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Sorta like the show, love the fanfics, well... The good one's anyway. And bat ponies, and my OC's, and firearms. Especially firearms.



America has many different subcultures. Among one of the most prevalent is the one which the nation was built on, all based around a single principal...

The right to keep and bare arms.

Also known as, the 2nd amendment. Out of the massive assortment of people that own guns in America are a handful that stand out above their rest on account of their influence of the 2nd amendment community on social media. You may already know them by their online names; Brandon Herrera, Garand Thumb, Donut Operator, Demolition Ranch, Angry Cops, Kentucky Ballistics, Hickok45, the list goes on and on... But, when this rather special group of individuals get's stranded in Equestria, right at the beginning of season one of MLP:FIM, and come face to face with one Nightmare Moon. It's up to them to figure out how to stop her and get back to earth intact.

Shouldn't be that hard, right?

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Damnit, there's no hickok45 or coilion noir or even TMhonfire102

Oh good lord this is going to be a gunpowder and lead filled chaotic adventure ain’t it?

I never thought I'd see Flannel Daddy used as cover art on fimfiction.

:pinkiegasp: I hear a musical montage coming!
:moustache: Matt & Crispy!
:raritystarry: Garand Thumb! Precious Scales, What's a Garand Thumb?
:rainbowlaugh: Ping! Slap in a clip and it bites ...30 ought 6
:facehoof: Matt just used Spike as a flamethrower
:duck: It's no big deal Twilight he was effective against the Storm Kings Shock Troops
:twilightoops: But he's using him for cooking burgers and weenies!
:moustache: Talk about using me... Lunch?? At least Rarity gives me kis...
:flutterrage: I WANT A PINK TANK !!
:ajsmug: Wow a bunch of cute manly fellas, I need the back 40 cleared out...
:derpytongue2: They'll clean it out except the Mayo covered egg plants and broken folding tables.

Comment posted by Deus Foalt deleted May 30th, 2022

The right to arms is almost always undeserved in America

The right to keep and bear arms was and still is meant to maintain organized militias for national defense.

Okay. Also, holy shit people got pissed over this story.


I'm just here waiting to see how the guys in question react.

Can't maintain organized militias for national defense if you're at the mercy of the criminal element and unable to defend yourself from their ill intent.

This was actually really good, I can't wait to see the next chapters

But if you live in a state without a castle doctrine or stand your ground law you can get in trouble for merely defending yourself. Which is why you learn how to fight. Unfortunately, being a New Yorker I have to deal with this.

pretty unrealistic.
unlike cars, You don't required to do any actual training to use gun in America. It's likely that majority of Americans gun-owners are useless in real combat situations.

I don't believe I could've thought of a better example of the state utterly failing in its duty to its own people, than that.

Have you seen the training standards most patrol officers receive? It's abysmal, and they're allowed remedial attempts just to meet the minimums.

Worse, they're not held legally responsible for every unintended target their bullets strike. But regular folks are.

Keep in mind that most responsible gun owners were raised around guns and taught from a very young age how to safely, and properly handle, and use said firearm. Like me for example, my grandfather taught me the safe use of firearms from when I was 7. Granted I didn't learn how to properly use it until I enlisted in the Army but the point stands. If you've never handled one before then yeah, go take a course so you don't go and hurt someone like an idiot.


Like what blazed steel said they know the proper safety procedures and precautions to handling and firing a firearm, but at least they know the basics of not accidental shooting someone or themselves(most of the time) at they might not know and like most responsible gun owners or responsible people who learn the safe use of firearms know how to fire the gun mostly

2nd Amendment was infringed on long ago, It's about self defense with Arms

Pistol ,Rifle, Cannon, War Ships, Submarines, Swords, Knives, Clubs, Sharp pointy sticks - Fielded Arms of the day weapons of war,

Today add tanks, missiles, aircraft, machine guns, nuclear warheads... America was to have a Navy with no standing Army

As a standing Army is usually used to cudgel the citizens by order of a corrupt leadership...

The police? Policy enforcement and not required to help you at all... Stand down orders for political gains the norm.


I saw Garand Thumb in the cover art and rushed here as quickly as I could.

I like the idea behind the story, but holy fuck you need an editor. Got too many people talking in the same paragraph and all manner of other issues.

True, the 2A specifies 'arms'. Implying all arms. It does not specify which kind of arms. Be that swords, guns, knives, cruise missiles. What have you. It also very clearly say's, " Shall not be infringed."

But, in the word's of Brandon Herrera, " Guns, are awesome. Idiot's, are not."

Anyone who thinks the 2nd amendment was created for the sole purpose of hunting is off their f#cking rocker. Sure, it extends to hunting. But that's not what it was made for, it was created for, as you pointed out. Self defense and a last ditch resort against tyrant's, both foreign and domestic.

look at consumer drone as an example. the majority of pilots are good and newcomers faced psychological pressure to self-regulated themselves by most community.

and looks at where we are now.

