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I'm a crossover fanatic with a special taste for video games and auto racing. I can turn any video game into a MLP crossover if I have played it. Lightning Dust is my character of choice for writing.

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This is just for fun. · 2:55am February 15th

Anyone can play the POV game. :trixieshiftleft:

Good day readers and Happy Valentine's/Hearts and Hooves Day! As you see something new has come up. Some of you may have noticed that two close acquaintances of mine Akula966 and DangerDean are making stories on Burnout Paradise using alternate points of view.

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And one last thing. Pick an IRL car that your character would race. I would recommend something reasonably fast.

That blush she had gives you a chance to chase her tailpipes. Try and keep up with a car a full class ahead of you with an eight year veteran behind the wheel.

I hope I don't trash talk Viral in a future chapter of Burnout Equestria Paradise, because, on chapter 9, I said, and I quote:

"Wow! You are feisty! I like that!"

That's probably the second to worst compliment I said to anypony after I read it back a few times.

I've also changed my pic as well as it didn't have my pony in, for some reason.

It's an old photo a friend of mine made. I thought it looked nice since my OC has a direct family connection with Lightning Dust (In context of her backstory, found in my story Storm Gateway)

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