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I'm a crossover fanatic with a special taste for video games and auto racing. I can turn any video game into a MLP crossover if I have played it. Lightning Dust is my character of choice for writing.


When training to become a future Equestrian Wonderbolt, Lightning Dust made poor life choices. She abused her parents encouragement and provisions and instead took life into her own hooves. She cared little about following a good example, she only cared about herself and her own feelings. One night she sneaked out of her family home and had fun with a stallion. He was not willing to stay and fled her life, leaving a life changing new addition for her in the process. She pays no attention to the foal, leaving her newborn under her parents control. Then it all comes crashing down.

Her dreams dead by her own doing and her parents now deceased after a family tragedy. She is left with only her first born daughter. With help from her brother Sky and his friends, can Lightning put herself back together and create a true bond with her daughter, Viral Velocity?

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Wonder if Viral Velocity is going to interpret Rainbow Dash as a parental substitute? Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Ask, and you shall receive friend. I have more coming this way.

I hope in a future chapter, somepony doesn't call Viral 'feisty', oh wait... I did on Burnout Equestrian Paradise! I didn't think this through

This is adorable.

Also great writing quality, didn't spot a single mistake. The earlier chapters might have had a few so this is a good sign.

Anyway it seems like Lightning really needs to talk to Rainbow to get this mental problem under control.

Pretty sure I wrote those chapters when I still in high school compared to now with me in college. I have improved with some practice writing other stories as for what Lightning is going to do about about her reaction to Rainbow?

That is a major plot point for this stories first arc. This arc ends when Viral finds out that Lightning and Rainbow know and dislike each other. She doesn't realize this until she becomes a member at the academy, which causes her to rethink her life choices.

I can see Viral as a Wonderbolt in the future.

Ok, I'll get to work on it

Can't wait to see where this goes!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks again Dean, great work as always. I'll make something with it but I think what I have right now for all my stories works fine. You've been a great help and I'll be in touch if I need anything else.

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