I haven't read it but I'm all for this unholy abomination already.


I knew that would happen, as with all things in the world, people will always find something to get offended over. Still didn't care. Posted it anyway.

As Benjamin Franklin put it, " Those who sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither."

Or, more in relation to what I originally wrote above:

"Sure they can have their idea's and their freedom of speech. I'm still gonna f#ck with 'em though."

- Brandon Herrera, 2022

:moustache: Rarity honest, I didn't touch a thing
:duck: So why are my ponyquins missing?
:moustache: Because a mannequin with holes came with a bunch of his buddies and rode them into the sunset?

:facehoof: Don't tell me his name was Matt?
:moustache: Yea, How'd you know?
:pinkiehappy: Me!
:raritywink: So I'll improvise . . . Spike!
:moustache: On it,,,, Like I have a choice

I read before I started and noticed someone said you needed an editor, I decided I'd point some stuff out as I found and found something almost immediately.

It was one year to the day that he had almost lost his life to an exploding .50 caliber bolt action rifle.

The Serbu RN50 is not a bolt action, it is a single shot rifle.

I know I should probably read and post this stuff all at once, but my brain just don't work like that. Sorry if my spam of comments gets annoying, I'm just trying to help.

But he had a video to film and upload, and it wasn't like he was about to keep his fan's waiting. 

Now, I know we've done Barrett's on the channel before. But this one is just a little bit... Uh, how do I put it? Custom.

Fan's and barrett's should be fans and barretts. You don't put an apostrophe on plurals.

his camera man jumped back, and when the blindness from the flash of light wore off, Scott was nowhere to be seen. All that remained was a smoking brass casing lying on the ground next to the surprisingly intact table.

"Uh, what just happened?" He murmured in shock.

Scott's camera man is actually his father.(as revealed during the exploding 50 cal incident) Not a necessary change, but I thought you might consider adding some extra drama to the scene.

Just then, another one of those wolf things came out of the forest baring it's fangs. Having finally had enough, A. C grabbed it by the neck with all his might and chucked it at the wolf.

I would change "A.C grabbed it" to "A.C grabbed the chicken thing." As it is, it sounds like he grabbed the wolf and threw it at...the wolf.

And, out of the nearly 20 shot's fired in under a second in a half, only 2 struck it;

Yeah, no. The Equestrian Manticore is slightly larger than a hippo and every single one of these guys is a career marksman who routinely handicap themselves during recreational shooting competitions for amusement.

I get that this is a lot of their first combat situation, but given their target's size and the fact that it's coming right at them, they should hit that thing with more than half their shots.

And if you're worried about them actually killing it, don't. As I said it's bigger than a hippo, and none of them are using a big bore weapon in this exchange. As long as they don't hit the eyes, the outcome remains the same.

I hope my critiques don't drive you up a wall, I honestly enjoyed these first chapters and look forward to the rest. If you don't want me offering edits anymore, just say the word and I'm done. Beyond that, have a nice day and I'll tune in for the next one.

I respect that on so many levels, keep doing good work man

all I can say about this story is this...

and next on demolition ranch...

I smell blood and guts approaching. “Insane laughter ensues”

:flutterrage: Harry Bear has arms and legs and paws and he's hungry for action!
:ajbemused: You sure those fellas know what their doing?
:duck: Precious Scales are you ready?
:moustache: Anything for... Oh! I got more fire power then those guys with sticks
:pinkiehappy: party cannon!
:rainbowlaugh: Those slow pokes have a wagon with no pony to pull it...
:facehoof: I think I forgot something.... Oh well
:derpytongue2: Have fun storming the castle
:trollestia: think they can do it?
:derpyderp2: not a chance

Imagine if the author chucked in the Bread Boys to make this a real mother of all abominations


Good story, but for fuck's sake, either get an editor or learn how to write properly. It's damn near impossible to tell whose dialogue is whose.

Also, just out of curiosity, is your profile pic a furry that's trying to disguise himself as a pony?

<SURPRISED> You're quite literally the first person here to catch that!

Good to see Hickok45 took command to get the boys moving. Lets hope nothing upsets him, they wouldn't like him when he's angry...

There is just so much Freedom in this fanfic, it's enough to make a grown man cry.

I wonder if this'll reach the attention of the GunTubers themselves...

:moustache: Tell me more about the finger part :twilightoops::raritystarry:
:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie: Wow! Look at the great buggy we found... What's this junk in the back? :derpytongue2:
:ajsmug: scuze me I'm going to make some manticore pie... Beats opossum and grits
:coolphoto: pictures or it never happened

:trollestia: Constitutional Republic? :facehoof:

Agreed, quick someone link this to Brandon now

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