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I'm a crossover fanatic with a special taste for video games and auto racing. I can turn any video game into a MLP crossover if I have played it. Lightning Dust is my character of choice for writing.

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New Author (Burnout Equestrian Paradise) · 3:36am Last Wednesday

Oh dear where do I even begin here. Right, again for anyone who may be confused by this post, I am RDGamer321. Owner of Viral Velocity, a character in this fanfic. I was given permission by this stories former author to continue its production along with several other stories.

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I found this cool Batman AI self-help video that could potentially help out you know who.


Just want to also help him to change for the better, before it's too late. If not, then I got nothing else to do. :pinkiesad2:

Currently waiting on word from the moderators. I'll make an announcement on my blog when the move occurs. I appreciate the follow and thank you for your concern.

Hey, are you gonna get his stories soon?

I know you’re supporting Pulse Master through thick and thin. I’m trying to do that too.

Yes I am aware of it, and I'm not happy with it either.

I don't condone anything he says, but I do want him to get better.

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