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Enjoy aspects of the show, love the fanfics, well... The good ones anyway. And bat ponies, and... Shark ponies oddly enough? And my OC's, and firearms. Especially firearms.


King Sombra has just taken Canterlot, Twilight and her friends have been scattered, and The Royal sisters have been imprisoned. Sombra thought he had destroyed any possibility of resistance, clearly, he didn't Think twice about it. And whenever TheRussianbadger is given a task, you'd better believe he'll accomplish it, no matter how insane it seems or how extreme his methods...

A one shot parody based off of theRussianbadger and his cohorts shenanigans.

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Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore!

Encore!!! I love it so much and it somehow made me laugh like a maniac :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Hmmmm yes :derpytongue2: this would likely happen

"Oh, wouldn't ya know it? That worked!" They gave each other a collective highfive, and looked back at the six just in time to have a blast of rainbow colored light to hit them straight in the face.

"What where those things?" Applejack asked as they floated back down to the ground.

"I don't know, but they're gone now, and so is king Sombra." Responded Twilight.

WTF, TWILIGHT and the rest!!!!! :flutterrage: :facehoof:

Those four "heroes" have just recently save your moronic butts.

"I don't know, But next time I see a rainbow, I'm mag dumping it!"Faust looked around at the jumbled mess that was the 4 soliders.

Agreed, ungrateful bastards!

"Yes we did, and those 'Ponies' repaid us by blasting us with fucking rainbows!!!"

Yep, they are just Racist/Xenophobic Jerks!

Oh, I suppose I forgot to mention the element's of harmony to you. Oh well, to late now."

Bitch move, Faust. Bitch move.

"Where's our reward lady?" Grouse asked.

"Uhh...."The white and red alicorn stuttered.

"Oh, boy. Heavenly, grab the magic proof handcuffs, Grouse, shut the windows.He shut off the camera.

"We're going to be here a while."

Payback, bitch!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

What the fuck is this horrid masterpiece that I have stumbled upon?

I am laughing like an utter maniac right now.

Argodaemon needs to animate this. :rainbowkiss:

What were my eyes enslaved by just now? I have a stupid grin on my face, and still cant wrap my head around it.

"And this is where I'd close the door...IF THERE WAS ONE!"

"We're going to be here a while."


Welp as a Russian Badger fan I find it my duty to parody this into one of his intros.


"Welcome to Equestria, the only place in the universe where killing things is frowned upon but that's not stopping us."

"I don't know, but the next time I see a rainbow I'm mag dumping it."

"Before I explain what happened to Guece, Heavenly, Grouse and I while we were out eating steak I'd like to thank the sponsor of this video....Raid Shadow Legends."

One quick sponsor plug later.

"Now with that outta the way, oh man it feels great to be back on earth. I don't know about you guys but being stuck in literally another dimension did a mess on my brain."

"Canterlot. Does anyone in chat know where that is?"
"Ah thanks. They say it's 8ish miles north of here."

"A few days ago I had a live action fever dream where me and my friends Guece, Heavenly, and Grouse were, no shit, transported to another dimension to fight some shadowy equine dude obsessed with crystals."

"Let's have it for common military hardware."

"And as you could probably tell, brought a camera with us so we could stream us kicking ass like we were playing a cooperative multiplayer shooter. But with less bullet wounds and more..."

"So what was that about stealth Guece?"

"Oh shut up."

"And just letting you guys know if you missed the stream, shit was totally off the rails. There was mind control involved, random lightning everywhere, Grouse was firing an M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher out of a truck. So as the saying goes, nothing is stronger than friendship...except an M32 Rotary Grenade Launcher."

"Yo, shut the fuck up with that dumb shit."

"Sadly, as much as we would have liked to go around playing I Will Give You My All while pretending we were in a TABG server we were there to achieve a goal. Defeat this dumb as fuck looking shadowy dude chat said was called Sombra which coincidently shares a name with an overwatch character that also likes crystals..."

"So Grouse the audience has been asking what's your favorite pony."

"And we decided to deal with it the only way we knew how. An Anti-Tank Missile Launcher. If your calling us to solve a problem you should be expecting overkill. We are a walking Geneva convention violation ready to turn any living creature into dust whether they like it or not."

"Which is probably why after we did our duty to protect these small equines, they literally blasted us with rainbows. Mercifully, we were saved by the very being that brought us there in the first place. Which was great, until they didn't pay us for saving their world."

"Where's our reward lady!?"

"Which was the last thing you saw of the experience before we has to cut the recording, I mean why would we ever make our interrogation methods public?"

"Grouse, get the magic proof handcuffs. Heavenly shut the windows. We're gonna be here a while."

"And that was the story of how we traveled to an alternate dimension, blew up a shadow king with a anti tank rocket, and tortured a God for profit. Thank fuck I'm home from that shit."
Discord Song by The Living Tombstone Plays

Comment posted by Undertotem deleted Nov 14th, 2021

I'm sending this to Badger's discord.

So you tellin' me...







That we some kind'a SUICIDE SQUAD!?!?!

Gods did this fuck fest put a shit eating grin on my face. I can only image what a full story with Badger could do

The bread boys now TheRussianBadger what next WarHams?

Maybe If the emperor had a text to speech device.


What’s next? Is SovietWomble and his crew going to come to Equestria and do their random Bulls#!&ery shenanigans?


Hmmmm, needs more………. SPACE MARINE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...ZF are 'even' worse. Because Badger and his crew know what they often do is wrong, and 'do' try to lessen the damage if possible. But ZF 'knows' what they do is wrong, they don't care and instead find amusement in all of it! In fact they do everything they can to INCREASE the collateral damage.

Comment posted by Emperor Tiberius deleted Nov 14th, 2021

Its.....its perfect

This may be the dumbest story I have ever read.

It is perfect

I am not the only one saying that this was amazing, and there needs to be more of these awesome goofy F**ks going through different equestrias, like what about the changelings, or of tirek, how awesome would that be.

Maybe the next story should be about Smii7y and his friends causing havoc in Equestria, just think of all the hilarious things they will do. Here’s a video demonstrating that chaos:


Whilst absolutely reeking of poor grammar and punctuation, along with terrible formatting and a lack of explanation for basically everything, it all somehow fits with Badger's style of videos. I can't explain it, but the quality of this fic matches Badger's stuff (as well as the general sanity levels) and was an absolute delight to read. As much as I'd love a sequel with better grammar and english, I think this is good as is.

When l saw this story l was like "o no", by the end l was laughing my ass off. 11/10 would recommend

Not enough heavy flamer.


"I think this may have been a bad idea."

Ya think :trollestia:


the put the mather chef in the sodah

Bruh you should make a fan fic about Josh dub and his crew the boys. But for real tho this had me on my ass laughing.

I was waiting for heavanly to scream FOR THE EMPEROR.

Someone HAS to send this to Badger and Meal team 6

Same here, that or BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Someone needs to turn this into an animation


fuck ya because the implication at the end is hilarious!!!!!

YO DoEs iNsULiN sTacK?

Dude the story really make me lmao 🤣 😂 😆 I can't even stop laughing at the end when they ask for reward and close camera & window.🤣😂😆

Damit your too far gone to save. you've already lost all you braincells. DAM YOU BAGER!!!

Blood for the blood god!

Considering how most of this comment section is nothing but badger, I'll add to that

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