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Enjoy aspects of the show, love the fanfics, well... The good ones anyway. And bat ponies, and... Shark ponies oddly enough? And my OC's, and firearms. Especially firearms.

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The Quiet Kid choose to stay in Equestria for a two deliberately specific reasons. He needed a refuge from the problems of his world back home. And, his ability to summon up nearly any piece of military hardware he so wished in an instant required greater care than California, or really any human presence, could offer. Now, 2 years later, he unexpectedly wakes up back on Earth. Right in the middle of one of the largest cities on the West Coast of the United States. Not what he was expecting, but it could be worse.

Right? Right???

Well, he soon finds that this was not the earth he left behind. But rather something much, much more awkward and unsettling. He'll need to keep his wits together-and, with a little help from his alicorn companion, hopefully be able to escape the dystopian aberration he has found himself in and return to Equestria unscathed.

All one big joke, please take none of this seriously and or, personally.

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This story is a sequel to The Quiet Kid: Day by Day

Sicut Vult is a Latin term which roughly translates to: "As I will it."

With Tirek and Cozy Glow turned to stone, Chrysalis reformed to a degree, and King Sombra nowhere to be found, an uneasy peace settled on the land of Equestria. Again, uneasy. As a new era dawns on the land of Equestria, villains and dangers both new and old emerge to fill the void left by those before them. And William is left with no choice but to keep on swinging away with the proverbial bayonet, something he is more than happy to continue with. All while trying to live life in one of the most unique small town's he's ever had the honor of residing in.

Posted on the one year anniversary of The Quiet Kid: Day By Day!

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No one was prepared for the second Chernobyl disaster.

The first one was already bad enough, scaring and poisoning the land with no possibility of future habitation. The second one was infinitely worse. In an instant, the ancient Ukrainian forests and decaying Soviet apartment blocks were made into something wholly other. Local wildlife was twisted and mutated beyond recognition, none residing within the zone at the time survived. A new unseen force moved throughout the landscape, twisting reality on a whim. And still, there are those either brave, stupid, or desperate enough to travel into this forsaken place. Their ideologies vary greatly, some seek to understand the Zone. Other's seek to destroy it in order to protect the outside world. And other's seek simply to profit off of it.

Regardless of their goals, they all go by the same broad term.


One such Stalker, a man by the name of Nikolai, suddenly finds himself thrown into an entirely different kind of zone. One that you cannot escape from, and with a completely different set of hazards than the one he is used to.

The Equestrian Wasteland.

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Meet William. Equestria's only known human resident. He's got quite the backstory. Being that he has been quite influential in shaping the version of Equestria he now resides in. One day after going off to bed in his own house. He finds himself waking up to a post apocalyptic version of the Equestria he knew. One the same, but at the same time, so very, very different. Luckily, he came prepared. Normally, Nightmare Night is just like any other night to the inhabitants of the Wasteland. But William, is anything but normal.

Actually, scratch that. He's gonna fit in great.

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This story is a sequel to Coffee vs. Equestria

They go by many names, Redneck, Cowboy, Good Ole Boys, Country Bumpkin, Hillbilly...

Earl Dribbles Junior, is one of them. He works hard on his farm, keeps his animals healthy. Drives a truck, keeps to his morals, plays his banjo, and makes sure to never be caught unarmed. He lives life the best he can. One day, a group of rather interesting group of creatures find themselves on his land. He's more than happy to introduce the Equestrians to the backwoods American lifestyle.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria and the Second Amendment

BRCC, also known as, " Black Rifle Coffee Company." Is a veteran owned and operated coffee company best known for their rather extravagant and hilarious antics. In the wake of Nightmare Moon's defeat, they, along with a few other's arrive in Equestria to bolster the original team of humans which defeated her. Just in time for an unexpected attack from the Griffon Empire, now, this crack hot shot group of spec ops veterans and hillbillies have dealt with strange things before. But an invasion of magical birds is another thing entirely...

But of course, they've never been one to shy away from a challenge. So this probably won't end well. Or it might? Who knows? One thing's for sure, those guns are gonna come in handy.

This is not sponsored. I just happen to like their stuff.

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America has many different subcultures. Among one of the most prevalent is the one which the nation was built on, all based around a single principal...

The right to Keep and Bare arms.

Also known as; The 2nd Amendment of The United States Constitution. Out of the massive assortment of people that own guns in America, there are a handful that stand out above their rest on account of their influence of the 2nd Amendment community on social media. You may already know them by their online names; Brandon Herrera, Garand Thumb, Donut Operator, Demolition Ranch, Angry Cops, Kentucky Ballistics, Hickok45, the list goes on and on... But, when this rather special group of individuals gets stranded in Equestria, right at the beginning of season one of MLP:FIM, and come face to face with one Nightmare Moon. It's up to them to figure out how to stop her and get back to earth intact.

Shouldn't be that hard, right?

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The Covid 19 Pandemic, in the three years of it's existence, people more or less adjusted to the new world, mask mandates where enforced, buildings and people were quarentined, and eventually, a vacine was created. That all came to an end about six months ago, with the discovery of a new variant, the worst yet, one that, unlike the previous variants, robs the infected of their very humanity. And it's getting worse by the day... These are the stories some of the survivors: A teenager, a soldier, an EMT, and a survialist.

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This story is a sequel to The Unstoppable Moron

The Storm King is dead, and William can finally enjoy his time in Equestria. However, as he soon discovers, peace is not all it's cracked up to be. He soon finds himself bored out of his mind. However, when you've a literal sentient armory. You never have to look far for trouble. He soon find's himself dealing all manner of nonsense, from Twilight's so called 'School of Friendship', to Government Bureaucrats, to the monsters that attack Ponyville on a weekly basis, to the complications of having an alicorn for a best friend. And threat's from far outside Equestria which even he has good reason to be warry of. It's no small feat keeping up with the world, but as usual, its up to the Quiet Kid to put the world in it's place, Day by Day...

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Everyone's favorite millionare youtuber is dropped into Equestria. Naturally, when he finds out about it's treasures, he can't help but ask, "How much do you want for it?"

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