Storm Gateway

by RDgamer321

A Storm of Emotion

The best word to describe Lightning's mood was conflicted. She did have many feelings going through her body. She had been elated to hear the show went well and that her daughter enjoyed it. That feeling had been struck down the moment Viral said a single word, or rather a name.


Lightning had instructed Vapor to keep an eye on Viral until she went to sleep. She attempted to hide her disgust in hearing her own daughter say the name of her greatest rival but it was little use. Now she was in her bedroom alone, crying tears of anger and hopelessness. Once again, Rainbow Dash had stolen the spotlight away from her. Now her daughter even thought more of the prismatic mare then her. It was now becoming night, with Princess Luna beginning to raise her bright moon for Equestria to rest peacefully under. Lightning had worn herself out emotionally, she decided it would be best to sleep off her feelings in hopes she would be able to salvage tomorrow. She cleaned herself off in the shower next to her bedroom, running into Vapor as she was leaving to go home to Sky Stinger. Viral had gone to sleep quickly and without resistance, she had also worn herself out during the day.

Lightning had made it a quick shower, about 5 minutes. She just wanted to sleep in hopes that it would help her emotionally. She found herself comfortable and began to doze off. Not soon after she closed her eyes she felt something wiggling into the space next to her. Groggily, she opened her eyes to try and get a look at whatever pest likely found it's way into her bed as she began to sleep. It wasn't a pest at all. Little Viral Velocity had managed to climb up into her bed all by herself and had snuggled her body right next to her mothers'. Lightning was too tired to protest, she didn't dare move and wake the peaceful filly. She just simply closed her eyes again and let her be.

"Mama Lightning?"

Lightning's body jolted with volts of electricity, but she barely moved.

"What... what is it sweetie?"

"You look sad, can I sleep with you? Will that make you feel better?"

"Uh, sure kid. Go ahead."

Lightning was well aware of the bonds between a mother and their young. They were likely to go and find their mother when they were sad or frightened. Viral was showing these traits, but in a different way. She had come to Lightning at night before, but only when Lightning had been the one showing hints of emotion. Lightning never protested the action, it was quite sweet having her daughter to sleep with in such emotional turmoil. It always relaxed her, even if she sometimes woke up to find Vapor Trail or Sky Stinger in the room waiting for her embarrassing expression.

Lightning woke up well rested for once, a nice change of pace considering she usually had work during the early morning hours. Thankfully it was her day off for the week, one she had earned since getting a job so she could support Viral's time as a foal. Lightning wanted to spend this day the only way she knew how, flying. It had been sometime since she did flying for pleasure instead of work or practice. She slipped out of the covers, making sure to not wake the sleeping filly, and made her way for the front door. A late summer day, and few clouds in the sky. Perfect weather for a couple times around the house. Nothing extreme, she didn't want to wear herself out.

She began to stretch out a bit, she didn't want to pull any muscles this early in the morning. Unbeknownst to her, Viral had slipped out of bed and began slowly walking to the door. Mama Lightning had not been there when she woke up and this was Aunt Vapor's day off. She wouldn't see Vapor Trail today. She climbed up to the window next to the door and found her mother stretching her wings and limbs. As she finished she dropped into a launch stance.

Lightning internally counted down from five. On her own count she launched into the sky, leveling out and beginning to pace herself around the property. She had decided to start with fifty rounds at a quarter what she used to do. It was a warm up. Each time she finished she increased her speed and did fifty more. Up to 70% her pace at 450 laps. She had been working for a good 45 minutes, all while her daughter watched in awe at the speed her mother was keeping. as she made her 450th lap she went all out. Her blistering pace leaving a wake of golden lightning in her trail. She hadn't flown like this since her days at the academy.

455... 460... 470... 480... 490...

Inside the house Viral's eyes began to shimmer. Lightning was just as good as the bolts, arguably better in her eyes. If That was the case, why wasn't she a member of this elite team of ponies?

"498..." Lightning had been keeping track of the laps in her head the entire time. When she was younger she could have done all these laps at full speed. She did it once before, and only one pony had been able to keep pace with her.

"499... Only one more to go."

"Think you can beat me this time?"

Lightning stop dead cold. That voice, she knew it. It was Dash for sure, but when she looked around her there were no other ponies. It took her a few seconds to realize her mind was playing tricks on her. 500 laps, just like at the academy, and she did not finish it because of the voice of a pony she hadn't seen in four years in her mind. The frustration began to build inside of her. She would have screamed if the sound of clapping hooves didn't bring her out of her trance. She looked over to the house to find Viral charging out as fast as she could run. Lightning had worn herself out for sure and landed on the ground panting. She greeted her awoken daughter with open hooves.

"That was so cool mama, even cooler than those Wonderbolts."

"You really think so sweetie?"

"Yeah, they never flew that fast at the show. You were faster than all of them, even Rainbow couldn't keep up with you!"

"Yeah, thanks kid. You know, when I was younger I looked up to them the same way you did yesterday. I wanted to be one. It... never happened the way I wanted it. Uncle Sky ended up with the honor of the family."

"Yeah, I really do want to be like them when I grow up though. I know I can do it!" Viral exclaimed jumping into the air. She fell flat on her rump, she didn't learn how to flow yet.

"That's great Viral, but not just any pony can be like the Wonderbolts. They are the best fliers Equestria has to show for and they don't just let any pony try out. You're gonna need to know how to use those little wings of yours. When I was your age my parents already had me flying."

"Will... will you show me how to fly mama?"

"Kid, that is what mothers are for. I bet you want to get started as soon as possible, but we should get something to eat first. Meet me inside."

"OK mama." Viral responded as she gleefully bounced her way back into the house. Meanwhile Lightning began to show hints of pride in her face.

Viral was looking up to her more than as just a mother, she was her hero. She did love the Bolts, she liked Rainbow most of all, but to Viral none of them compared to her mother and how great she was. Maybe Lightning could get used to this. She was going to teach Viral how to fly eventually, but now it was for a purpose. If Viral wanted to be just like her uncle or like Lightning herself she would need to put in hard work and a lot of time to practice.

Lucky for her, she had the best flyer in Equestria as a mother, teacher, and motivator.