They began to make a secondary approach on him, but then something strange happened, they all stopped, and turned back to face the street in front of the building. He watched as more pegasi approached, followed by additional PER ground forces.

"It appears as though the PER have not quite given up yet. Additional Blackmesh support has arrived. It would be wise to not kill them." Said Dr. Hayden. The slayer ran past the Blackmesh, into the fray of approaching ponies and ponification gas, paying no regard to the Blackmesh's cries of "Cease and desist!" All the while, the Worldcorp security officers were observing the whole thing from the safety of their offices deep with the world government headquarters, simultaneously amazed and horrified at the same time. They looked on in disbelief. Never before had they seen someone.. or something fight this with ferocity, or speed. Not even the Blackmesh, or what they had seen of the Equestrians, could match this... thing. A few of them even cheered him on, completely oblivious of his true goals.